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 Brink's invention [Done]

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PostSubject: Brink's invention [Done]   Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:46 pm

Name: Full Vizard control
Type: PU
Sub Types: FP
Grade: S
Rank: 2
This invention was made after Brink first felt the vizard mask on his face he always sought to have full control over it but to his knowledge and testing it seemed impossible he was developing this new pill that he would take which would just seem like any normal pill but was all black. As if, it was a fragment of a hollow or maybe some of their blood or DNA.  It would have a small slit in the middle as though it is to be bitten in half instead of taken completely. However, his testing of that theory was what leads to his mask surprisingly emerging without him training it on the faithful day he had to leave the soul society. Other than that it is a very simple looking thing that is rather difficult to produce so he only successfully ever made two while he was in the soul society that where complete and that he thinks will work after adjusting it from his last failure. However, the drawback that is simulated is that he will lose the part of his soul which was what brought the mask to existence and in his case it will be his heart which will become like the espada or hollow just a black empty hole.  Losing that part of his soul forever and forever being marked as one of the things he used to seek and destroy.  

This invention unleashes the full power of ones vizard mask which means to even be slightly usable on a person you need a level three mask and at least a level three in three other stat places to have eligible success. Otherwise it will just lead to either the hollow residing in you taking over your body which means death for the person they once were inside or they will have a great lead on controlling your body and the smallest little takeover afterwards will cause you to die. The drawback for this incredible thing is that you are marked as a hollow becoming more of them than anything else and will even become an outcast to those of the vizard race. This is a heavier drawback then one might think for you are now and outcast set out to only be able to live either alone or with the espada, which many of the vizard would sooner kill themselves then do just for a greater power.  This invention however as stated above gives you full control over your inner hollow almost fusing your souls together causing your blood to turn black and for a whole to form over the part of your body which first was infected or that was the cause of your hollowfication. This increases your speed, power, and spiritual pressure to a nearly crushing level, which is best described as how chichi was when he lost control in los noches. You become a full hollowfied figure and have shunpo speed as a base movement and a power to seemingly destroy a rank one or zero espada without breaking a sweat.  This also gives you access to your hollows cero even if you have not yet unlocked it for it surpasses the limits formerly set by your mask. However, to enter this form you need to have had your mask on and you need to say your quote from your character app to activate this transformation. After you use the pill once this transformation is forever available and is almost a replacement for your vizard mask. You need to say the quote while having your hand over the  part where your new hollow hole resides. In addition your whole personality changes when this is successful seeing as you are now a fusion of your hollow and your own soul.

Brink new appearance minus mask:

Duration/Post Usage: 8
Preparation Post: None
Cool down: 10
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Brink's invention [Done]
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