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 [EVENT] Who we Truly are - Lightning Site 1

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[EVENT] Who we Truly are - Lightning Site 1 Empty
PostSubject: [EVENT] Who we Truly are - Lightning Site 1   [EVENT] Who we Truly are - Lightning Site 1 Icon_minitimeWed Oct 16, 2013 2:24 am

The Monotonous sky of the White Desert had a change in color. The pain staking blue without a single shred of worthy clouds looked considerably different. However it was complete black on white much like the Night Castle. Rather it was something that was much needed in the lifeless desert. A current of wind concentrated in the centre brought about the meekly clounds. A small swirl beginning ontop the center and tallest tower of the Night Castle. It had no real presence for most of its baby years. A simple cloud formation much resmembling a swirl of solar system albeit white and fluffy. Riding high and above, it soon began to build up, turning a light shade of grey. By now the winds had picked up speed, the blinding sands being disturbed. Bit by bit like the sands that crawled towards the Castle, Clouds danced around their center being. A metaphysical being untouchable and outwordly, the ritual continued, resulting in darker shades and low rumbling. Distant hollows, looked upon the strange cloud. Never had their weakened minds seen something even remotely akin to rain clouds. They looked in amazement. Perhaps it had something to do with the recent deformation around the world. For some odd reasons the balance of souls had been tipped. The instability caused the hollows to take refuge in the plain of Arrancar, feeding upon each other when hungry. Rumblings grew louder, some claiming to see a spark of light in the center. Their murmur'd in their thick tongues. The Clouds had formed a large shade that blocked out the sun. Splat....  Splat, pit pat... and soon the banshee screamed. The White plains of Hueco Mundo, turned a darker shade with the sudden downpour. The whole of Hueco Mundo was obsolete of a good source and any audible source other than the rain. A bolt of lightning. It crashed down too close near the gates of the Black Castle. The lesser yelped in fear from the unaccustomed thunderstorm. Another bolt of lightning. Another and another. Quiet a few bolts of lightning rained down upon in selected places of Hueco Mundo, Concentrated strongly around the Castle. "AAAAHHH!!!!!" The sands responded to the first lightning bolt however the rain caused its rage to die in prematurity. Like a lie the rain receded, the rain clouds being warped in a silent instance inwards. The sun was out again and its intensity dried the rain water. From where the bolts of lightning had struck  Only smudge marks of black shaped into a circle existed .
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[EVENT] Who we Truly are - Lightning Site 1
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