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 A lousy trip to Karakura.

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PostSubject: A lousy trip to Karakura.   Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:11 pm

Organization: Goeti 13
\_Code Name: Heavens Charm

Class: 3
\_Classification: Public

Mission Briefing:
The basic job of a shinigami, Go to the human world and save souls. Guide them to Soul Society before they perish into darkness
\_Mission Objective:

send 5 souls to SC

Reward: 50SC




Sato was bored and had nothing to do so he had accepted the lousy mission that any soul reaper could do no matter the rank so this mission wouldn't be that much of a problem. He knew he had to pass through the Senkaimon if he was to ever make it to Karakura town alive so thats what he was going to do. He had packed and prepared everything he needed as he made his way through the Soul Society reaching the Southern squadron of the Seireitei watching as the Senkaimon got bigger as Sato got closer. It was such an incredible sight to see such a door that could just open up to another world like a normal door in the house would however this was not the time for Sato to be looking around and dreaming about such things. This was going to be Sato's first time traveling through it alone so was Sato scared of such an event? of course not, Sato was well prepared for anything and had his guard up 24/7 so if something was to happen to Sato, he would not go down without a fight. "This is it... this is the time where i get to travel through the Senkaimon on my own without Captain Ookami by my side... lets do it. was Sato's final words before the big doors to the Senkaimon opened up letting Sato walk into a bright white light. Il be back Soul Society.. Sato thought as he walked off into the smoke white light.

Exit ~

Word Count needed: 250
Word Count:256

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A lousy trip to Karakura.
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