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 The silent killing acts.

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The silent killing acts. Empty
PostSubject: The silent killing acts.   The silent killing acts. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 18, 2013 7:49 am

Organization: Gotei 13
\_Code Name: Curiosity Killed the cat

\_Classification:Top Secret

Mission Briefing:During the recent events the 3rd division information concerning top secrets have been leaked. Certain Shinigami have read top secret files they do not have access to as well as giving vital passwords the enemy. Have them quietly disappear. Bring back their heads as proof of kill.
\_Mission Objective:
Secretly Discover how many know leaked secrets. 300 word count.
Quietly kill all 3 and report back to the Captain Commander. 900 word Count.
2 Topics.
Reward: 350 SC


Sato had successfully found and located the three traitors that had been giving out vital information about the Soul Society, 13 court guard squads and the Shinigami and their powers. Information that could easily lead to the destruction of the soul society, something that Sato could not let happen so easily. Sato had found out that they were giving these secrets away for nothing other then big payouts of cash, something Sato felt was not needed for the likes of Shinigami. It was not a big deal but obviously the story was not the same for these guys? maybe it was just Sato that didn't feel the need for money but who knows?

Sato had learned about the meeting that these three guys were going to have with someone that he didn't know at the moment but his plan was to eliminate the traitors before that meeting could even commence. So Sato followed them around and around and around until they reached a sudden spot. The three men walked into a old brown house with Sato following them without any notice. They walked straight to the back of the house to a room with nothing other then a small coffee table with a cup and jug on the right side of the table. One of the three men bent down and slowly lifted the jug up and pouring some tea or what looked like tea into the cup. As the cup reached its max limit, a loud thud echoed through the walls as a strange door opened up from behind the coffee table. What in the world is this..... how could this be going on and how long has it been going on for? this is unthinkable! how long have they been traitors and why has no one ever bothered to find anything out about these guys!! ugh this makes me a little annoyed to be honest. Sato thought to himself as he then followed into the dark door.

Beyond that dark door was another house it seemed like, with a toilet, bathroom, kitchen, everything that a normal house should have but why have a house inside another house? it just don't make sense but either way the same result was still going to happen today. As the night dragged on Sato awaited his time to silently strike the three hoping to murder them in one slice so that his identity could remain sealed but in order to do so he had to continuously mask his presence as well as his spiritual pressure. He had a plan to strike them with a lethal blow to the head, hoping to knock their head right off their shoulders like a ball but he had planned to do so when each of the member from this deadly three were alone and just at this very moment one of the three got up from where they all had been resting since it was the normal thing for people to do? after all it was midnight. One of the three walked over to the bathroom to take a piss and Sato followed behind him not getting seen and just as the guy took out his snake to let the water fall, Sato clearly gave a hard and sharp strike to the back of the neck, clearing his head right off his shoulders with nothing left but a blood splatter across the wall, no screams, no noises, no nothing. He then caught the body to stop the noises and placed it on the floor next to the his head and made his way back out into the lounge while remaining hidden.

Soon after another woke up as he noticed his friend had still not returned from the toilet so out of curiosity, he got up and made his way over to the toilet but just as he was about to enter the door, Sato had yet killed another of their members by beheading him while he was asleep. Such a noble way to die if you ask me but this time he allowed the figure to scream so he could warn the other person to come back leading him right into a trap.

Running as fast as he could the traitor stopped in front of his dead team-mate  looking around while shaking in fear. "Please..... let me live! i'l tell you some top secrets of the soul society, shinigami and the 13 court guard squads..... please just let me live..." The figure said dropping to his knees with fear begging for his life. Softly Sato walked from the shadows behind the man on his knees lifting his sword while still silently remaining hidden. "I am Lieutenant of Squad three, Sato Ace and here today you shall parish with the fiends of this world. You are a shinigami yet you still live to sell out your own home, friends and people. Something that a disrespectful low life like you could only do so now you will parish!" Sato said with one clean slice, clearly cutting off his head.

Now that all three traitors were dead and dusted, Sato grabbed the head of all three traitors and laid the three dead body's shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the lounge. Such traitors didn't deserve anything especially a proper funeral so without any more decisions to make, Sato made his way out too show the captain what he had found and tell him the entire story off what happened. To back up all his efforts and glory, Sato carried the head of the dead traitor trio to show proof of the story and to show that this was not one of storys that was created in his dreams but made out to be reality. It was an actual event that Sato had completed, surely his captain would be proud of him.

Exit ~
Mission Complete.

Word Count needed: 900
Word Count: 973

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The silent killing acts.
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