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 Yuko Yuzuki[Arrancar}

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PostSubject: Yuko Yuzuki[Arrancar}   Yuko Yuzuki[Arrancar} Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 8:21 am

Name: Yuko Yuzuki
Alias: Scarlet Chimera- A name given to him by other Arrancars.This name states nothing more than the Scarlet color of his Cero,and flames.

Sweet Criminal- A name given to him by the women he has met over the years.After using them in a varied sexual manner of sweet talk.He would simply have them steal or kill someone for him.

Age: 15
Age of Appearance: 23
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Arrancar

Character Alignment: Evil

Appearance: Yuko is a young male about 5'4,and weighs around 105 pounds. However he was fairly thim in all ways.He had skinny arms,and legs. With in those small seemingly useless arms however, were the strength of 10 times of a regular man. His skin were a lighter shade of a tanned person which made it,seem brownish.

His hair were a darker magenta tint. Although it looked to be pink it was not. The many strands of his hair had become tangled over the many years, no longer resembling that of curls. Yuko's eyes glew in a azure pigment(Pupils),surrounded by a abyssal blade shade.

Style/Clothing:As for his clothes he wore a azure blue cloak in which, were dotted in a foral pattern of rose petals.The cloak itself however
laid across the slender outline of his body.More or less the shoulders mainly supported
its upkeep.Around the boys waist there were the sight of his forehead protecter tied, tightly to him by a small knot. Atop it's metal plate laid the symbol for the 13th Court Guard Squad's Stealth force.

In all his style is more prepared for battle. He possesses many copies of this outfit as well. Sometimes you may see him streaking for unknown reasons.

Tattoo's/Scars/Etc: If you look across the body of Yuko, you may find only one distict mark upon him.This mark would be nothing more than, a Purple lotus flower tatto. This tatto would be located atop his arm as well as his forehead.

Personality: Kannon is that of a rather calm person. He is easygoing,and friendly to mostly all females. Being a complete jerk to most men hating them all for the abuse, women receive in the world. At the very sight of such things his presonality changes drasticly. He will become a forceful person filled with that of a unquenchable lust for blood.

To further his love of women the boy sweet talks at any chance he may receive. Ususally refering to these women as " Dear." To Kannon the pestering nickname is a joke. It does humor him so to watch the many reactions girls give him at the mention of it. At times the boy can be a love struck puppy for a numerous amount of time. Now if the time is for more than 6 hours then,he has fallen in love with that person(Usually female).Never caring for the creatures childish nature at first.But with time he began to feel like the alter ego were a friend of sorts.A inner friend who would never leave him alone.[/b]

Despite all of those good presonality traits Yuko were a very manipulative boy.This were more or less fufilling when applied to women because of his "Sweet talking".He normally uses this to gain a number of mistresses,maids,and warriors for his command.Because of this he also gained the nickname "Sweet Criminal."Among this sweet talk he mainly aimed for a girl to carry his future childern
(For Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, etc, go for 1-3 sentences per point, more if you wish.)


Yuko enjoys gazing at the moon.
Rubbing victory in a foes face.
The color scarlet.
Watching life flee from the body of idiots.
Drinking grape wine.
This has to be the most important like of Yuko.This like is of all women in general.(Mostly the prevy,and hostile ones.)


Yuko dislikes the HumanWorld.
The mistreating or abuse of women.
He hates fighting women.
A taboo in his soul is fighting a weaker foe to the death.Although he may still do it.
The most hated thing of Yuko is the Human World's barbrian race of men.

There is only one main goal of Yuko.This goal is to take over the Human World.
As a small child he dreamt of finding the prefect girl.So he still does this now.
As a side goal Yuko wishes to taste every sushi dish in the world.
To fight a Quincy to the death.
To become a Espada,and finally stop being called weak.


Is strong willed.
Is not afraid to die..
Enjoys his Op life.
His heart is easyly shifted to others.
Is not afriad to kill for fun.

Fears & Weaknesses:

Is insane.
In love with his own beauty.
Fears that of his own powers extent.
His deceased parents haunting ghost's.
His grandmother.

Hollow Type: Vasto Lorde 
Hollow Hole Location & Appearance: Yuko's Hollow Hole is inside the lotus flower tatto located on his forehead.

Mask Fragment Appearance & Location: Yuko's mask fragment is a little different than anyone elses.For instead of being a solid white shade it, were a light grey.Scattered about this grey mask would be a, number of darkened blue tribal marking.These tribal markings formed that of unique swirls.The fragment itself were located over his R.eye.However it didn't block the eyes fully. 
Number & Location:Yuko possesses the number 15.The number were seen etched into his R.eye. 

Aspect of Death:Envy/Lust

Battle Specs


Fighting Style: Yuko prefers to mainly fight from medium range.He does this by using a number of Kido's,and Ceros repeatly. He may revert into a flank attacking sytle if he is losing a fight in any way.

Personal Abilities:

Name: Loyal Kiss of Wind
Effect: By blowing a kiss to someone he can cast a illusionary spell upon anyone it touches.The kiss itself were not able to be seen by anyone but Yuko himself.
This made it highly useful to him in many ways.Although this illusion would'nt switch from person to person it pulled images from their mind,and memories
creating the death of a loved one over,and over again.Eventually this would sap their will to live an or fight any longer.

Name: Crystal Control/Creation
Effect: Ever since he were born Yuko could create crystal's from nothing.He could even manipulate there very atoms to,change thier atomic structures.This ability can go as far as to transform water into crystal as well.This may also be done with any solid substance such, as wood,rock,or even animals.

Name: Beauty of a Woman
Effect:This is just a simple reflection of the sheer beauty Yuko possesses.It is special simply because it makes the, married women fall for him.
But to no avial did this even come close to what he desired.All he wished for was to see one person who didn't fall for just his beauty.Instead
he wished to see someone love him for him.When that happened his power of suduction would flee from him.

Elemental Affinity:Fire,and wind.

General Techniques:

Technique Name: Scarlet Blaze
Technique Description: The technique would allow the user to emit a large flaming pillar from their mouths.As the pillar is created the user reamins vunerable to attack.It may be switch to the palms for use as well.If any contact is made with the flames they'll be burned greatly.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: 3rd degree burns that will engulf the body.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:2nd degree burns.
Opponent is Equal Tier:1st degree burns.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:Simple burns with near to no affect.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Nothing the attack is ignored.


Zanpakutou Type: Dual weild rapiers

Zanpakutou Appearance: It looks like two purple umbrellas in a sealed state.

Ressurrecion Name: Yuuta Zuki

Ressurrecion Representation: Yuuta Zuki represents a lustful chimera.

Ressurrecion Appearance: When going into the state of his Ressurrection state Yuko goes under no real changes.His change is quite simple unlike that of others.His eyes,and face remain the same.What does occur is like a added bonus to his already slender body.

As a result of this transformation,the male will grow a large narrow tail.This tail would match that of a serpent in all ways,including the living cobra attached to it's small tip.The tail itself were a solid white color.

Another part of this extra power gain would be,the growth of 2 medium sized scarlet wings.These wings were that of a hawks, except they were in a minature size. They would provide no ability of flight, and were more or less for show.

Yuko would also gain a number of blade like spikes,along most of his body.In such parts as the arms, and legs mostly.The spikes were rigided,and arranged in straight lines.They extended outward into about a 3ft length into the air.

Ressurrecion Ability

Name: Crystal Control/Creation
Effect: Ever since he were born Yuko could create crystal's from nothing.He could even manipulate there very atoms to,change thier atomic structures.This ability can go as far as to transform water into crystal as well.This may also be done with any solid substance such, as wood,rock,or even animals.

Ressurrrecion Techniques: 

Technique Name:Crimson Death Cero
Technique Description: A more powerful version of the cero of regular Arrancarrs.It is not coated in a large amounts of flames that flicker about it.In a Death enabled thread it kills instantly.

2 turn cool down requied.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:Kills instantly.
Opponent is One Tier Lower:May destroy only half of the person.
Opponent is Equal Tier: May take off a arm or leg.
Opponent is One Tier Higher:Creates minor burns,and may break a bone or two.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Simply does no real damage.It leaves minor scars on the foe of such strength.

Technique Name: Cobra Acid
Technique Description:The user uses their tail to lash the foe repeatly.As this is done a cero is held in the tails tip,or mouth.If this is done it may impale the foes body parts imploding them.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Complete annilation of body parts.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Body parts may survive.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Body parts will remain intact but will be unable for use.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: The bone of the body part is broken
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: The body art may suffer little to no effect.It will just recevie small wounds,and some enternal bleeding.

Tell me your story...

History: (Here is where your characters past should be posted. 3 paragraphs is the minimum to be approved. Be sure to include important events that led to you becoming as powerful as you want to be. No one gains shikai over night in their sleep.)

Rp Sample:

Yuko peeked his head out from within the shadow of a tree.It's confounds shielding him from not only the sight of others,but the light given off by the sun aswell.Now standing he'd shake violently as if he had never walked on his own before.A chuckle escaping from his pale grey slips as he lingered the pool of shadows around him.A smirk then cut through his once blank expression allowing his fangs to peek outward just outside his mouth cavity.The figure's slender outline seemed to blur within the enternal darkness swimming around his body,strands of this lifeless substance coiling tightly around articals flesh concealing every fiber of his skin.Some things remained visable however this included the ocean blue obtic's in which gleamed brightly throughout the endless oblivion,that seemed to expunge all light drenching it in the clutches of utter chaos.A object laying upon the ground also glew in a array of light in which happened to be a orange shade.This object resembled a swords sheath,adn within a instant began to wade slowly away as if it were a simple flame being expunged from existence.In a few moments a small sliver feather had replaced the sheath however strange this may have been the, figure had ignored the occureance as if he'd seen it all before.Raising his R.arm infront of his torso the male's palm opened for a mere few seconds.As these seconds dwindled a small cluster of purple orbs would gather amongst the tips of the males fingers,flickering repeatly while rapidly shrinking an enlarging multiple times.After this happened the orbs hovered outward extracting themselves from the figures fingertips floating upward 4ft into the air.Once there these orb's would expand outwards slowly growing larger until 5 masses equivlent to Mt.Fuji if they were fused together,were there amongst the azure tinted sky.No clouds coated the sky today leaving the Orbs to hover endlessly throughout there current space.The arm that was mentioned earlier now reverting it's pointing direction toward the sky.His arm now gently rotated in a circular motion his wrist moving from left to right freely,the bracelet he wore around his wrist possessed 8 charms in which knocked against each other creating a high pitched ringing sound.It matched that of a church bell combined with the scream of a howler monkey.If you returned your attetion to the sky once more,the orbs had alined themselves vertically across it's vast contents.Each had become a different shade,but aquired the shape of a lotus flower.Now the figure stepped outward into the light a meancing laughter filling the area with it's sheer maddness.His obtics narrowing downward creating small slit's inwhich traced there targets every movement.A intesive feeling of hatred,agony,and sorrow emerging from the depths of this one gaze.Who could this figure of such emotion,and fearful intetion that highlighted nothing more than the sheer,beauty of his talent's was Yuko know only as "The Scarlet Chimera." "My love.My life.My soul.My very light belonged to no one. I was owned by no one.The void however held my Heart,and coiled around it holding me in it's cold breathless embrace."
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PostSubject: Re: Yuko Yuzuki[Arrancar}   Yuko Yuzuki[Arrancar} Icon_minitimeWed Dec 11, 2013 6:36 pm

Looks alright
Zanpakuto needs to be registered separate, you've misunderstood the fighting style bot (see other apps for clarification) your first/inate ability needs an effect range and more info such as turn duration.

Sorry for the wait, I've been and am still caught up in exams
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Yuko Yuzuki[Arrancar}
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