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 Elixar Takoyaiba

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Elixar Takoyaiba

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Fullbringer Template

Elixar Ryūsei Takoyaiba

---Death Comes in All Forms---

Fullbringer Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Elixar Ryūsei Takoyaiba
Character Aliases: Elixar

  • «Black Swordsman» (黒の剣士 Kuro no Kenshi)
  • «Avatar of Satan» (魔王の化身 Maō no Keshin)
  • «Hell's Meteor» (地獄の流星 Jigoku no Ryūsei)

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birth Date: 16th September
Rank Status: Race Leader

Xcution Role: "President" (Race Leader): The Kingpin Fullbringer, nothing much to it, runs the place.

Ex "Inspirational Heroes" (General): Recruitment and general control of the entire Military side of the coin is held here, the one whom holds this rank is the highest ranked General, had has proven that they are the best of the best. They are the second-in-command of Xtinction along with their counter-parts the "Unbridled Peacekeeper". The General of this group has the right to make missions, and send others on missions, though missions must be cleared with the President first. Other members of this specific area can go on missions and do jobs that the other MILITARY branches can do, such as help arrest criminals and foreign intruders. Though their General has the most power and freedom, they can not force another General to obey them. Only the President has such right.

Appearance: Elixar is tall, dark and lean to put simply. He's around 188cm tall with a reasonable width to him, constant exercise and the like has kept this teen in tip top shape, small but powerful muscles can be faintly seen on his arms and stomach, he also has powerful and thick legs that have more showing muscle than his arms and the rest of his body. He has a relatively round head, and has piercing black eyes that have been known to change colour with certain emotions. The most noticeable feature about Elixar is probably his hair: He has long, spiked, pale blond hair. It falls to his lower back and also falls over the front of his shoulders.

Elixar has 3 main attires, they range in purpose and regularity in which they are worn, but if Elixar is going to be seen; it will generally be in these sets of clothing:

School Uniform: Yup, Elixar is a student, and as such is seen in school uniform for long periods of time. His uniform consists of black trousers and black trainer-like shoes with standard black socks with a golden trim, the shirt he wears is white and long sleeved, he generally is seen wearing a crimson tie with the school's emblem on it. This emblem is that of a crimson circle with a curved gold and black trident head in the centre, an aura of Gold surrounds the entire image. Elixar is generally seen with his collar down and his tie straight, putting on a good image for the school. He's normally also seen with a black one-strap bag over his right shoulder. Normally, Elixar will be seen in deep thought or with a neutral frown on his face. He rarely smiles when in uniform, or in any other clothing... One thing that you should note about this clothing is, it isn't normal. It's been modified to add more protection against violence, and allow for spiritual pressure and such to be emitted easily.

Casual: Elixar's casual clothing is, well, casual. This clothing consists of a black, thin, sleeveless top, black track-bottoms, and thin Black and Gold trainers. All of these pieces of clothing provide the same type of protection as his school uniform, it should also be noted that these thing pieces of clothing are not all they appear to be, these pieces of clothing way over 200kg a piece. They're some crazy ass weights that he walks around with normally as if it were just a normal set of clothing. He sometimes also wears Black bandages around his wrists and hands when training or doing something that involves a lot of wrist related movement.

The Black Swordsman: Elixar's Clothing as the Black Swordsman consists of a black set of a tee shirt and trousers. Over this, he wears a large black cape with long sleeves. This black cloak has well concealed pockets that act as sheaths for a straight sword per pocket, these two pockets overlap in an X and are barely visible unless you were looking for them. Overall, Elixar's full black clothing in this attire is what earned him the title: «Black Swordsman» (黒の剣士 Kuro no Kenshi)

Personality: Elixar's personality is an interesting one. Due to his macabre past, he has developed a very, very negative personality. He is seen as a very harsh person at times, and what would generally be called a stroppy teenager. He is distrustful and pessimistic about most other people. He generally sees fellow humans as, well, a waste. All the non gifted ones with no signs of hidden potential don't really matter to him in general. His harsh outlook on humanity spawns from his tragic encounters with people throughout his childhood. Further coupled with his understandable unpopularity with people outside of Xtinction, he generally looks down on his peers. But despite this, his reputation inside of Xtinction is seen to be somewhat different.

When he walks the Xtinction grounds, he is somewhat friendlier to the people he sees and talks to, whilst you wouldn't be able to go as far as say that he smiles much, he isn't wearing the otherwise constant scowl that you otherwise wouldn't know wasn't permanently set into his face. Elixar's manor of speaking here is a lot gentler in terms of he doesn't shoot down your very existence in five seconds, but despite his calm way of speaking, he does have a habit of picking out the various flaws in people's speech or methods.

In all honesty, the main thing that sets Elixar's personality apart from the rest of people, spiritually gifted or not, is his lack of pride. He takes little pride in his accomplishments and almost too laid back or level-headed at times. He lacks a rash side generally and thinks most things through when it comes to battle, never really charging in without thinking a few turns ahead. He does however enjoy his free time, and his carefree side is taken into account.

He's also fiercely loyal to Koga. The man had a massive effect on his life and Elixar feels he owes everything to him, an insult to Koga is worth a million deadly insults to Elixar, and the quickest way to get to Elixar would definitely be through 'The Old President'. His other loyalties lie to himself, and a girl he spends much time with, most of his free time is spent with her, her name is Lucy, and possibly his most docile and caring of personalities blooms when she is around.

Contrary to this, if harm were to come to either of them, Elixar's battle side is a very dangerous thing to come into contact with. He is merciless, some say that they can actually feel the death around them when he steps into the room. The titles: «Avatar of Satan» (魔王の化身 Maō no Keshin) and «Hell's Meteor» (地獄の流星 Jigoku no Ryūsei) spawn from his overwhelming malice when he takes on this persona.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

    Bringer Light
  • Level 0
  • Level 3 + HTH Superstar [Free]
  • Level 3 + "Reiryoku Affinity" + "Reiryoku Prowess"
  • Level 3 + "Notable Strengths"
  • Level 3 - Hollow

Once Upon A Time


Elixar has a sad history, lets put it that way. He was born into a wealthy family that owned a large estate, at the age of 3 he watched as his parents were brutally murdered before his very eyes. From even a young age, death was creeping into his life. He lived in an orphanage until he was 6, where he was taken in by another powerful family, this family was harsh to him, and he was treated like a slave. He was home tutored and rarely allowed outside, he had a small paradise that was his laptop, he soon became engrossed in the art of silence, soon devising ways of leaving the house undetected despite the high security.

One night he was pushed to a limit, his 'parents' were shouting at him and for once in his life he was shouting back, online friends had taught him a sense of self-respect and defiance. He stormed off to his room, leaping out of the window; he escaped the house hold and stayed hidden from the family for 2 weeks. He eventually came back to the family, he was met with more hostility than before, his methods of escape had been sealed off permanently and he was no longer allowed access to that little haven he once had. His stealth allowed him to find out another use for it via 'borrowing' his 'father's' Laptop. Assassination and espionage. Elixar perfected these arts against wooden training dummies that his father once used, the only thing that his father had ever shown pride in Elixar's abilities for was his sparring.

Elixar was a natural born fighter, which was one of the things he was doing when he was found by him. He was forced to fight over and over in multiple clubs, he eventually was allowed to just pick a path and stay on it, this path, was the way of the sword. Elixar's natural talent made him a versatile opponent, he attended multiple sword classes simultaneously, he eventually moved to Kagamino City after being sent an invitation to a specialised school for swordsmanship, it actually was more of a dojo than a fully fledged school.

There he found social life very difficult until the second year or so, he had various violent scuffles, never killing anyone, but showing a great degree of ability in violent arts, he also had a huge degree of speed and precision with aim. Popularity soon flocked to him when he held his own and single handedly beat down a group of not just notorious bullies in the school, but a group of loan sharks back to back in the same day. The school was lifted from the debt it had owed to the violent loan sharks that had been terrorising the school for 3 months at that point.

During a Kendo session in the rain thanks to a stubborn and highly incompetent teacher - Elixar was hit by Lightning square on. The lightning left a relatively large crater in the grounds, but at the base of the crater stood a perfectly unharmed Elixar, crackling with Lightning energy around the Katana he had been wielding, somehow, he was able to deflect the Lightning through means unknown. It was at this point that it was decided that he was a gift from the gods. This spread even outside of the school and people started taking interest in him, coupled with his wealth and being separated from his parents, he became a target, he ended up being attacked in school, killing the assailant by accident while trying to protect the innocent.

He soon ended up adding a few more to the total of killed people. People began to fear him slightly and become less friendly for fear of backstabbing. Eventually he was eventually forced to become an outcast, target of all those that feared him and all those who despised him, which was literally everyone. During a Kendo lesson, he broke his wrist, but struggled on, despite mocking, scathing comments from the dojo leader, they laughed and said he should hurry off to fencing, where he won't be as useless. In contest, Elixar challenged the leader for his own honour, to get to him, he had to face the best of the students there. His stance was wide open at the front, instead of using an orthodox Kendo stance, he stood with his blade out to his side with his stance wide open. More laughs from the dojo leaders, the three men leaned against the walls, shouting out bets of how quickly Elixar would get beaten.

They clashed, but the result was not as predicted, Elixar ducked under a strike to the head, unleashing a powerful strike to the body with a backhand slice, he rotated around and followed up with a whirling backhand to the head, and then striking down on the boy's wrists to disarm him as he fell to the ground, stunned as to what had happened, to add insult to injury, Elixar made a fencing thrust at the lapse in the armour around the neck, knocking the boy unconscious before he could even hit the ground. The dojo leaders leapt from their wall to surround Elixar quickly, they were not dressed for combat, but they still had their respective Katanas on them. They were drawn slowly, Elixar removed his helmet, and pulled off his poorly made armour, he was given the worst, as usual.

The lead man laughed, saying that he would blame the boy's untimely death on his neglect of his armour. They attacked in unison, using Kendo techniques that ranged from advanced to basic techniques, due to some outstanding flexibility, Elixar remained unscathed, yet he was unable to get a strike in. A blade sliced across his cheek, instead of recoiling, he ran up the blade, allowing for it to cut deeper into his skin as he lined up for a sharp strike to the side of the man's head with the end of his wooden training weapon. He ducked under the next sword strike and spun around to slam the wooden blade into the next man's knee before turning the blade and driving upwards with the blade, stabbing the man in the stomach, a real blade would have gone clean through, but this merely winded the man. In a one on one, it seemed no man was a match for the boy. All 3 of the men were floored. Elixar stood in the centre of their pile. At the whistle of a blade, he turned and reached out, catching a Katana by the hilt. In the doorway stood a man that he would never forget, dark skinned and cyan hair, a man he would eventually come to know and respect; as President.

"Kill them. Those who turn a blade on their students are not fit to be called teachers." Were the words he spoke, Elixar's eyes took on a golden hue, and an almost suffocating aura took shape around his body. He made quick work of the men, leaving with the mysterious man to continue on the path that he had left. Little was explained before he was taken to facility. Inside he found thousands of people, with appliances on their heads, some sparring, some resting, some seemed to be interacting with their own personal HUD. An 100 floor dungeon, Elixar was to be given his own headset to wear until he had control of his ability. And he would complete challenges until he was able to control it. This talent was what he would eventually find out to be Reiatsu control.

Still young, Elixar was looked down on by all that were there, they were faster than him, stronger than him, older and smarter, they were better in every way. They picked on him during training exercises and made sure that his training was stunted. It was eventually introduced that everyone would be entered into a dungeon style challenge. An 100 floor dungeon challenge that would decide the candidates for a place in Xtinction's lead spots. Teams or parties could be formed, but only the 1st 10 would be candidates. Elixar of course was left to his own devices. People shot up floors in the first few days whilst he struggled through the first few. He was still stuck on floor 3 whilst the lead group were on floor 64. It was becoming more and more hopeless.

By the time the lead group were finished, and other groups had filled up the spots until only 1 remained, the leading runners were at floor 98. Those who were finished watched for their amusement as Elixar was beaten down over and over. He still had no control over his Reiatsu. At this point, Elixar got a heads up from Koga, out of embarrassment for Elixar. Elixar started his attempt at floor 3 once more, without a weapon, the spectators cheered, hoping for a brilliant display of hilarity, Elixar was going in unarmed. When Elixar was on the ropes, a voice message played on his HUD. A message from Koga, "This is your last chance, fail, and you will not be back to try once more."

Elixar's eyes burned with tears and the golden irises glowed furiously, his Reiatsu literally exploded out of him, knocking out the system's AI for that floor, Elixar dispatched of the stationary AI with a blade created from his Reiatsu actually starting to take a physical form. The crowd complained as Elixar started to overwhelm each floor, hell-bent on destroying anything that would jeopardise his chance at making it to Koga's personal team. This man had given him the chance he needed, he would not fail him. A growing crowd watched as Elixar rose quickly up the floors, tearing through floors that had taken the lead groups weeks to complete in mere minutes. It wasn't long before Elixar had overtaken the lead runners, standing strong on Floor 100. Would his run come to an end?

A large hollow themed monster stood towering over Elixar. The Gleam Eyes was a massive, demonic-looking monster, and possessed dark blue skin, a tail resembling a cobra, as well as having horns like on a mountain goat. Its main weapon was an equally massive Zanbato sword. "It is time." The first time Elixar had spoken since his explosion of Reiatsu. His aura of uncontrollable Reiatsu faded, and the glow in his eyes receded to his standard black eyes. The Gleam Eyes opened its mouth to fire a Pink Cero at the boy. A calm jump sent Elixar soaring above the explosion. Elixar's eyes were closed as he soared high. His Reiatsu seemed calm. Then his eyes opened and his Reiatsu surrounded him. A blade formed in his hands, a shining metal longsword. It was a pale teal colour with a silver outline of the blade. The design of the hilt and guard was strange, and the blade itself was insanely thin. "Serenade of a Single Blade." Elixar whispered. the crowd scoffed at the thing blade as the Gleam Eyes leapt up with its massive Zanbato. A two handed swipe from Gleam Eyes brought the Zanbato crashing down on Elixar.

He parried with just one hand, pushing straight towards the Hollow by using the back of Hollow's blade as a platform. Elixar's aura for a brief second took the shape of a Large Demonic Dragon, complete with Huge Wings and glowing eyes. It dispersed as Elixar struck forward with a rapier thrust style strike. One of the 5 health bars on the Gleam Eyes emptied. They fought ferociously, Elixar's health bar and Gleam Eye's were equal in terms of percentage. Gleam Eyes stood at 2 full health bars, whilst Elixar was down to half way.

After blocking a full on strike from the Zanbato, Elixar was airborne. He rolled backwards to land on the wall. His eyes closed and his Reiatsu picked up once more, he reached over his back with his blade as if to sheath it across his back, he also placed his other hand over his back in the same way. Elixar's Aura took on a black and gold aura, first a golden skull with eyes as dark as death itself, then a black cloak shrouded it. A Scythe formed in its hands. A golden rod with a Black and Gold scythe. The Reaper roared as Elixar brought his hands in front of him "Dance of Dual Blades!" He shouted as the second blade finished forming in his hand.

The second blade was all Elixar needed. With increased speed and expertise, Elixar was completely unstoppable, the strikes just didn't stop, The Gleam Eyes could barely attack or defend without taking a multitude of hits whilst it attempted to do something. Elixar ploughed through after a devastating 98 hit combo with a X shaped strike to the mid-section; cutting straight through. The Gleam Eyes dispersed into blue pixels, it was over. Elixar was a candidate. People clapped as Elixar took off his headset, he was back with reality, his Reiatsu flowed stably through his veins, he felt powerful.

The final tests seemed to be a fight, due to Elixar soloing the whole dungeon, his massive advantage over the rest left him at a complete advantage. He took the final fight by storm, actually receiving approval and applause from those who once mocked him. He was an inspirational figure, bestowed, a hero of inspiration. At the simple age of 8. A child prodigy. Now at age 15, Elixar is still as potent as ever, and still working to fulfill his role within Xtinction. This role, after the untimely passing of Koga, Elixar was appointed to take on the roll of 'President' yet, despite this, he still feels that his 'Inspirational Heroes' Tag suited him better. With a space lacking in this field, he also works in this field until a time in which a member can fill it.

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Elixar Takoyaiba

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Elixar Takoyaiba

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I've never rooted for a Fullbringer before... But I certainly root for him.

Character portion approved Smile

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Elixar Takoyaiba
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