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 Ninja Legends

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PostSubject: Ninja Legends   Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:07 am

Ninja Legends

Imagine a world where ninja once reigned supreme. A world where there was peace at war... Destruction in the fight for the honor of one's self and one's village. Countless lives are lost. Countless innocent lives. Never to be seen again...

But is this too much?

[Setting... Military Base

... Location... Unknown]

Inside an office on a military base, a man stood in front of a desk facing the head Captain of the newly designed military. "The world can't handle these freaks anymore Lieutenant" said the captain as he looked up at the 33 year old Lieutenant with hardened eyes. The Captains physical appearance was that of a well groomed older man, whom had never seen the agony of war, yet his eyes told his real story. He himself was once a ninja, once one of the top ranked jounin in the country, but he had turned his back on that life soon after the 4 Ninja war. And now that he was soon to be staring at hell of the 5th Ninja war, he was doing all that was in his power to put a halt to the homicide that would soon to come.

Captain Ivy Tetsuki was the leader of the Chiyu (Japanese for Cure) a military group that now controls every Daimyō in the country. The military group spent the latter half of the past 30 years constricting it's hold on the ninja world. Following the 4th ninja war, in order to discourage Ninjutsu, The Chiyu forced all newly born and all willing ninja to be placed under a seal. Those who refused were either killed or sent off to an unknown island, never to be heard from again. The seal known as the Chiyu seal constricts the amount of jutsu the brain's memory can hold at one time without the use of scrolls. However, this only slowed the progress of the 5th ninja war in some peoples opinions, however in other's it fueled the war.

During the 5th ninja war, new biological technology were used to replace the restrictions on jutsu. As a result, many people died at the hands of these new beast that the ninja had created. The Chiyu, being the only military force without significant limitations quickly dispelled the ninja and their new technology, which brought a swift end to the 5th ninja war after only 3months of fighting. However, the death tole, though largely exaggerated by The Chiyu, was enormous. All remaining people who were once skeptical about the military organization were now in full support of them and their new efforts.

Now some 5 years after the 5th Ninja war, the ninja population is being threatened. Anyone that dare uses jutsu is arrested and killed. All but two small villages remain. But the Chiyu are the least of our worries these days... they say.. the products of the 5th world war have not all been killed off.. they are somewhere growing.. waiting for the perfect time to raise again....

My only question to you is...

Will we survive?

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Ninja Legends
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