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 Brago Hoshigaki [ Star Child ]

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Black Brago†

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PostSubject: Brago Hoshigaki [ Star Child ]   Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:01 pm

Black Brago
September, is my everything.

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Brago Jaden Hoshigaki
Shinigami Aliases: Black Brago , Star Child
Gender: Male
Age: 430
Birth Date: April 28th
Rank Status: Elite

Affiliated Division: 6th Division Captain


Vandenreich Days:

Brago is a man with classic tastes and cares about his appearance so greatly that one could easily consider him to be a practitioner of metro-sexuality. He took care of his appearance so much that it seems to give off a vibe that can be-considered friendly. His hair is unkempt, for the most part, but smells of fresh strawberries, all the while he sports uniquely golden eyes, due to his mixed heritage. He for the most part has flawless skin, and he always appears to look quite shiny. His skin is quite dark, but he uses cream to lighten himself.

He does this because of his nickname.....Black Brago. His skin actually dark to the point in which he looks like a dark chocolate candy-bar, he is not burnt however. He is just dark brown. The man himself sports a quite a fine physique in general. Having a rather sculpted abdomen, and being in the peak physical conditioning that shinigami could possibly ever be in. He is a rare exception in terms of physical excellence do to the fact that he didn't have to train to attain it. It's natural to him. He therefore has a mutated metabolism. Oh and yes he does have the stereotypical big know. Thanks for asking.

He is known to have been a strict follower of the Quincy Race at one point prior to the sites start. Back when the Quincy Race had a previous leader, he himself was one of the members of the organization and therefore wore a high-ranking stern-ritters outfit. Despite his ability to use a spirit weapon [which was actually a tool he made to look like a spirit weapon, it is now broken] he preferred to keep it sheathed. The officer clothing itself consisted of heavily blue colors. those of which were often considered to be purple due to the fusion of blood.

His typical attire now consist of an modified haori that he has taken much liberty with, sporting the traditional shinigami clothing otherwise. He wears a special type of sandal that curves up at the toes much like a sultan. He has a headband that varies in color based on the day and he also enjoys wearing an assortment of rings upon his fingers, save the actual ring finger. He finds himself painting his nails from time to time, adding to his flamboyant nature, however anyone who knew him, saw past his eccentric attire. Despite the fact he was quite colorful.

Captainship :


Confident is a word that many have used to describe the chosen one, after-all Brago has a great affinity for learning and displays his skills as often as he can, believing that the sound of his own voice is not only a gift from god, but a message that must be spread outwards to the unworthy. As such he finds himself talking a lot, so much in fact that half of the time he doesn't actually even really have a reason to be talking, other than to hear the sound of his own voice. This arrogance, however, is a lie. To those who know the man for who is truly is, he is a tortured soul and yet then again, who isn't. He had to deal with losing any paternal influences he has had in his life, and trusts little to no one due to the aspects of his personality. He keeps many secrets, and uncovering what is on his mind at any given time is more challenging than it's worth. His subordinates consider him to be a kind and gentle man, who's body seems to react with violence, even though he never gives off a killing intent. Quite disturbingly.

When it comes to combat, furthermore, he never takes an opponent seriously. Almost laughing at his opponents in a battle irregardless of if he is losing or not. He believes heavily in his own skills to the point in which he literally formed a dislike for his immense power, and rarely goes for the kill, directly in spite of his Zanpakuto. In loo of this however, he is described by many to be a complete beast, unforgiving to his enemies, and as his job is to hunt down traitors it is perhaps fitting of him. He's after all boundless.

He however does treat one person better than all others, the love of his life, September Onohanae. When it comes to this woman, he is honest, straight forward, and never lies. He spares nothing when speaking with her, and does not do anything to protect her from pain. He does whatever he can however to protect her from things he feels she isn't capable of handling, but for the most part allows for her to be an individual. He is a romantic individual, and often tries his hardest to please her, seeking her reassurance and approval, despite his self confidence. Furthermore, he believes that she is a precious object, and puts her before even the Soul Society itself. This is his weakness, as he is known to lose his ability to make sound decisions whenever he worries about his love. He doesn't allow her to know this however, and it rarely becomes a problem because he allows her to come everywhere with him. Defying protocol quite often even. He seems co-dependent almost, but this isn't the case. He simply feels as though she is his last shred of sanity, and therefore covets her. Like the rose from beauty and the beast.

When it comes to social gatherings Brago is typically the first person to get drunk, often getting utterly trashed whenever sake or vodka is involved. He is a very fair man towards those he considers his comrades, so long as they respect his woman. He has a very high sense of morality and has family values, so his perversion isn't very high in public, and he might laugh at sex related jokes, but he never makes them. Most of his perverted nature is saved for private times with his woman. Many people consider him trustworthy, especially after his successful mission. What keeps the man interested and happy are very simple things. His woman, training, hanging with friends, and physical activities. Being a super nosy bastard he is known to pop by the twelfth  division so often that many people jokingly consider him the substitute captain. This is due to his interest in using new and improved things, especially after his brief stint in the Vandenreich. He likes to go on picnics and dates with his lady, and leaves her gifts at random places like a ninja master. He likes to party, and chill equally. Though he dislikes "Boys night outs"

When he was in the Vandenreich he developed an intense hatred for Shinigami. This hatred still lingers within him whenever he has to hunt down or capture someone that he knows is a traitor, criminal, or visored. He treats these specific individuals with such prejudice that he toys with them before ending their lives. He has been known to be more vicious towards them than he had ever been towards Arrancar or Hollows. In fact, he is so violent towards those specific races that many people wonder if he took the job in the six division for the right reasons.

Either way, despite this bias, many people have noted that the violent impulses of Brago come from his insecurities. The massive and most glaring one happens to be the fact that he is named Black Brago. This is for two reasons. The first one is that his personality is considered to be extremely dark and shady. As if he was born in the shadows. Black Brago. The other is due to the fact that he is actually of really dark skin and uses a special cream to lighten up. It only lasts a few hours after-all. He is sensitive about this. Despite being completely against his outwards appearance, even to the point in which he once started to wear a mask all the time, until it cracked from a well place gunshot, he seems to be the type of person who lives for encouraging others. He takes a lot on his shoulders and makes sure that no one is feeling as though they amount to nothing. Things of that nature cause him distress. He believes in the weak, and values those who cannot defend themselves. He actually has a very fatherly overtone, as many could contest, especially in his hobbies.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 2
  • Level 0
  • Level 3
  • Level 3 - First Division Sect | Nadegiri | Sukigiri | Kendou
  • Level 0

Once Upon A Time

Brago is, and will forever bee the heir of one of the great Quincy houses, House Hoshikagi. He is the son of Marshal Hoshigaki, and the son of a shinigami woman known as Viper. His parents met on the battlefield numerous times, and formed a sort of attraction towards one another that allowed for them to finally come together by sexual means. As a result Brago was born. Marshal Hoshigaki, was one of the North American Quincy, and had great combat prowess, and didn't concern himself with the Vandenreich uprising by the great Quincy King. Along with a few other houses.

Despite this turn of events, Brago was taught that shinigami were evil and vile creatures from a fairly young age. Even though his mother was a Shinigami, she had been outcast for not believing in killing the Quincy off in genocide fashion. Therefore she showed and encouraged the young four year old Brago to hate Shinigami, and never trust them. Much to his mother's best friend's chagrin. The family had lived quite well, in their estate for one year, before the boys life would change radically. Forcing him to live with his mother's friend in the Soul Society slums.

This was due to the fact that the Vandenreich was quite upset with Bragos father. Having turned down the offer to join their imperialistic cause numerous times. Numerous skirmishes were launched, and none seemed effective enough to quell or subjugate Marshal.  In order to gain results, the Stern Ritter were finally called upon. They clearly outclassed Marshal in terms of skill and power. They raided the estate in the night & slew Brago's entire family as he hid away in a cabinet. Watching with horror, his father had been overwhelmed, and his mother was publicly executed. Right on their front lawn.

During all of the calamity his mothers friend found the lad, and they slipped out the back. Making their way to the Soul Society by unknown means. They had lived in squander for quite some time, years upon years, before one fateful day a young lass entered his life. His new mother brought home a stray child, whom gave off an aura that made the darkness within the young lad subside. If only for a moment. His mother spoke. "This is September. She's new here." he peered at the young lass for a moment before a smirk crawled upon his face. For the first time in ages, he had smiled. "It's nice to meetcha!"

From that moment forth, he and the young lass were like peanut butter and jelly, they simply made sense. Doing everything together almost as if they were best friends and siblings. He allowed her to come hang out with him whenever he did anything around the slums. Being a male whom had a reputation for getting angry fast, he seemed to stay in trouble, but displayed leadership qualities to the other young souls that allowed others in his district to respect him as well as fear. It was for that very reason that Brago was shocked to find his mother murdered, and house looted.

Luckily the assailants were still at large, and after a brief scuffle the men had been executed. That event in itself triggered his hatred that he had locked away, he didn't show it on the surface, but his racism was beginning to fester within him. A trait that would be exploited by the very people he despised, in order to benefit the Soul Society entirely. You see, even though he and September made it to the academy at the same time, things changed.

Upon the graduation, he was elected by the Central 46 to take up the offer that was made to his family, and betray falsehoods to the Vandenreich. Ultimately setting them up for downfall. This task he accepted without hesitation, due to his secretly wanting to avenge his family, and kill shinigami at the same time. For over a hundred years he would betray and play both sides in a cold war. Taking advantage of his double agent status to freely kill and mutilate any who stood before him. He would even rise through the ranks. Eventually attaining Stern Ritter.

He had to use another persons spiritual weapon, never being able to awaken his own, but the weapon itself was considered to be a fairly simple spiritual katana. A weapon in which resembled the man's own blade. He had used it cut down many shinigami, eventually raising his skills with the weapon so far that he had become the apex predator. Gaining the trust of some top Stern Ritters, X H S, he was capable of luring them into a Shinigami ambush, gaining a strategical advantage for the Gotei 13, as well as eliminating H. Who had grown to B.

B, being the strongest rank in the Stern Ritter under the king himself. With H out of commission before he could even be promoted, the Gotei considered the mission to be over, and Brago returned home. Experiencing his Shikai for the first time.  He was given special permission to enter a secret training method that allowed him to gain his bankai soon after. For his efforts, he was awarded a hero's welcome. Sadly however, he felt empty inside. He had relished his time with the Quincy, but he had tried numerous times to contact his one family member. September Onohanae.

He had however, been at his hero's welcome a few days after returning, he had heard her name being called, but before he could speak. She was gone. Worried intensely, the man flash-stepped towards the woman and single handedly took her to squad four's barracks. She was out for two days, and he never once left her side, and when she awoke, he confessed to her how much of a dumbass he had been. He spent the next 300 years attempting to repair what his relationship with her. It seemed his hard work was paying off. So far, so good.

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Bump, and Yes I had no quincy powers at all. Don't ask. Blah, don't give me no shit about the Quincy Parts. They are just there for uniqueness. Get off my dick. Bladiblah

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T.T Approved~

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Brago Hoshigaki [ Star Child ]
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