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 Chatbox Rules

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Jushiro Izanagi

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:08 am

The Simple Rules (Extended)

Rule #1. Offending Another: There are times when certain words or phrases spoken may offend another member of the site. Whether this is a member of staff or otherwise does not matter. If the party/parties offended have expressed their dislike towards your actions. Then it is imperative that you refrain from continuing to do the same thing.

Rule #2. Undermining A Member of Staff: The Staff members are here to keep the peace, and to do their best to make sure Soul Disruption remains fully functional site. There are times when a member of staff will request that another member of the site complies with them. Whether it is to put an end to an argument or ongoing discussion. There are reasons for this, and failure to comply may result in that member being punished.

Rule #3. Expressing an Opinion: Yes. We all like the idea of freedom of speech. And yes, one should be free to express themselves. However, your opinionated self may incite an uproar that is beneficial to none. If a member of staff deems your opinions to be offensive, or to even be undermining another member of the site in a malicious manner. Then should you be one of these opinionated ass wipes. You are more than likely to be punished. This goes for flame-baiting and flaming as well.

Rule #4. Compliance: This a very simple rule. Be compliant to the requests of a member of staff. This also works both ways. Especially in circumstances where an application needs to be checked. Or in cases, where a member of staff or otherwise, feels that the actions taken against them are indeed offensive. Failure to comply will result in the appropriate punishment.

Rule #5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T: Please find out what respect means to us all. Every member of this site wants respect and deserves to be shown the proper respect. Be respectful or risk having the ban hammer being smashed over your cyber heads. Respect also sums up all the other rules above, since that is what is comes down to.


Minor Punishment: A Tap on the Wrist: A light tap on the wrist comes in the form of a warning. Warnings are handed out to offenders by a member of staff. A warning should also suggest to you, that you're indeed stepping on toes, and should you refrain from doing so. Then the punishment handed down by the staff, may be even more severe that you originally thought it would be.

Bad Boys & Girls: Beat Down: A beat down comes when a member of the site, refuses to comply. And as a result, a member of staff will take it one step further. In places such as the Cbox. A member will get kicked, or even banned for a day. In places such as the creation sections, where Applications are located. Members of staff have the right to ignore your Application, or to even lock such a topic, until one learns how to behave. A truly persistent offender, will see their application get tossed in the recycle bin.

Breaking the Law: Severe Punishment: For those that break the laws and rules of the games. There will be no mercy for you heathens. You will be banned, either for a long time or permanently. By now, you should know what is acceptable, and what isn't.

Note: A Staff member reserves the right to Ban a disruptive Member, without having to kick them. For example, if a warning was given out and the offender fails to comply. Then a member of staff may ban that member for their offenses.

P.S: Members of staff reserve the right to take action in the chat box should any indication of offense occur, such as flaming and trolling in order to cause conflict, disruption and head-aches for staff. This right includes banning, kicking, and can be used in cases where action is required before words, even if this includes other staff members. Consider this the "Homeland Security Act" under presumed threats and disruptions, staff can take immediate actions, forgoing set parameters established to ensure prosperity.

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Chatbox Rules
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