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 [Event] Lightning Site 3

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PostSubject: [Event] Lightning Site 3   Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:36 am

Another lightning strike. Another with no name and simplt a smudge. Much like the 2nd one this had made its way inside. A mystery it was. No one had yet come to investigate so the smudge had still remained virgin territory. Yet the black foot marks on the floor stated otherwise. A pair of feet belonging to one another trailed away. The eyes that belonged to any would follow the trail only to have the blood of their ears curdled. The screams of another lowly Arrancar echoed the halls. Where was it from? It was clearly somewhere here, but the sounds had been away from the lightning strike. Echoing from the many mazed corridors of the castle. Where oh where...No real scent or reiatsu existed. No outsider or intruder could be sensed. Perhaps another quarell amoung Arrancar
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[Event] Lightning Site 3
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