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 Additional Technique and Ability Creation

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PostSubject: Additional Technique and Ability Creation   Wed Jul 17, 2013 2:05 am

All members wishing to buy and obtain new Techniques/Ability Upgrades must meet our requirements stated below, once our requirements are met you MUST post in the update section to buy new Techniques/Ability Upgrades. An admin will make the transaction, deducting your points and giving you the okay to start your new Techniques/Effect Upgrades training.

  1. You must first post the effect or technique in your power applications(resurrection, Zanpakuto, ect.), so that a staff member can approve it.

    ~ Techniques ~

  2. 100 Soul Currency for Shikai/Pre-Released Techniques.

  3. 150 Soul Currency for Bankai/Released Techniques.

    ~Ability Upgrades~

  4. 150 Soul Currency for Shikai/Innate Ability Upgrades

  5. 200 Soul Currency for Bankai/Resureccion Ability Upgrades

    SU Staff wrote:

  6. At Maximum you may have 2 Ability Upgrades for your Powers. For a total of three.

  7. Original -> Upgrade 1 -> Upgrade 2/Final Upgrade.

  8. A Maximum of 15 techniques in total are allowed (Does not include those gained from your fighting styles, but does include those gained form powers)

  9. ================================

  10. Ability Upgrade: Consist of 1 new addition effect. Any add on effects to this ability will be considered separate effects.
    Ex: Ability - Water Manipulation: Effect upgraded to turn into Ice when the water hits the surface of an object that removes 'xxx' amount of reiatsu upon impact, that is touching the ice. = 1 effect.

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Additional Technique and Ability Creation
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