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 The Fallen say good bye.

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The Fallen say good bye.  Empty
PostSubject: The Fallen say good bye.    The Fallen say good bye.  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 18, 2013 5:58 am

That little child is infuriating, Yet it was obvious that he was nothing but a low life coward. A man like many others who could easily talk to the talk yet failed to have any ability to walk the walk. Talking himself up about his impenetrable defense and his Captain being all that, He must have felt he had the strength of several captain commanders all rolled in to one. Yet when the challenge was initiated he came up with such volatile and disgraceful excuses. An ass hole like that should never wear the bade of a Lieutenant. Hana on the other hand had proven her worth over and over. Whiel the Captain meeting was in place the other squad members were lost seemingly from every division unsure on how they were to act. Well she had take charge and called the Lieutenants into action. Though only one imbecile had shown up. His own division had suffered heavy casualties but instead he was lounging about. There were many deceased shinigami lying about the third division barracks and he had done nothing to help them when they were alive and simply seemed to disregard them now that they were dead. Could someone really be that much of an ass hole.

If Hana were the one to judge others by his mistake she would not be doing the job she had shown up to do. She was currently within the 3rd division barracks originally she would have headed to the first division training field but that immature bastard failed to accept her challenge, Big mouth little sword deal ya know? Her feet touched down ever so gently upon the earth her eyes noting the destructive nature of the division, She would help build it up. But first the bodies were the priority. The division was in shambles, Clearly like the Lieutenant the current Third division captain Ookami cared more for himself and being a douche bag than helping sort out his own division. Were all the men of this division liek this. "Oh...Lieutenant Hana, We didn't know you were coming...we have had no word from Lieutenant Ace or Captain Ookami we we don't know what to do" Said the man bowing softly showing respect. Obviously not thought Hana to her previous statement. "It's ok, Your Lieutenant is away lounging about somewere, Liek the child he is he can not handle any form of responsibility, Unlike the false stories surrounding my promotion i believe Sato Ace gained his position by spreading his cheeks in front of Captain Ookami, For now we need to gather up all the bodies and take them to the usual place we shall burn them all. They will get a proper send off" Hana said as she began to gently lift a couple of smaller forms from the ground, Small shinigami now in her hand she would take them to the allocated area. The shinigami whom she had bad mouthed there captain and Lieutenant too would only smile after her speech, The rumor of Sato Ace sucking on Ookamis penis would soon spread through out Soul Society.

Body after body would be piled up, The third division working well under Hana's orders and of course own work load, She would not simply supervise she had got in there pulling bodies closing eyes were eyes were closed and of course. One man was running people of a register keeping track of the deceased. Finally when complete."Thats everyone, Take that list to the first division, A memorial with there names will be created. " Hana would say to the man, Now she would wait the division members family etc bidding fair well to there friends family and comrades. oince done words were said in the traditional way and the bodies were lit, The smell naturally being slighjtly less than nice but Amai Kusai protected Hana. Once done she woudl bid farwell to the 3rd division. She would return to help rebuild but other divisions needed help.

[600 words needed]

Woords =667
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The Fallen say good bye.
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