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 The Black Dynamo, Captain of the Second, Ken Murphy

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The Black Dynamo, Captain of the Second, Ken Murphy Empty
PostSubject: The Black Dynamo, Captain of the Second, Ken Murphy   The Black Dynamo, Captain of the Second, Ken Murphy Icon_minitimeThu Aug 15, 2013 10:46 am

Shinigami Template

Kenyall "Ken" Murphy

There's a storm coming. I can feel it in my bones...

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Ken Zarakagahani or Ken Zulu
Shinigami Aliases:Kenyall Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Grandmaster Ken, Bushido Brown, Kenny, Black Dynamo, Black Bolt, Black Lightning
Gender: Male
Age: 230
Birth Date: July 2nd 1783
Rank Status: Elite

Affiliated Division: Nibantai


Kenkoro Zulu is a 6'1 tall, 175 lb warrior of the Zulu Tribe. He has a medium sized black Afro with matching muttonchops and mustache his caramel skin jawline. His jaw has somewhat of a block appearance and has a dimple in the center of it to round it out. He has high cheekbones but you probably couldn't see it underneath the muttonchops. He also has large, thick lips Kenken has a medium sized forehead that is almost always hidden by a headband, bandanna, or a garment of a similar fashion. Kenken also wears large golden rimmed aviators upon his face at all times. He has a somewhat long neck with a very prominent Adam's Apple. Kenken has a very athletic body, akin to that of a runner or a Martial Artist with very toned muscles and large biceps. He is also somewhat hairy and has a somewhat hairy chest. He has back hair too but it gets it waxed once a month.

Kenken has scars from battles on various parts of his body; he has a large whip marks upon his back from his time as a slave, cut marks along his arms and legs from battle. Kenken has a few tattoo's as well, most notably the Kanji that reads "Might" over his left pectoral muscle and the black panther tattoo along his right forearm. Since his youth, he was always been a militant man who never strays from a fight and as such every scar, burn, and tattoo has a story behind it. He wears them as a badge of honour and valor, he has no quarrels about revealing his damaged body to others.

Kenken wears the traditional Captains uniform with a sleeveless haori and an orange obi with cyan blue tiger designs along its length. Underneath his standard Shinigami captain's uniform, Kenken wears a modified uniform of the commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukidō, which is essentially a sleeveless with white shoulder pads with a few tassels, that when pulled cause the garment to separate into four separate pieces of cloth to reveal white bandages across his lower abdomen. Kenken wears a traditional white beaded shoal necklace with a loin's tooth at its center.  Kenken wears white wristbands on top of his white wraps that hide his strong, dark hands.  Instead of wearing the standard Shinigami sandals with tabi, he wears traditional Chinese shoes with ordinary white socks.

Personality: Ken Zakaragahani

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)

Once Upon A Time

History: In the late 1700s a Warrior was born to a small tribe that was wedged between bigger, stronger warring factions. Ken's tribe barely survived between the attack from both tribes.

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The Black Dynamo, Captain of the Second, Ken Murphy
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