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 Clan Nakimana

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PostSubject: Clan Nakimana   Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:55 am

House of Nakimana - The Golden Carp

The house of the Golden Carp value but one thing and that is Money. The house with the most members ( mostly servants and their merchants) and the biggest estates. They are said to control near two thirds of the merchantile business around Seireitei and Rukongai. They like to live in luxury and avoid battles. However the house is not to be mistaken to be weaklings with no fighters, the Nakimana also spring captain class shinigami every few generations. Not many choose to be shinigami and prefer to be merchants.

The Nakimana has several large luxurious buildings and servant quarters. They have a large pond that stretches for several meters that are filled with golden carps. These carps are said to bring good fortune to the family. The Nakimana's Family Estates are 6 stories high and can be seen from their side of Seireitei. They also have a massive warehouse. It is said it would take three days to walk from one side to the other. The Nakimana also have a monument where golden statues of carps are spitting out golden coins.

The Nakimana like the colour Gold the best. Their clothes often lined with Golden Jewels and such. The Nakimana have no characteristics at all save for the fact they tend to be good with maths when it comes to making money.

- Relationships -

The Nakimana are popular amoung their servants as their business helps the servants to support their families. The Nakimana have several smalls business in Rukongai for the commeners in the safer suburbs. The other noble families and often Shinigami's belittle them for their greed of money and ignorant hearts. The Nakimana believe that one day they will rule over Seireitei and this attitude gives a good laugh for the Shisaragi house. The house of Inazuna see's the Nakimana as nothing but a child who they can manipulate for their wealth.

The house of Carp have a bitter history with the house of Dragon. The children of Carp are often beat up by the children of the Dragon. The elders of Dragon see nothing wrong with this and believe it is the process of growing up for kids and secretly laugh at how wimpish the House of Carp is. The house of dragon does not do this out of malice but merely because they cannot stand the rich and snobbish kids that are raised in the House of Carp.

- Traditions -

Carps must stick Together! Is their motto. The Nakimana has the most traditions that are close to festivals. The House of Nakimana are usually those in charge of Festivals not because they were given the duty but because their festivals are at a large scale and involves everyone. They at least have one Festival a month. Traditions - It is a mannerism that they visit relatives or friends with gold articles. The house of Nakimana are not allowed to kill carps doing so will lead to your banishment of the Household.

Clan Members:

Nakimana Matoba

Nakimana Akahana

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Clan Nakimana
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