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 Hachibantai Captain Update

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PostSubject: Hachibantai Captain Update   Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:27 am


Name:Ashia uyeda
Gender: Female

Link to Approved Profile:
Link to Approved Powers:

Racial Fighting Styles:

  • Level 2 In Shunpo

  • Level 3 in Hakuda

  • Level 3 In Reiatsu

  • Level 3 In Zanpakuto

  • Level 3 In Kido


Racial Augmentations:

       -Constant Release - Your zan is always at the ready, in its shikai state. Along with all of your abilities and techniques active all the time, without the need to release it. Must be at least level two to purchase this with bankai. Cost - 150  Soul currency

    -Kendou : Sanshin – In order to perform this, they cannot have any ability in progress that requires their reiatsu/reiryoku. This skill may only be used once per post. Must be at least level 3 to purchase [Kendo Sanshin(Bisection)Link] Cost - 150 Soul currency

    -#1: Nadegiri – This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed with their katana, or sharp sword of any kind, as it may casually slice through any large, multi-story high opponents. The opponent could be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place. Must be level 3 to purchase this, as well as having purchased Kendou: Sanshin [Will Lin Off] Cost - 150 Soul currency

    -#2: Sukigiri – A more refined technique, allows for a precise and powerful block with extreme force and speed. Able to stop a single attack with the use of the sword at such speeds, even point blank attacks are hard pressed by its power. Rivaling Nadegiri in terms of power, it creates a highly pressurized wave that blocks an attack and causes no damage done to oneself. Must be level three to purchase, as well have purchased the previous two. [Physical, Instant] Cost - 150  Soul currency

    -First Division Sect - The peak of zanpakuto skills, and swordsmanship, those at this level at known to be true monsters in terms of sword skills. At this level, it isn't even a fair fight unless your a captain. One must purchase everything [excluding constant release] in order to obtain this. At this level, your sealed weapon can easily break through most defenses with a single swing. If one does not have proper protection (at least level three in terms of defensive skills, Heirro or such) your sword will cut through like butter. Grants an additional technique to shikai AND bankai. (Two in total.) [Cannot be ignored.] Cost - 1000  Soul currency

    -Shockwave – Able to create a powerful shock wave that cases large scale damage (football field) once a fight. Capable of stopping bankai strength attacks. [Cannot be ignored or stunned.]Cost - 250  Soul currency


#7. [Overall] -
Hadou #58: Tenran - ’ Way of Destruction #58: Orchid Sky ‘
Attribute: Damage, Reduce Damage
Class: Reiatsu, Control
[‘ A tornado blast of spiritual wind is blown at the target, attempting to knock them back or reduce the damage of incoming physical attacks by 50%. Note that this spell does not use wind already surrounding the caster and may be used only once a post. ‘]
Post Duration: 3 Posts.
Cooldown” 3 Posts.
Price 195 Points.

#9. [Overall] -
Hadou #73: Souren Soukatsui - ’ Way of Destruction #73: Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down ‘
Attribute: Affliction Damage
Class: Reiatsu, Instant
[‘ Before this spell can be used, the user must say this incantation: “e lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." The user then cross their arms to form a cross at the direction their target is. A blast of blue reiatsu is then shot from this cross at the target, incinerating or burning anything within it’s vicinity. ‘]
Post Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown: 3 Posts.
Price: 250 Points.

#10. [Overall] -
Hadou #88: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho - ’ Way of Destruction #88: Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon ‘
Attribute: Damage
Class: Reiatsu, Instant
[‘ The caster fires a gigantic electric blast of reiatsu, resulting in a truly enormous explosion upon impact. This explosion may harm the caster and target as well and the spell is stronger than Hadou #73 in damage. This spell may only be used once per post. ‘]
Post Duration: 1 Post.
Cooldown: 3 Posts.
Price: 280 Points.

#11. [Overall] -
Hadou #90: Kurohitsugi - ’ Way of Destruction #90: Black Coffin ‘
Attribute: Counter, Ignore ‘xxx’, Stun*, Damage
Class: Reiatsu, Strategic, Instant
[‘ If the caster is attacked during this time, a box forms of black energy around the first new attacking target, which then its pierced by dozens of reiatsu "spears," that ignore reducing attributes and lacerating the one inside from head to toe. During this time the target will be stunned in the box for two posts. Only one third of its power can be unleashed, and may only be used once per post activation. ‘]
Post Duration: 1 Post Preparation, 1 Post Activation / 2 Post Stun.
Cooldown” 4 Posts.
Price: 320

Total Starting Experience:

Elite - 3,500

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Hachibantai Captain Update   Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:12 am

Sorry. But it would appear you've overspent there.

Level 3x4=2800 Soul Currency + 500 Level 2=3300 Soul Currency.

This means you have 200 Soul Currency remaining. With that you could probably purchase an augmentation worth 150 Soul Currency. But not all the ones you've posted. Yes. You have to pay for the augmentations, they are not free Yes Really 

You've gone over your starting budget by at least 1700 Soul Currency Infidel 

Please make the necessary edits.


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PostSubject: Re: Hachibantai Captain Update   Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:22 am

sorry miss calculation. Fixed I hope Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Hachibantai Captain Update   

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Hachibantai Captain Update
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