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 Mission Guidelines

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Mission Guideline


Missions are generally set by an organization, or in some cases by independent agents. Missions set by organizations and those set by an independent agent, may differ drastically based on the task at hand. Below is a list of the agents and organizations expected to set missions.

The Gotei 13
The Kingdom of Hollows
The Quincy Braves
The Everlasting Bounto
The Enigmatic Humans
The Anonymous Agents


Code Name:

The code name basically disguises the true nature of a mission set by their respective organization. In most cases, one would prefer to remain discrete about their operations, but this is not always the case.



Each mission given out will have a class that goes along with it. These classes will dictate the difficulty and the importance of certain missions. The classes will range between 1 and 3, please see further details below.

Class 3 Missions-
These missions are often undertaken by those below the level of a Lieutenant. This is because the difficulty level of these missions are not as high as one would expect. And as a result, these missions are a lot easier to accomplish. Those at the bottom of the food chain, will often use these to gain the necessary experience required for missions that demands more.

Class 2 Missions-
Missions of this class are more suited for those more experienced in battle and other aspects. As a result of this, Fuku Taicho and Captain level warriors are tasked with the completion of these missions. This is to ensure that these missions doesn't end in utter failure.

Class 1 Missions-
Class 1 missions are of the utmost importance and with good reason. The completion/failure to complete these missions, will no doubt have an effect on the parties involved. Sometimes these effects are immediate, as they decide how certain battles might end up. And in some cases may lend a hand in deciding the fate of others. Only those deemed to be skilled enough will be given these missions.



The classification of a mission often tells its importance or lack there of. However the missions set will have varying classifications attached to them. Below are a list of the classifications.

Missions made public knowledge to their respective realms, but secret to others are just that, public knowledge. The reason for this is that, public missions are shared by an entire organization. And in most instances, they do lack in any real importance.

Restricted missions are generally only shared between Fuku Taicho level and above warriors. At times, it may only be shared between personnels of this level. And as one can imagine, those below the required level and skill to undertake them, are oblivious to them and their true nature.

Top Secret-
Missions of this nature are just that, top secret. Only select few will ever undertake these missions. Generally those within but not restricted to the 2nd Division, and other covert Ops groups within their respective organization. It is also recommended that Captain level individuals carry out these missions.


Missions Briefing-
There is always a reason behind giving/ carrying out a mission. In this case, a quick run down of the mission should be given. This will often establish the cause behind the mission.

Mission Objective-
This is where we outline the mission's objective. Which can range from espionage, seduction, destruction and whatever else that gets the job done. And remember, one doesn't need to kill to be successful at what they do.

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Mission Guidelines
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