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 Kirashima of The Blue Crane

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PostSubject: Kirashima of The Blue Crane   Sun May 06, 2012 12:14 pm

The constant need to improve on ones' skill will always drive Kirashima back to the training grounds. The Captain was going back to basics now, well not exactly. The head of the Shisaragi house was standing deep within the forest area of his family manor. The Shisaragi house had what most would describe as a large living area, coupled with acres of land and space. This was just right for the Captain who preferred seclusion at times. Kirashima wanted to keep techniques learned to himself at times. It was best to surprise one's enemies and even his fellow peers by constantly surprising them. The Captain of the Juubantai had a inventory full of techniques that still needed improving. Kirashima was most ashamed to admit that even his own skills wasn't quite where he wanted them to be. For this reason, Kirashima was out in the clearing, preparing himself for what was to come. The man had been working on this particular Kido spell for some time now, not having yet mastered it. Then again the Captain wasn't anywhere close to mastering the spell yet. Kirashima needed to take into consideration that this Kido he was working on wasn't yet functional. The blonde hair Mohawk wearing Captain, had his teal colored eyes gazing up at the stars above the canopy of the Seireitei. That is correct, Kirashima was out training at night, on a windy night to be precise. His bleach blonde hair was blowing in the wind as his eyes seem to be glowing for the most part. The Haori of the 5'6 tall baby faced killer swayed in the wind. His body stood firm with his spiritual pressure maintaining a steady flow to it.

This aforementioned spiritual pressure being generated had its flow redirected to the index and middle fingers of the Captain's left hand. There was a crackle of raw kido energy, suggesting that the Captain was about the attempt something that held close relations to thunder and lightning. The Captain seemed to have had just about enough of gazing up at the stars. The time for him to make his move had finally arrived and so the Captain began to do what was necessary to see him achieve his goal. Kirashima directed his right hand towards the skies above him. The trees began to thresh as the winds caught hold of their leaves. "Master of the heavens, king of the earth rejoice and take a gander at the fallen. The wolf snarls and the raven takes flight. The blood of the sinners’ flows and the heart of the wicked crumble before the might of the titans. Zeus cast his hand out and his bidding be done". The incantation to the desired spell to be learned was recited with conviction. Kirashima's voice echoed as the skies above gathered what appeared to be storm clouds. The stars had began to vanish behind these storm clouds that had gathered before the very eyes of the Captain. Kirashima was awestruck, and yet the man didn't give this formation of clouds too much praise. The head of the Shisaragi house was definitely focused on the task at hand. Now that the incantation to the spell had been recited. Kirashima took it upon himself to call forth the Kido spell for the first time in a long time. And so the Captain of the Jubantai said. "Hado 93- Hiraishin no Kugyou". It should be clear by now that this spell was designed for destruction.

There was no mistaken it as a slim bolt of lightning flew down from the heavens and struck the earth fifteen meters in front of Kirashima. The power generated from this attempt was far from what the mastered or completed version of the Kido spell could actually produce. The end results was actually a disappointed and was most unexpected of the Captain. Kirashima possessed some undeniable talents that no soul in their right minds could ever deny. The Captain now had a frown upon his face as he stood there gazing up at the clouds above him. Kirashima wasn't about to start wasting time and with the Captain's previous attempt still fresh in his mind. The man made his move and began reciting the incantation to the spell yet again. The blonde hair baby faced Captain wasn't about the give up on this strenuous task of his. The man truly believe mastering the spell could turn out to be a fun activity. This should surely surprise a foe or two and even cement his name further among the legends of the Shisaragi household. The noble houses had a secret competition going on between themselves. With all of this in mind, Kirashima began reciting the incantation once again. "Master of the heavens, king of the earth rejoice and take a gander at the fallen. The wolf snarls and the raven takes flight. The blood of the sinners’ flows and the heart of the wicked crumble before the might of the titans. Zeus cast his hand out and his bidding be done". This particular spell that Kirashima is working on is meant to be devastating on all front. The idea is to call forth a massive bolt of lightning to strike down his opponents within an instant. It was swift justice one could say. The hand of the Captain rose towards the heavens again and with that the following words was said "Hado 93, Hiraishin no Kugyou". This time however, Kirashima brought his hand down as another bolt of lighting struck a tree that was his target. The bolt was much more powerful, zapping the tree and setting it ablaze or rather portions of it. Kirashima saw this and it was good, the man was beginning to become pleased with what he was seeing.

The Kido spell had somewhat improved and yet what Kirashima was seeing, was far from what the Kido is actually capable of. Once this spell has been completed and perfected. The resulting bolt of lightning should be able to incapacitate the enemy. Additionally, sturdy shields and defenses will have a difficult time standing up against the might of such a kido spell. The demon arts was truly something to be desired. Not one for derailing too much from the task at hand. Perfecting such a Kido spell would be one more step further to achieving something greater. Flash Cry was on the mind of the Captain and he will somehow reach that plateau of power one of these days. Until then, Kirashima had his sights set on learning this new Kido spell of his. The Captain soon shifted his stance as if now buzzing with adrenaline. His Reiatsu ignited by the flames of desire, his wanting acting as fuel to his soul that would see those flames of his burn brighter than before. Kirashima began focusing his spiritual pressure once again as he stood there. The process was simple, it was matter of converting his natural Reiatsu into Kido energy. His index and middle fingers acting as the focal point of all this. Someway somehow the Captain would accomplish this task of his. With this at the forefront of his mind, Kirashima took great pleasure in reciting the Kido spell. The Captain seemed far more focused one the task at hand this time round. "Master of the heavens, king of the earth rejoice and take a gander at the fallen. The wolf snarls and the raven takes flight. The blood of the sinners’ flows and the heart of the wicked crumble before the might of the titans. Zeus cast his hand out and his bidding be done".

Kirashima seemed to be focused, not wanting to come up short again. The Captain raised his hand towards the heavens as a rather ominous wind grabbed hold of his body. This was it the man thought to himself, but will that turn out to be the case? "Hado 93, Hiraishin no Kugyou". As the Kido spell is translated, it roughly translates to Lightning Rod of Penance. Kirashima was focused for sure and as his hand came down. The Captain caused a larger bolt of lightning to strike the tree that was already set ablaze. The tree that was struck was destroyed for the most part. The earth was dug up and torn asunder as dust, debris and smoke rose into the air. Kirashima's teal colored eyes soon gazed upon all this as a grin manifested onto the face of the baby faced Shinigami. The Captain stood up right with a new found strength, coming from his large reserve of power. This was only the beginning for Kirashima. The Taicho of the Jubantai could remember a time when he was learning his first Kido spell. He was actually taught how to perform the Bakudo number eight as part of a little experiment. His older brother so happened to enjoy picking on him. And by performing the Seki spell every now and then, Kirashima was able to repel the antics of his brother, Zarashima. Those were the days of peace and tranquility for the Captain of the Juubantai. Back then Kirashima only wanted to follow in the footsteps of his mother and father. That and trying to at least keep up with his brother, means he wouldn't be a disgrace to the house of the Blue Crane. The Shisaragi hails from nobility and as a result all eyes were on this family at all times. The past times often came back to haunt the Captain, plaguing his mind body and soul. The Mohawk wearing Captain knew deep down he needed to be prepared for that day. The inevitability of a future meeting was more than enough reason for Kirashima to want to be prepared.

This is why the Captain's Reiatsu was pouring out but not quite at full force. Kirashima knew exactly how to control his spiritual pressure. The trick behind mastering Kido spells revolves around precise control over ones spiritual pressure. The ability to convert the raw and untamed energy into something more was worthy of praise. Kirashima switched from generating the Kido on the tip of his middle and index fingers, to using his hand as a catalyst. The clouds above had gathered and a vortex formed in the heavens. This alone was more than enough to convince Kirashima that he was ready to accomplish this task of his. There was a bout of silence that took hold of the area that Kirashima stood in. The silence was eerie and bone chilling at the same time. The baby faced killer used this time to recite the incantation to the Kido spell once again. "Master of the heavens, king of the earth rejoice and take a gander at the fallen. The wolf snarls and the raven takes flight. The blood of the sinners’ flows and the heart of the wicked crumble before the might of the titans. Zeus cast his hand out and his bidding be done". Kirashima didn't exactly summon the Kido spell immediately The man was waiting, there was a build up that was begging for perfection. Everything needed to be perfect and Kirashima wanted to make sure of this. The Captain shifted his stance, taking on one that suggest he was about to leap upwards. Had anyone assumed this to be his course of action. Their own assumptions would have been correct. The Captain made a leap upward which took him atop of a branch. Kirashima wanted the best view in the house before bringing down the wrath of the thunder god. The moment of truth had arrived now, the thunder echoed throughout the heavens, lightning flashed across the skies. "Hado 93, Hiraishin no Kugyou". With those words spoken, a massive bolt of lightning came down and struck the earth down below. The Lighting bolt cleared out several meters leaving a huge ditch in the ground. Dust and debris rose as per usual as the forest area was lit up by this display. The spell was definitely completed now, since even Kirashima was stood on the branch panting ever so slightly. His hear racing with exciting with adrenaline pumping furiously. It was mission accomplished for the Captain.

2026 words.

Training Completed.

Hado 93 Hiraishin no Kugyou learned.


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Kirashima of The Blue Crane
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