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PostSubject: Training    Training  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 7:33 am

It was a wonderful spring morning the sun was just rising giving the terrain a nice wonderful glow to it for today was a young ninjas day off and he would choose to spend it somewhere rather than his usual training grounds and relaxation spots and he would journey farther south of the village hidden in the leaves to a wonderful rocky waterfall area he found one day while he was exploring. The temperature would be in the low sixties so it would be a nice temperature to train in and later relax with his feet in the water after a long day of work. The waterfall could be heard echoing for miles as it would bash into the rocks that where underneath the small river that could be seen for the water would be rushing downstream to swiftly. Though this terrain was rocky and rather difficult to maneuver in he would enjoy the quite that came with not being able to hear anything in the distance unless someone was yelling or was truly a loud noise such as an explosion.

In addition, to the very rocky and loud terrain it would be a very lush seemingly evergreen forest that would stretch for miles and miles to come however, he would only be staying in a 46 meter stretch in every direction for he didn’t know what lied in the wilderness beyond the small places he explored beforehand weeks earlier. So with that he would be sitting underneath the water fall on a rock that was a 5 meters away from the actual waterfall that would be covered by all sides for the rushing water hitting down in front of him only 3 meters from his face only from back here could you truly hear anything for it was almost like a sound proof room for the outside echoed yet, the inside was a quite meditation room for some who may be trying to escape from reality though he would stay alert for he didn’t know the dangers of this terrain and would hate to find himself executed by some wild beast territory he had accidently stumbled upon.
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