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 The King's Commandment

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The King's Commandment  Empty
PostSubject: The King's Commandment    The King's Commandment  Icon_minitimeWed Oct 23, 2013 11:35 pm

The walls leading into the Espada tower burst into white smoke as it was reduced into rubble by the Fraccion of the Old King. The dust settled slowly and from it emerged the king covered his black and gold robes with a hood that covered his face except for his glowing eyes that were alive with a holy current. His Fraccion moved into two rows on either side of him and filed behind him as he walked in between them forming a battalion of battled hardened Fraccion. No one individual was Espada level among them but together they were a formidable force with lots of combat experience and a strong loyalty for their King; it was akin to religious zealously. He admired his men and he would reward them for their services soon enough. The king left and right into the empty lower levels of the Espada tower and began to march upward into the castle.

As he got closer to the Meeting Hall Arrancars began to appear: Guards of the Numero Level. He looked at them and asked them to allow him to past but they did not. Apollo concealed his identity and his power level well so they couldn't quite tell who he was, not that they'd know in the first place. These halls had long been cleansed of his rule. They jumped wit the weapons and tried to Attack the king but his men were faster and before they even touched the ground, blades struck the feeble Arrancar bodies; blades and spears of many different shapes protruded from their bodies. The men quickly removed their weapons and cleaned them of blood in one swift motion. The king bowed to them and closed their eye lids with his fingers; he ordered his medics heal them. There lives need not be wasted. They were just doing their duty after all and for Apollo's dream every man and woman would have a role. Every life had its use.

Apollo punched through the door leading to the meeting room and his men filed through like before. He moved through the moved and looked at the white chairs. they hadn't changed much except for the fact his throne was no longer present at it's head. It was just a simple stone chair. Apollo sat down in the chair and his chest glowed with power. His men awaited orders and Apollo watched them for a moment before speaking.

"Find them and bring them here. Avoid violence as best you can but if you do not return, I thank you for your services and loyalties."

They bowed and with they disappeared with a Sonido to find the would Generals of the King.

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The King's Commandment
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