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 The secrets of information.

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The secrets of information. Empty
PostSubject: The secrets of information.   The secrets of information. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 18, 2013 7:15 am

Organization: Gotei 13
\_Code Name: Curiosity Killed the cat

\_Classification:Top Secret

Mission Briefing:During the recent events the 3rd division information concerning top secrets have been leaked. Certain Shinigami have read top secret files they do not have access to as well as giving vital passwords the enemy. Have them quietly disappear. Bring back their heads as proof of kill.
\_Mission Objective:
Secretly Discover how many know leaked secrets. 300 word count.
Quietly kill all 3 and report back to the Captain Commander. 900 word Count.
2 Topics.
Reward: 350 SC


The day was almost over with the bright orange sun resting in its lair while the bright blue moon shined brightly over the soul society. This night seemed to be rather beautiful due to the fact that the blue moon was now a whole, shinning brightly over the ponds and reflecting like a mirror creating blue lights similar to sunrays. Sato was doing what he always does which was resting and doing nothing. He may be a Lieutenant but he was a lazy one that always seemed to take the easy way out of things and just rest as much as he can, when he can.

Word soon reached him that he had some traitors within his grasp but who could be the traitors? he had no such information so he planned to do a little investigation and see what he could find. The first place he would go is the home of the crime, the place where it all started, the place where the secrets had been stolen because Sato knew that the criminals always return to the scene of the crime.Sato was now at the scene of the crime looking around for answers when he had sensed some strange spiritual pressure around the corner from the crime, it seemed to be a group of 5 men, but what could do be doing out of their barracks at a time like this? surely it was not normal so Sato decided he would check them out in his own style.

Sato crept up to the corner, masking his spiritual pressure so he couldn't be caught and leaning up against the wall letting nothing but his left eye poke to the side of the wall so he could spot the five men. "Yeah, yeah, i know but if you could arrange a meeting with them for Me, Inka(NPC) and Yutamaru(NPC) then we could maybe tell you some top secrets of the soul society that we found during the bount incidents hahaha...." The figure said with a evil smirk on his face. "But we are expecting a big pay out." He then added as Sato's eyes widened upon the things he had heard. So i found the three traitors now i must figure out a way and the best time to silently kill them without anyone knowing? hmm i know i can't do so here due to them having 5 people here. It would cause to much of a ruckus so for now i shall follow them and kill them when they aint expecting it the most. Sato thought as the group of men broke up to a 3 and a 2. The 3 being the criminals he was after, Sato followed them in the shadows until the time was needed to silently kill these traitors.  

Exit to another topic ~

Word Count needed: 300
Word Count: 464

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The secrets of information.
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