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 The start of a dream

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The start of a dream Empty
PostSubject: The start of a dream   The start of a dream Icon_minitimeFri Oct 18, 2013 8:39 am

"Did you hear, Did you hear about the Lieutenant and Captain of the third division, ""No, Why should i off heard something" "Well i have it on good authority from my brother in the 3rd division that he heard from the Lieutenant of the first division you know Petal, That Sato Ace the Lieutenant of the third division only got his job because he was blowing off Captain Ookami." "NO. WAY YOUR KIDDING" "Trust me darling, That little weasel admitted it to me himself". The female's voice would flow eerily from above the two chatting shinigami. Yes Hana was currently lying upon the large walls sighing, She was slightly exhausted. All in all she had started a rumor that could very well be true, Helped restore the 12th division and helped the 3rd division move a rather large amount of bodies.

She could not help but gain annoyance whenever she thought of rebuilding the 12th division, That annoying ass hole Sato Ace. He had really really really fucked her over, What a fucking dick wad. But hey its what it is, Hana would deal with him in her own way. You know make up nice rumours and destroy him. Thats Hana for you, She will fuck you up if you piss her off. She had been nothing but slightly nice to Ace and he was a cunt. Most likely following in Ookamis foot steps. Sighing softly she would roll upon her back. Wishing that the captain meeting would end so that she could address Yuri. Silence had drifted and a small buzzing noise entered Hana's ears. What the hell swatting at her face she thought it was some form of bug but nothing was there. She would follow the buzzer sound, Following this sound she would soon come across a rather wierd looking object. Something she did not recognize.

After looking at said object for sometime Hana would have to give up, She knew nothing about it, She would have to head to the twelfth division which of course would be simple for her, So her movements would take her to the required area, When there she would hand over the strange device. Sitting peacefully as they worked on finding out exactly what the hell it was. While awaiting she simply twiddled her hair chewing upon it also, She should really find out what they were saying but hey who knew it would be all science mumbo jumbo crap that she would have no idea.

Her eyes darkened as she fell into slumber, The first time she slept since he passed away, Her body was her own in the dream yet she knew she was looking out of eyes that she could only dream to see out off. Why? Well he was there. His face his eyes, They were holding each other. Her tears werent forming because he was always there. This was her love her captain. Cuddled watching the sun set within the human world. Something they shouldnt do, But he knew she loved the proper sun rise. "I love you" he said. About to say it back to the man she loved and onyl a cream erupted as the Russians bullet shot through the head of her lover. This jolt would send her back to the real world screaming and crying. People rushed to her but she pushed away. A hell butterfly had been used to send the information to the third district meaning Hana's work was over.

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The start of a dream
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