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 Where Demons Dwell

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Elixar Takoyaiba

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Where Demons Dwell Empty
PostSubject: Where Demons Dwell   Where Demons Dwell Icon_minitimeThu Nov 21, 2013 3:55 am

It hadn't taken them too long, for a group of misfits, they hadn't gotten too distracted. By too distracted, I mean that half of city hadn't been burnt down on their not so dramatic escapades. Simply put, the guys arrived at the Palace of Demons with little difficulty, Elixar nodded to the person sat at the desk as he passed through, proceeding through with Psycho and Buki hopefully not too far behind him. He would move rather swiftly down a corridor towards a large room. On the other side of the not so large doors would be a practically clear room, marble in material and white in colour. Elixar made an irritated click as he looked the room up and down. His preference for darker colours had been completely refuted in the design of Akuma no kyūden, in fact, the colours were the complete opposite of what he would have preferred. Suppressing this minor irritation, he turned to the other two waiting for Psycho to do what he needed to.
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Where Demons Dwell
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