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 Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki.

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Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki. Empty
PostSubject: Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki.   Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 22, 2013 4:47 pm

After driving around the city for a couple of hours, the sun would start to set. As the sun was setting, the red light districts would start to open and Psycho start to notice. He would remember how his father would heal his wounds as a child. Beer and titties, always seemed to work. So Naturally Psycho would try and find a nice location. He would pop his head in a couple of locations but nothing seemed to be too amazing. Most seemed a bit skeevy. Nothing seemed too clean, but then when it is only a $5 cover, what do you expect? It seemed pretty much hopeless until Psycho finally found one that was worth the while. He would drive up and peak his head inside to get a good scope. As he looked around, He got a really good vibe off the place. The atmosphere was good, nice lighting; the girls looked great, and best of all the cover was only $15. This made Psycho quite happy.

After heading back to the car, Psycho would pop the trunk open and pull out Buki, who had been in there for quite a few hours. He would carry Buki over into the titty bar, past the guards and pay for both of their cover charges. After finding a nice spot, He would sit Buki down, who was still bound by rope, in one of the booths. There were girls everywhere, some on the stage, some were by the bar. It was great. Psycho would order a couple of beers for their table and force feed some of them into Buki, to get him started.

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Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki.   Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki. Icon_minitimeSat Nov 23, 2013 2:46 am

Buki was awoken by rumbling and shaking, weakly he opened his eyes and saw only darkness Oh what the fuck is going on he growled to himself as he tried to move, only to find himself tied up with rope.  Remembering something about Psycho he came to a rather annoying and obvious conclusion the idiot was taking him somewhere, after a long while the trunk opened.  His eyes closed as they were adjusted to the dark after a few moments his eyes began to re-adjust noticing he was in some kind of booth Psycho what ar..  Stopping in mid sentence as he blushed heavily at the surroundings, staying quiet as he looked at the girls Oh where did he take me..and wow..s shes..

Suddenly there was felt like a few bottles in his mouth, his eyes darted towards the culprit it was Psycho, causing Buki to swing his neck swiping the bottles away from Psycho and then placed them on the table.   Some booze had got into his mouth and he had drank it, Why did you bring me here ? he said in a low confusing voice, it changed from angry to calm as his mind wasn't ready for a place like this, his eyes darting back and forth and the woman and Psycho.  

It appeared his mind was in a state of pure rage, curiosity and slight need to stare at the women.  I thought you were going to take me to the hq..not where ever this is. His head turned slightly as his eyes darted around the place then whiped back round to glare at Psycho
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Psycho's Wild ride. Feat. Buki.
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