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 In'ei no Ningyôtsukai

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PostSubject: In'ei no Ningyôtsukai   Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:32 pm

Release Phase:[u][u][u][u][u][u] Ayatsuru In'ei no Ningyôtsukai (Manipulate Puppeteer of Shadow)

Manifestation: The spirit of Ryou's Zanpakuto generally takes on the form of a lung style of dragon. Its body looks like it is a very shifty and murky color of black. Though depending on its mood it might also change to blood red or even a deep navy blue. It is quite a large creature when in this from, and enough to let its master ride on... if it is pride allowed such things. Normally the spirit can be found curled up on its flower like mushroom throne smoking from a pipe, or in some cases a hookah if it plans on being stubborn that day. At the end of its snake like body protrudes a sword, which the spirit will constantly use to keep Ryou on his guard if they are speaking. Yet all one as to do is to wait and here the spirit speak to realize there is way more than meets the eye on this creature.

The gender of Ryou's Zanpakuto doesn't exist, because it claims it doesn't have one. Plus the fact that it will talk as a female, a male, or something in between doesn't help either. Not only that, but each voice has a different personality... with the female voice being the nicer one... the male voice the more evil... and the one in between is perfectly neutral. One could wonder if it does this to mess with the mind of its owner, and in most cases this is true. Yet is really because it seems to want him to lighten up, which is why most of the time the female nature is more prevalent. Which is why his sword has the quirk of not releasing in certain situations if he doesn't seem 'enthusiastic' about the fight... or at least the way he tells it to release. Yet if the fight is with someone who Ryou hasn't tied his hair up for... then the male side comes into play. It is at this point usually that a fight to the death is what it wants... and for the sake of justice Ryou is usually happy to oblige.

Despite its playful and sometimes bloodthirsty nature, the spirit is indeed quite protective of its owner. Their relationship is very close, which relates more to Ryou's anti-social nature and also to the fact his Zanpakuto reminds him of his dead siblings. Especially when it takes it's more practical form, of shrinking down into three odd females, one who is much older and two who are a bit younger. The older one In'ei dresses in a black kimono with white dragons across it, Sukai the middle age one is wearing a knight style of armor, and Ningy who is the youngest is wearing a school girl outfit. Ningy is way to cheery... the Sukai is way to serious... and In'ei is neutral. The happier one is a bit smaller and has a naïve nature to her which kind of makes her very encouraging, and she sometimes gives out way to many hugs though she has a yandare nature that causes her to be the most abusive. The more serious one is book smart and is usually floating upside down while reading right-side up. She is always constantly readjusting her glasses, and gets annoyed when interrupted. The final one is the neutral one who seems to always try and keep the other two in control, either by knocking them over the head or yelling at them. Other than that... she is pretty a calm person.

The spirit will usually shrink down to this from if it wants to fight with him for whatever reason, but its other state isn't really that good for such things. It also has a bit of a possessive nature as well, in the fact it doesn't like to be left alone too long. Plus it does seem to be a quite a jealous little thing sometimes, leading to some amusing moments... especially with these three wanting to keep their 'man' around. The reason for this is that his sword seems to treat him in a manner of mom/sister/girlfriend or sometimes grumpy school teacher, depending on her mood. It also depends on what form it is at the moment. With most of the annoying stuff coming from the triplets who like to mess with their master and try to get him to chase them. Working as both a game for them and training for him especially when you consider that he depends on his speed to survive. In the end despite the way it acts, Ryou has always found no other company he enjoys more than that of his spirit.

Class-Type:[u][u][u][u][u][u] Kido-Type Zanpakuto
Family-Type:[u][u][u][u][u][u] Darkness-Type
Sub-Type"[u][u][u][u][u][u] Constant-Release-Type

Shikai Description:[u][u][u][u][u][u] The form which Ryou's Shikai takes moves right along with the Shinigami's thought process in and out of combat. Normally holding his Zanpakuto in his right hand, means that his sword simply seems to mold down around it. Like a dark shadow consuming the appendage only to take on the form of a very short leather gauntlet. It ends a bit below the wrist, and doesn't seem to offer much in the way of armor protection, except on the top of his fingers with a red colored metal that is done in a scaled pattern for flexibility. Also the leather on the back of the hand is a bit thicker, because of its vulnerability to being hit, while the palm is more flexible.

The color of the glove like most things Ryou owns is solid black, but it is all full of a few interesting designs. All of which are colored red, and are mostly swirls or cracks going across it. The one on the back of his palm is the most intricate being that it is the image of his spirit holding a marionette with a puppet at the ends of the strings. These part though, are simple the superficial, but truly it is his Zanpkuto’s way reminding him that it is always there. So that if he ever loses a reason to fight for those around him, at least he will never forget to fight for it.

It is at the tips of Ryou's fingers that the weapon of his Shikai lay. Coming out of each fingertip is a blade, which are all strong for their size. Each one adds to the length of its respective finger by two and one half, plus they rub together quite frequently because of Ryou's nervous tick. Though it is obvious by their nature that they are not the main weapon, but are the points from which this Shinigami controls his amusing game of shadow puppets. Still that doesn't make them a deadly weapon, and if Ryou is able to position himself correctly he will certainly use his Shikai to kill directly.

Shikai Special Ability:[u][u][u][u][u][u]

Bankai Special Ability:[u][u][u][u][u][u]


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In'ei no Ningyôtsukai
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