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 Brinno Bolgios (Completed)

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Brinno Bolgios
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Visored Vanguard

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PostSubject: Brinno Bolgios (Completed)   Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:28 pm

Vizard Template

Bolgios  Brinno

---Eradicate Hallows,all of them!!---

Vizard Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Bolgios Brinno
Shinigami/Vizard Aliases: Inu Ryōdoji, Kenpachi (Title), Kenpachi Inu Ryōdoj, Kenpachi Bolgios Brinno
Age: 178 years old, (looks 16)
Birth Date:May 5th
Rank Status:Ex-Captain,(Rouge),Elite

Former Affiliated Division:4th Division

Appearance:A buff male with pale complexion with a wild and aggressive appearance, which fits his personality. He has a long face has high cheekbones, and  thin eyebrow ridges. He has a thin scar running down the left side of his face. He is a lean-muscled young man due to years of training. Inu as the pagans worshiped the elements, and the tattoo on Inu's left chest is a tribal symbols for earth,wind,fire,and water. Additionally, he has the word "fight"(in the greek language) tattooed on his left cheek .  He has seven piercings, a metal bar through each ear, three studs through the side of its upper nose, and two spike stud on each end of the bottom lip,he is also generally very handsome. Inu has a youthful, feminine visage and also a cross-shaped sword scar on his right cheek.His scar is long one running diagonally down his face from just below the outer corner of his left eye to just above his chin and a slightly shorter scar running diagonally across it in the other direction from just to the left of the bridge of his nose to his left jawbone. He wears  a fanged bottom jaw which is positioned along his neck.Many people mistake him as an Arrancar for this. While his physique is usually barely hidden beneath his uniform, it seems he need only flex all his muscles at once to tear his garments to threads and leave him shirtless and bulging . His eyes are a dark shade of cobalt and has pale skin and black chin-length hair. His hair is spiky in the back with bangs that is  covering a cloth wrapped around his forehead..There are many scars on his torso and back, the two most prominent being a pair of long, perpendicular scars on his chest.His entire body was covered by intricately wrapped dark grey bandages, with only his colored eyes and nose being visible, giving him an overall mummy-like appearance due to his  age. While he normally wears the traditional Shinigami uniform in ragged condition ,with the sleeves rolled up to the shoulders . The uniform is tied with a white obi sash. He also wore white socks with normal sandals, and black, finger-less gloves,and  a fur coat draped over himself. The coat consists of several Hollow masks adorned on it, which he utilizes in a variety of ways. The one resembling a dogs's skull which he wears over his face is the mask belonging to ta hallow. Inu uses the rest to block Hollow attacks, and carries one of them like a shield during battles.He wears a straw hat (called a sakkat). He often wears a white kimono and hakama, armored boots, and a long flowing sash, with the latter two suggestive of Chinese influence.They also share similar breastplates, with a spiked rim, with the addition of Chinese vambraces and armored gauntlets, as well as layered spiked pauldron on each shoulder. He wears a parted pelt that extends from both shoulders and trails behind him as he walks with his sword attached to an obi sash.

Inu lives as a Vizard, protrayed him as a violent, bloodthirsty savage with no regard for life. He iss also a believer in moral nihilism. His belief is there was no right or wrong, only survival, or death. He is calculating yet loyal and generally willing to absolve people that aggravate him, unless they have grievously crossed him.Being a calm and methodical individual, Inu is mostly in control of his emotions. He rarely loses his temper, but has shown a great capacity for violence when pushed. Inu is unconcerned about being viewed as "the bad guy" merely seeing his actions as a means to an end. He is often secretive and can be somewhat of a trickster, but is honest and direct. Inu is confident enough to not think he needs to prove himself.He can also be described as being sadistic, careless, paranoid, impulsive, emotional, short tempered, volatile, manipulative, jealous, obsessive and competitive. Vengeful and power-hungry, he will stop at nothing to achieve his ends and remove those who stand in his way. He will also place usefulness before pleasure and keeps people alive when it suits his needs.Inu rarely gets made a fool out of, also doesn't like to be made a fool out of either. He is rarely caught off guard, or by surprise, and is always two steps, ahead of his enemies, Inu is not as forgiving, he rarely forgives anyone. He is often disrespectful when talking to others.He is dark, foreboding, and has great confidence in all of his plans.He is also cold, pitiless and believes that everyone around him are nothing but tools to be used as part of his plans.His thirst for power seems to be the only thing more important to him . He occasionally speaks in an ancient Celt or Gaul language, denoting his origins.He believes all humans beneath him, not even worthy of his time or attention ,he treats them as playthings or slaves. He quickly resorts to petty taunts and insults against opponents he finds beneath him. When he finds himself on the losing end of such a battle, though, he becomes easily angered and unbalanced, as if shocked at the very idea of being bested.When it comes to fighting, Inu has a complex sense of honor; he regularly seeks to exact revenge for the cruel actions of his opponent. He often taunts and belittles his opponents when fighting, sometimes even attacking without warning.  Inu has a strong desire to win his fights, but in a fair way, in what he views as a legitimate manner. He is also scornful of the idea of fealty or sacrificing one's life for others, believing only that the strong should survive and that the loss of one life can only be balanced by the loss of another.He is a calm, arrogant, delusional, dead-serious, aloof, stolid, melancholic, and detached man. He proclaim himself a "god of war." He is very deceptive and treacherous by nature ,he enjoys a challenging fight.He is also very fearless when it comes to battle.He is a peerless womanizer. As soon as he saw a beautiful woman, he wasted no time in pursuing her. No matter where he is, he takes pleasure in the company of a beautiful women. He often staged palm readings to meet women. And once, an entire town of women found themselves captivated by his palm-reading skills. He took pleasure in shameless flirting with women during his journeys, but not just any women. If a woman was old or unattractive, he has been known to run away from these types of women out of fear (especially when these particular women were infatuated with him).

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level  3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 0
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time


Human Life
In 1871 Brinno was born to  Sarah Smith when she was sixteen years old. Sarah's then-boyfriend,  Lee Micheal, was in prison at the time, so Sarah gave Brinno up for adoption. Brinno was adopted by the Bolgios family, becoming their only child and son.His new father eventually revealed himself to be a Bounto. His new father was cruel and sadistic. He branded Brinno, as well as physically and sexually abusing him as he grew into a teenager. And teaching him to become a pagan.

When Brinno reached the age of 16, his father finally turned him. Brinno stayed with his father for 5 years, until he had learned all he could from him about the Bountos, and had learned about quinces. He then murdered his master, seeking revenge for the abuses he had suffered at his hands during his slave life. The act got him into serious trouble with the  community, so he fled into the wilderness to escape their justice, living feral and alone for months.

Brinno drifted for the next few months,breaking into a rather well-appointed house, Brinno discovered a mountain of food on the dining table, and strangely, drawers full of cash. Helping himself hungrily to both, he was soon surprised by the house's resident, Adele. She seduced the naive teenager to her bed,when she was attacked by a hallow, Brinno was terrified and, grabbing his bag of ill-gotten cash, fled into the night. He moved in with a young woman, Maya. When Brinno was 16, he moved back into his childhood home, even though Maya wanted him to stay with her.

In 1887 Lodon, Brinno is running a brothel as a Pimp. When one of his girls does not return, he enters a room to find her slain in bed. Later, while walking alone at the night, he is attacked in the streets. A Hallow lashes at his throat. As it does, an qunicy swoops in and takes him out, firing an arrow his throat.

As a Pagan taught origins , Brinno possessed a deep love of nature, and believed strongly in the natural laws of the earth, and respect for the power of the elements. As such, he developed an intense disdain for the human race, which he regarded as innately destructive and disrespectful of the environment. In order to counter what he saw as man kind's "race to oblivion" Brinno forged an allegiance with a pack of Bountos, helping luring quinces to their clutches. Angry about the their former comrade they murdered Brinno ending his Human life.

Life as a Shinigami
He soon found himself in Zaraki, which was District 80 of the North Alley of Rukongai. District 80 was the worst, most lawless region of Rukongai, full of thieves and murderers.As he entered the Shin'ō Academy with ease, where he struggled to prove his worth among those from noble families. After many failed attempts at  the Shin'ō Academy he often returned to Zaraki. Where he trained to become proficient in swordsmanship, and killed numerous opponents. He soon gave it one more shot at the Academy. Having scored among the highest grades in the entrance exam, Brinno was admitted into the top class.

Four months after entering the Academy, Brinno was pleased that he was going back to the Human World for field training to practice the Konsō for the first time. While he was there he ran away from his group. Where he hide for many years of his life. He soon joined a group of human's with powers. Together they honed their skills for many months. Until a group of Soul reapers tracked him down and murdered the humans, however Brinno escaped. Ever since he had been captured by the killed by the Bounto's as a child, Brinno had been fascinated with armies, and as a Soul reaper, he often followed them on campaign, watching or even taking part in  battles or raids for fun, and killing the wounded.

One day there was a clash between two Soul reapers and  a Huge Hollow, which killed Both of them. Brinno began to fight the Hollow. When a second Huge Hollow appeared, An Soul reaper Capatin appeared.  He helped to block the second Hollow’s attack on him. After defeating the huge hallows Brinno returned to the soul society with the Captain. Where he told all the Captains he was kidnapped by an Bounto. Many of them believed him and allowed him to return to the academy. Brinno graduated from the Shin'ō Academy in its 1,500th year and joined the Gotei 13, where he initially served in the 4th Division. Soon after he was adopted by the Ryōdoji where he changed his name to Inu Ryōdoji.Some time later Inu merged with his Zanpaktuo, Inu killed the captain of the 4th Division, in a single blow in front of over hundred members of the Division. Inu became the new captain of that division.Because the captain was called Kenpachi, he became the official and uncontested holder of the title, Kenpachi, as well as becoming the 2nd person to hold the title.

The next 3 months of his new life, Inu and his squad was sent to fight against a large number of Hollows. As Inu's unit battled the Hollows, they began to retreat through a Garganta into Hueco Mundo. Inu and his team followed the Hollows through the Garganta and ended up in the Valley of Screams. Inu and his team did not know where they were and continued fighting the Hollows , but the fighting eventually attracted several Arrancars. The Arrancars attacked and fired Cero blasts, killing several of Inu's comrades. The Arrancars eventually overwhelmed Inu's unit and killed all but Inu. As Inu bravely faced the group of Arracancars alone,he was attacked and fatally wounded. Enraged by his comrade's wound, Inu's hallow mask formed for the first time and he killed the Arrancars himself. Inu decided to stay in the Valley of Screams and hide from the Soul reapers before they could found out what he was. He soon gained his Bankai while training there.

New Life
At some point, An Espada finds Inu and is impressed by the army of the dead Hollows nearby,and Arrancars. When the Espada asks Inu if the Hollows were killed by him, Inu tells him the Hollows attacked him first. The Espada makes an offer for Inu to join him as an ally, Inu believed the Espada to be strong and agrees to join him.The Espada and Inu went on a rampage. He became responsible for the death of 53 seated officers, some of were lieutenants, and proceeded to escape to the Human World. A total of six Captains were sent to capture him, two of which lost their lives while the remainder were able to kill the Espada however Inu escaped into the world of the living.

When the war in Iraq began after escaping, Inu wandered about until he came across a village under attack by a Hollow.He defeated a hallow but then more appeared. The Hallows becoming too much to handle two Boutnos appeared and helped him. He soon joined them.  They went off to serve as Lieutenants in the 28th Louisiana Infantry.They attacked the Qunicies in the army allowing the Bountos to drain them. However the four captains from his past was dispatched to find and execute him. The Bountos was killed, while he was wounded very badly. Inu manged to flee from the Captains. After the battle he found a cabin in which the seductive spirit aware human posed as a widow and gave him food and shelter. When she began to make sexual advances toward Inu, he summits and has inter course with her and spend many of next years living with her. One day he after making love with her he left out to go training, she had been killed by a Captain. The trauma of the event reverted Inu into a new self when he looked into the mirror and he forgot what had occurred, blaming it on Hollows.  He soon lost his memory of his prior years of his life.He became a wandering Shinigami with the aim of personally eradicating all the Hollows in existence, especially the one who killed his lover, in retribution for what had occurred. He only remembers himself as Brinno his former name.Tormented by his past in nightmares he begins to search for who he once was. He often is tormented by back flashes as well.

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Elixar Takoyaiba

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PostSubject: Re: Brinno Bolgios (Completed)   Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:58 am

All good, except
Quote :
Your appearance must be relative to your age, being 2999 years old and looking like a 22 year old is NOT acceptable
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Brinno Bolgios
Visored Vanguard
Visored Vanguard

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PostSubject: Re: Brinno Bolgios (Completed)   Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:26 am


The Prophecy Of The Noobs

[07:20:29] Izanagi : Blessed are the Noobs, for they shall inherit the Site.

[22:21:59] The Haitian : Lol, the prophecy has spoken.

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PostSubject: Re: Brinno Bolgios (Completed)   

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Brinno Bolgios (Completed)
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