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 The Masqueraders

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Jushiro Izanagi
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PostSubject: The Masqueraders   The Masqueraders Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2012 9:51 am

Organization: The Anonymous Agents
\_Code Name: The Seeker of Destiny

Class: 2
\_Classification: Restricted

Mission Briefing: There have been rumors have a powerful organization that are biding their time to strike. This organization is said to possess a number of powerful souls, that could easily bring about another great war. It is said that this group of warriors are searching for souls who also shares their ambitions. Thus far, they are known as the Phantom Quincy.

\_Mission Objective: Seek out the Phantom Quincy group and form an alliance with them. By doing so, you will automatically become an enemy of the Gotei 13. This shouldn't matter much, since the Gotei 13 consider the Visoreds to be outlaws. By successfully joining this group, you will be under the protection of their lord. The Phantom Quincy have been sighted in numerous areas of the material world.

Reward: 50 SC

Organization: The Anonymous Agents
\_Code Name: The Olden Task

Class: 3
\_Classification: Public

Mission Briefing: There comes a time when even a Visored must show compassion and do what was considered to be their job so long ago. People live and then die and it us up to the Soul Society and the Gotei 13 to make sure that they pass on to the next life. However, even the Shinigami can be incompetent at times.

\_Mission Objective: The objective is simple, save three souls from a pesky Hollow trying to devour their them. Once this has been done, perform a Soul Burial (Konso) on these souls and send them off to the Soul Society. The Mission must have a minimum of 1k words. Happy hunting.

Reward: 50 SC

The Masqueraders Akz6s4

The Prophecy Of The Noobs

[07:20:29] Izanagi : Blessed are the Noobs, for they shall inherit the Site.

[22:21:59] The Haitian : Lol, the prophecy has spoken.

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The Masqueraders
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