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 Ishia, Kyroshi

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PostSubject: Ishia, Kyroshi   Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:33 pm

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Ishia, Kyroshi

I just love the feel of a mans hands on me.

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Ishia, Kyroshi
Shinigami Aliases: Ky
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 23
Birth Date: November 4th
Rank Status:Semi-elite

Affiliated Division: 11


Exquisite long black hair that falls in loose waves down her back and shoulders. She has sharp eyes that are the color of brilliant emeralds. Her skin is the rich shade of almonds. Jeri was always referred to as a an exotic beauty. Standing at 5'6" she has a very slim build, but she weighs in at 146. As she stares at you, it's almost like she's looking right through you, her eyes are almost like the teeth of her body. They are very nice to look at but once she 'sinks' them into she won't let go, especially if she has to interrogate you it's extremely wise not to lie to her. She'll rip you to shreds with one of her famous stares.

She has a full tattoo on her back that is the picture of a moon with the following scribe on it:

'Pesta nocte in altum vento oculis non effugiet'

Her facial features and expressions are extremely regal. If she had to compare herself to anything in the world it would perhaps be a lion or a leopard. A cat so full of power that it just looking at you, you know not to mess with it. She also has two very large scars on her back from some time she spent in a holding cell in Los Noches being tortured for information. Although she has a slim build, do not allow it to fool you. Her strength and temper make up for her small body.

While in combat mode Kyroshi usually wears her black and white robes, however they have been altered ever so slightly. The shoulders have been sliced and sewn down so that her shoulders are exposed, and around her torso, she wears a white and black lace corset, with her hair . When she is not in combat she wears a white haori also with the shoulders sewn down and a black corset with white lace. most times her hair is down in loose curls most of the time framing her face.


Kyroshi is in constant physical and mental pain due to the torture she had been submitted to. However, despite her constant pain and memories, if one of her closest friends was in danger, she'd put herself into immediate danger just to save them. Despite her movements being quick and fluid, the danger of when pain will hit, is never certain and can cause problems not only for her, but for any other members of her team. Kyroshi is not only loyal, but will allow herself to be tortured to keep from spilling certain secrets. Kyroshi proper and straightforward. She doesn't like to beat around the bush, especially when it comes to bad news. She's usually the one who's asked to give back news. Despite her being straightforward, it isn't without saying, she has a passion not only for life, but she is also now without emotion. If one of her dear friends or team members is harmed, make no mistake she'll kill whom ever is responsible.

With her straight-forwardness she also has a downside. Not often but sometimes when she cannot control Kujo, her straightforwardness turns into violence and rarely can she be repremanded. Often immediately after regaining control she feels remorse for her out burst and will often leave for hours to days at a time to quarintine herself, trreating herself almost like a wild animal infected with rabies.Her physical pain can hit at any time, it usually worses after she comes down from the adrenaline after battle, after being hung on meat hooks for several days her shoulder muscles and it can get to the point where she can't lift her sword after a battle. Other things that trigger a mental break down are any time she sees a wet towel she starts to hyperventilate due to some water torture where she would be tied down, have a towel held over her mouth and water was continously poured over her face until she would pass out from lack of oxegyn. As much as she tries to breath she can't. She won't calm down until the towel is removed from the room.

Concerning her work and position, Kyroshi is almost animal like, she likes to kill, but most times she tries to pawn the urge to kill off on Kujo, but he gladly accepts it.  Despite her being animalistic during war, she's very sexual and sensual.  She has no problem fucking around to get what she wants, and she also believes sex relieves tension and stress.  

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 2
  • Level 2
  • Level 1

Once Upon A Time


Life and Death

Kyroshi don't remember much about her human life. She did remember that she lived in a haze, she was locked up and kept away from others and the light of day. Her mother didn't think she was fit to be around other children when she was younger, and others her age when she was older. Kyroshi was socially awkward when she was a child and ended up at the scene of a crime when she was younger.

-Recollection of Memory-

I was only on my way home from school, and had decided to take a short cut instead of taking my usual way home. As I crossed under a bridge I watched as a young boy was ripped to shreds by an unusual creature. The creature was black and looked like it was wearing one of those scary Halloween masks. It's mouth was gaping in a large wicked smile with pointy teeth. I stood helpless watching as the poor boy was killed. Fearing for my life I ran home, leaving my bike behind, I needed to tell my mother what I'd seen.

Telling my mother was the biggest mistake of my human life that I'd ever made. I so wanted to tell the parents of the family how sorry I was for the loss of their only child, but my mother feared that I would tell them what I had told her, and she felt that social standing was more important than what she believed was a child's horror story. How could I, a child make something like that up? As I grew, the story never changed and it became too much for my mother to bare. She finally sent me to one of the most celebrated hospitals. Bedlam Hospital. Where crazy was crazy and they tried to cure you no matter how it affected you as a human. After an evaluation by the psych doctor, they had me committed. There wasn't anything I could do. Even the doctors judged me, I could see it in their eyes.  But I didn't hate them. How could I, if I were in their shoes I wouldn't believe a word of my story either. In an attempt to cure me, one of the doctors who, truly was sick took a lit cigar and twisted the lit end into two the skin covering my shoulder blades. I screamed out in pain, but it only caused him pleasure. Luckily nothing more happened.

At the age of twenty three my weak and feeble body had endured as much as it could. They way the orderlies in the institution had treated us was beyond horrifying. They beat, tortured, and even raped several of the women housed in the mental institution. The showers that we were given consisted of them sticking a hose with freezing cold water through our cell doors and spraying us down with those. We received no soap, combs, or shampoo for hygiene. I was in one of the padded cells for solitary confinement when I received a shower. The water was like ice being sprayed on my body. Unfortunately, my body couldn't handle the cold water as I had previously contracted a pneumonia. When I passed a remembered feeling relief. It was at this point in time when I was guided into the after life.

-End of recollection-

Life After Death

Upon her death, she ended up in the 15th district. For the first time in her life she was alone, and she couldn't rely on anyone. Every day was a constant struggle just to stay alive and she hated to remain alone, she craved attention and wanted to just have someone to talk to, but she didn't get that here. Every day was a constant reminder to her that she needed to be careful where she walked, where she ate, what she said. Her life wasn't safe here...where ever here was. While she had been alone for months and months she had been coming up with a specialized drug that could help her fellow...'spirits' relax, the drug she started calling 'Shot of Life' would bring out ones most inner desires, it would render them unable to move, but it would give them the hallucinations that would bring their wildest dreams to life. It was something she had perfected and she had started selling here and there, but she didn't really have a good built clientele. Some how she needed the clientele to make her business work.

Kyroshi was on her way back from the market late, she knew the sun was setting and that if she didn't get home quickly that's when the gangs would come out, and they were the kind of people she didn't even want to look at. As soon her home was in view she was roughly knocked over. She looked up at the faces of several different men. All looking as intimidating as the last. She watched in horror as they took her food from her. It was all she could afford for the next week. "No! You can't please! This is all I have!" She said trying to tear her food from the men's hands, but was soon slammed into the side of a building, a surprised yelp escaping. "You have much more." One of the dingy men said caressing her body in a disgusting manner. "Get your hands off me!" She cried, but only earned a few laughs from his friends. She felt something inside of her stir. "I SAID GET OFF!" She snarled and roughly jammed her thumbs into his eyes and then brought her knee up into his crotch. She then slammed his head into the same wall he had had her pinned up against. She watched him slump to the ground and she smiled. Turning her attention to the others she received a worried from them. "You don't think I can't take each one of you one by one, do you?" She asked stalking towards them. A new power seemed to be coursing through her veins.

"Now,in return for me not hurting you, I need a favor. Now, you all are a very scary gang, but I need you to distribute something for me." She said pulling out a couple of small envelopes filled with the dark blue pill. "Distribute these for me. First shot is free...the others, anyone owes me a favor. Tell me what they payee is willing to give me, and I'll see what I am willing to give them." She said and nodded, collecting her things and turning back towards her house, she returned with a renewed sense of self. She felt more powerful than she had in a long time. She sighed and locked herself away in the partial safety of her home, she began working on another batch.

After years of her working on the formula and becoming stronger, she had contacts all over the area that she could semi-trust she finally decided to pull out of the business, to get away from all the violence of this business she left someone else in charge. She needed to make peace with herself and with her mind. She left for the furthest point to the east in her area and was encountered by an elderly man who needed help. "You know, it wasn't always like this here. My dear, what brings you here? You shouldn't be in such a place like this." He said. "Well, I don't have a home to return to, so." She said shrugging and not finishing her sentence. "Well, I can put you up for the night. But I do expect company tomorrow." He said. "I do appreciate your kindness." She said as she was shown around the house and given a small room, not to herself. She took it with a grain of salt and for the first time in years she soundly slept.

The next morning was quiet and peaceful and she couldn't get enough of it.She liked being able to keep the peace in her life. She was introduced to someone that worked at the academy, who offered her the opportunity to enter the academy. Upon readying herself to leave she safety of the home, she asked a question to the man. "Why do you show your kindness on me? I don't deserve it." She said. "I've known about you for last 14 months. I know what your in, and I know that's not who you are." He said. "Good luck." He said. Those were his parting words and that was the last she saw of him.

Kyroshi entered the Spirit academy and started to take classes and train to become someone great, she couldn't take any chances and had to claw her way to the top and become her teacher's favorites in each class she was in. She wanted to learn as much as she could, without always being the goodie two shoes. It took her a long while to get through everything she needed to know. When she graduated she was sent to the 8th division. She enjoyed learning everything she could from members higher up then her.

Kyroshi has quite the checkered history and with her time in the soul society, she has been kidnapped on multiple occasions by vizards. The last time she was kidnapped she was an unseated officer and she was held being beaten and other unmentionable things were done to both her and a former officer she knew and cared for dearly. She was barely rescued alive they she was rescued two months later. The only thing that kept her alive was her will power to keep her counterpart alive. Upon returning to the SS Kyroshi found that the only way for her to cope was to play music and sing. These things brought peace to her raging and aching soul.

During her time in Los Noches, her sword was almost destroyed and her companion was lost to her, it was almost as if her soul was torn in two and she had lost part of herself that day. The torture that the hollows did to her seemed like nothing once her original companion was gone from her. She could no longer cry for her lost companion. Her soul and her heart was broken. Luckily for her, the hollows gave up on getting information on her and dumped her on earth barely alive. Luckily for her someone picked up on her reiatsu and they arrived right to her, taking her home and returning her to full recovery. Once she had returned to her best, she had been requested by Xion to be his vice captain, she never questioned a decision by someone over her, so she would gladly oblige, it didn't hurt that he was a handsome man either.

With her return to Soul Society she began training when she was recovered enough to do so. She had to rebuild her sword, but even after months of rebuilding it, Kujo would not return to her. He wouldn't speak to her and wouldn't lend his power to her. Kyroshi was heart broken, but after the trauma they had both endured, she could rightly understand why. Xion had gone out on his own to try and avenge the woman he had had so much affection for.  Kyroshi wanted to return Xion's feelings, but was unable to do so, word had gotten back to her that he had been killed in action.  Mourning for her loss, she couldn't see anyone for quite some time after losing the man she had loved.

Finally after being left alone with no companion and no love she returned to earth for her first time since recovering. She began enjoying the sun on her skin and the wind in her hair. The breeze and people watching was a nice change from her recuperating bed. Despite warnings from her superiors she went to earth anyway despite her 'delicate condition', she needed to get out of there other wise she would go crazy. She walked the busy streets of a familiar town in North Ireland, this was where she almost failed to notice the slight changes in the environment, it started to become darker, foolishly she thought it was due to weather. Then it pierced her like a sword right through her chest. She turned and saw the hollow.

Frightened at first, knowing she was alone, and unprotected. The creatures feral snarl ripped through her like a thousand knives. Attempting to flee, it was almost as if she was stopped by an invisible force. Why was she running? She used to be one of the most feared hollow hunters. Certainly if hollows had reproduced, they would have told horror stories about her to their off spring. She would have been the one that gave their off spring, not just night mares, but night terrors. She turned on her heal and looked up at the hollow. Her eyes devoid of all emotion. "Do you really think I'm so frightened of your kind any more?" She asked, her voice seething with anger and raw power. For a brief moment she saw fear flit across it's features. Stepping forward she watched as the hollow stepped backwards.

Finally, you realize where you come from and you have the ultimate power. Kujo said. "So you finally decide to speak to me after all this time." She hissed. I needed to make sure you wouldn't run away and you needed time to re-assert yourself as a master. He scoffed. Growling she would have roughly shoved him if she could have. Kill him. Show him the mercy his kind has bestowed upon you. Kujo growled. Kyroshi peered at the hollow again. "Los Lobo." She uttered, her sword immediately changed and she smiled once again at her 'reformed' blade. Returning her gaze to the hollow she sliced her blade through the hollows body with minimal effort, a wicked smile returning to her face.

When she returned home her power signature had changed when she didn't look the same, and her sweet personality that she had, was now more like an animal. She still found humor in situations, but due to her time in Los Noches, she could no longer afford to turn a blind eye on what was really happening. She would guard her team and she would protect the un-corrupted with everything she had. In order to calm Kujo's heavy need for blood lust her music would sooth not only her soul, but his as well.

Sleeping Flame I summon thee,
to your form return.
Make the night as bright as day,
and burn baby,burn!
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PostSubject: Re: Ishia, Kyroshi   Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:02 am

That history was heart-wrenching @_@ I would give her a hug but....nah. I like my arms on my body.


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Ishia, Kyroshi
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