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 Viuda Negro | W I P |

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PostSubject: Viuda Negro | W I P |   Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:49 am


Sealed Descrition: Sealed, Katherina's zanpakuto, Viuda Negro, takes on the form of a mostly basic katana. The total length is roughly forty inches (40") in length (the blade being thirty inches and the hilt being ten inches). It has a silver blade, although along it is engrave with a wavy pattern. The hilt is braided in black and red, much like that of the Black Widow spider's trademark. The sheath is mostly red, save for at the tip where it is covered in a gold fragment. The hilt is further wrapped at the top in a white cloth that is hung loosely with two beads along the ends. Looks much like this.

Release Phase: Entrelazar (Entwine)

Class-Type: Animalistic
Family-Type: Emotive

Resurrección: Upon releasing her zanpakuto several hundreds of spiders will firstly begin to ooze from her mouth rapidly, covering her entire body before she will cover her in their web. From a outside view a person can see that underneath the web her form is changing, meanwhile the spiders will stand guard protecting her. After a few seconds of the transformation from underneath the mass of web, Katherina will tear up the webs and emerge in her new form.

In her resurrection, Katherina takes on the form of a human-spider hybrid. Under her each of her eyes she gains two black spider-like shapes. Atop her head she gains two antlers, her fangs grow more pronounce and above her eyes she grows two small sets. Whatever clothing she would have worn prior to her release would have been stripped off during the transformation, leaving the upper half of her body exposed. The most prominent of changes is her lower half which becomes that of a large spider, complete with eight legs and two antlers jutting out in front. It is complete with all other features of a spider, including a large stringer, the sex of a spider, etc.

Resurrección Special Ability: Originally a spider oriented hollow, when releasing her zanpakuto, Viuda Negro, Katherina turns much like her original hollow form before she turned into a vasto lorde. Her new form, grants her all the traits and abilities of a spider, that said, it primarily grants her more versatility rather than defense or offense.

  • Enhanced Hierro: Spider's posses a dermal armor and upon releasing her zanpakuto, this only improved Katherina's hierro, enabling her to negate attacks 15 kidous higher in power than original, as well as causing afflictions to take two posts longer to become effective.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: Katherina's regeneration is increased drastically now, enabling her to regenerate from minor wounds instantly, moderate wounds (such as stab wounds) in up to one post and severe wounds (such as amputation) in up to two posts.
  • Spider Web Generation: Katherina can generate spiders webs to assist her in combat. These webs can stick to pretty much any surface, including reiryoku itself, and are very almost as durable as her zanpakuto itself. It can hold any lower tiers and middle tiers and durable enough to restraint upper tiers unless they use their bankai/resurrection. When thin, they can actually be used to slice targets, being comparable to her zanpakuto in cutting power.

Ultimate Ability:

#*Number* [Insert level here]
Name -
Class: Offense, Defense
' Effect '

Post Durations: Until dismissed or destroyed.
Cooldown: 10 posts

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PostSubject: Re: Viuda Negro | W I P |   Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:38 am

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Viuda Negro | W I P |
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