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 Karakura here i come.

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PostSubject: Karakura here i come.   Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:24 pm

Organization: Goeti 13
\_Code Name: Heavens Charm

Class: 3
\_Classification: Public

Mission Briefing:
The basic job of a shinigami, Go to the human world and save souls. Guide them to Soul Society before they perish into darkness
\_Mission Objective:

send 5 souls to SC

Reward: 50SC



Hm i remember so much memories in here like it was yesterday.. such good times but where ever there are good times there comes the bad and i must admit, some of them times i felt like crying yet my man hood prevented me from doing such actions... My height and appearance may well be the same as a child yet i am as mature as a 80 year old man and i ain't telling no fibs on that one. Sato thought to himself as he had walked out of the Senkaimon doors, arriving at a strange purple place that resembled much like the inside of a mouth.. something that Sato was not fond off. "No matter how much times i come here, i can never once forget that this place looks like the inside of a mouth.... yuck..." Sato said to himself with a disgusted look on his face as he begun to walk through the Dangai realm.

Something had always been strange about this place but Sato could never guess what it was, maybe it was the smell? or the appearance? maybe even the feeling that this place gave him? who knows but Sato didn't like it. Even though the Dangai Realm was connected to the Soul Society, it does not always mean that nobody else from outside the Soul Society could enter this place and attack Sato but Sato wasn't scared and knew well that this event could take place however he came prepared and ready to supply actions if this tragedy was to occur on such a sudden time. He knew about it and yet he still traveled alone with no backup showing that he was not scared and was ready to fight.

After a short while, Sato was now ready to travel into Karakura town, walking up to yet another smoke white light that could easily cause blinding to a human if he/she was to stare at it for too long. "This is it..." Sato said with a gaze at the Dangai Realm for another instance before finally traveling over to Karakura town.

Exit ~

Word Count needed: 250
Word Count: 348

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Karakura here i come.
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