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 Shunko Information & Template

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Jushiro Izanagi
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PostSubject: Shunko Information & Template   Shunko Information & Template Icon_minitimeSat Jul 27, 2013 7:42 am

    S H U N K O
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S & R U L E S

    R U L E S

    All members wishing to buy and obtain Shunko must meet our requirements stated below, once our requirements are met you MUST post in your power application requesting to buy Shunko. An admin will make the transaction, deducting your points and giving you the okay to start your Shunko training.
    SU Rules wrote:
  • Please, treat this as a technique within your Zanpakutou application and you may not have more then one. Thank you.
  • Note that sometimes this will be nerfed/revamped to keep balance from time to time in the future.
  • [Custom] Shunko may only be bought when either [Incomplete] or [Complete] are bought.
  • All Shunko cannot be Copied.

    R E Q U I R E M E N T S & P R I C E S

  • Must be level 3 in Hakuda
  • Must be level 3 in Kidou
  • [Incomplete] Shunko / 550 Soul Points.
  • [Complete] Shunko /1000 Soul Points.
  • [Custom] Shunko / 1,500 Soul Points

  •    * 1. [Bankai] - [Complete]
         Shunkō - 'Flash Cry'
         Attributes: Piercing Damage, Ignore, Replace*
         Class: Reiatsu, Instant
         ' An advanced technique that combines hand-to-hand combat and Kidō energy to explosively increase a Shinigami's offensive capabilities. A high-pressured Kidō surges throughout the user's body, enhancing their arms and legs for battle.
         The Kidō itself can also be controlled and fired at opponents from the body. As well of being able to use the energy for defense purposes as explained in the "incomplete" version. During this time, the user will ignore all enemy effects except damage(this does not include current afflictions). Within this time, this technique will be replaced by Hanki.'
         Post Durations: 6
         Cooldown: 6

         \_ 1. [Bankai]
         Hanki - 'Reverse Demon'
         Attributes: Piercing Damage, Stun*, Replace*
         Class: Physical, Reiatsu
         ' This nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting them with a Kidō of perfectly opposite speed and energy within a solid object. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements. Once used, this technique reverts back into Shunkō. This skill can only be used during Shunkō and only once.'
         Post Durations: 2 Posts; for neutralizing the opponent's movements and or Kidō nullification.
         Cooldown: 0

  •    * 2. [Shikai] - [Incomplete]
         Fuzen Shunkō - 'Incomplete Flash Cry'
         Attributes: Damage, Ignore*, Reflect*
         Class: Reiatsu, Control
         ' Incomplete, its use of compressed Kidō is not visibly seen as much as the completed version. This technique offers the user to block any physical attack, given concentration in one specific area at a time. Being it to block a devastating lighting blast as well as dissipate it and then to block a a blade attack as well as push it back with only the user's bare hand with only the energy of the technique as a barrier despite the strength of the wielder. This also allows the user to concentrate on the legs or arms for more physical results once at a time for faster running or punching; stronger punches; stronger kicks.'
         Post Durations: 3
         Cooldown: 6

  • -Cooldown is default by 6.
    -Hanki is acceptable to your own alternative version.
    -Enjoy customizing everything to your benefits.

       * 3. [Shikai/Bankai] - [Custom]
         Shunkō - 'Flash Cry'
         Class: Reiatsu, Instant
         ' [Insert technique effect here] '
         Post Durations:
         Cooldown: 6

Shunko Information & Template Akz6s4

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Shunko Information & Template
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