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 Kaoru Shiratori - Vlad Tepes

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PostSubject: Kaoru Shiratori - Vlad Tepes   Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:17 am

Vizard Template

Vlad Tepes

---Bloodshed is as normal and natural as breathing. Just takes extra effort to show the worth---

Vizard Encyclopedia


Birth Name: [If any.] Vladimir Dracul Tepis
Shinigami/Vizard Aliases: Kaoru Shiratori
Gender: Male
Age: [847 - appears late twenties/early thirties]
Birth Date: December 13th
Rank Status: Captain

Former Affiliated Division: 11th Division


Face & Body

Vlad Tepes surprisingly has kept a young appearance over the centuries despite the stress and turmoil of his past experiences of being a young, raped slave of the Jashin, a ruthless blood-hungry king, then ascending from a soldier of the Gotei 13 to being a Lieutenant and finally a Captain before being exiled for his "minor setback". His skin complexion is unnaturally pale, almost appearing white altogether. However, it was something he inherited from birth from his father. Also, what also sets him apart are blood red eyes, an eye mutation so rare it occurs within his bloodline once every ten thousand years. For a once mighty and powerful king he has messy unkempt black hair that falls to his cheeks in the front of his face and drops to his shoulders. His teeth (canines to be exact). Body-wise Vlad is in physical peak condition, having died at physical physique conditions and went under more ardeous training as a soldier of the 11th Division under the Gotei 13. He stands at the quite gargantuan height of 7'2" and weighs in around 194lbs, a well-chistled chest and defined stance that screams authority


His attire differs from time to time, ranging from full three-piece black suits to sweats and even cargo shorts and a t-shirt. However, he has one single constant attire that he dons majority of the time, and especially into battle. Vlad equips black military-grade fatigue boots, black cargo pants along with a black t-shirt, an armored long-sleeved shirt with oddly-assorted giant bolts and screwheads. In reality they weigh next to nothing. The front is made of a thick leathery fabric with a glowing piece in the center. Over this is an open khaki jacket with a hood that reaches over Vlad's head that also ends just at his ankles, obscuring his face from darkness. He also dons black fingerless gloves with his zanpakuto usually strapped to his back. In all it's all simply cosplay attire he found a liking to, but it provides excellent mobility


Cruel and Unforgiving

Vlad has kept two of his personality traits from his time as a human, a tyrannical ruler of a far off country of Europe. He is slow to forgive for acts he deems "foolish" or "a fucking trivial waste of brain space", but wont immediately act on his anger. He actually keeps his anger in himself and lets it out in battle, where he could mask his anger towards earlier events as unbridled rage against enemies. If he takes a particular interest in an opponent he'll toy with them until he's broken their will and subjugates them to torture and agonizing torturing too morbid to discuss. He acts this way towards familiars as well, but on a much more toned down scale, such as teasing and even jeering. This doesn't mean he knows his limits. He can become stalwart and outright unforgiving and take command under necessary circumstances

Tactical and Decisive

The aspect of being a former 11th Division Captain, Vlad has grown a tactical approach to situations that his cruel nature doesn't seem to thrive in. Vlad contentively thinks ahead of two to three possible strategies for his next attack for every second that passes, and brings out his inner focus in battle. He isn't afraid to use what others would consider "dirty tricks", like taunting and demotivation. When he was a Captain Vlad was renown for his quick-thinking amid combat and had given the Gotei 13 a considerable amounts of victories in skirmishes with Quincies or Hollows alike. He made sure to pass said traits along to his Lieutenant and other subordinates. This aspect of his personality has also gifted Vlad with remarkable patience, and is very effective in preventing his anger from being... "expressed" outwardly in public and in private

Rare Instances of Kindness

Can't reword it in any other way. Vlad has what some would consider "a below-average amount of kindness" that's enough to be considered remotely a sane and trustworthy individual. However, his personality ACTUALLY gives leeway towards a form of kindness that's only exceeded by his destructive capabilities. He has enough compassion to place those he deems important from an imminent threat that would succeed in their death. His kindness is however filtered and takes the disguise of being cruel and unjust when he really wants to see those under him succeed. True kindness from Vlad comes every other blue moon, in which he REALLY acts nice and actually goes out of his way to aid fellow allies who might be strangers. Oddly enough, he's grown a liking to humans, but it's often thought that where humans are Hollows follow, and Vlad won't give up the opportunity to pass up slaying Hollows

Rare Bouts of Insanity

Whenever his anger actually reaches its breaking limit and the aggressor has accomplished in driving Vlad up the wall with their antics, well, good luck. Vlad's insanity is seldomly introduced to the outside world, speculated to be some sort of cosmic revenge for his unjust acts as a bloodthirsty tyrant in his human life. This is it: no recognition of friend or foe. It's only what can get cut into mangled body parts ripped and chopped from their still living bodies. To sum it up in other words, he becomes psychotic, irrational and will only stop if injured enough or comes to his senses (or kills the aggressor)

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level 3

Once Upon A Time


Desolate Origin

Vlad was born on a quite harsh winter morning several centuries ago amid squalid conditions. His father was a king of a small country too far long gone and forgotten from modern texts. He was believed to be a bastard son from one of the king's mistresses or the actual son from his wife. Nonetheless, his birth wasn't a big spectacle and was done in secret for reasons undisclosed to Vlad when he became older. His mother didn't as so much as wanted to have him in the first place and attempted to throw herself down cobblestone stairs during the waning years of pregnancy. When she was restrained in a chamber far from viewing eyes she would refuse to eat until tortured to do so. When Vlad was born he was sickly and frail from his mother's attempts to terminate him during pregnancy. She had refused to see her son and denied that she gave birth to him. The king was disturbed by the woman's insolence and had her executed immediately after birth. Vlad would be given to a wet nurse whom he assumed his mother. The king kept them on a private undisclosed land space not far from the castle dwellings. He wasn't ashamed of his son... but political affairs were getting too straneous and invasion loomed. He needed his son hidden. This wasn't to say he didn't have siblings. He had four others, but they knew very little of their youngest brother, and only realized his existence on Vlad's third birthday

Fallen Angel

A sudden invasion DID occur, much to the king's dismay. His forces were heavily destroyed and the advancing enemy army made it as far to the capital. He was given an ultimatum however, that would ensure a quiet retreat and broken hearts: give up his youngest sons to the enemy king. Knowing he'd probably never see them again and they'd probably be tortured and killed BUT the safety of the entire country would be reassured, he gave them away before crying sorrowfully. Vlad and his brother Radu were taken to the land of the enemy army straight up into the king's throne room. On the way into the enemy capital Radu kept reminding Vlad that they were just on vacation and that their father would take some time to fetch for them. Vlad had grown up a cheery child, but after this event he would never smile for the rest of his natural life. Radu and Vlad were presented to the evil king, King Sulieman, in his royal throne room. He looked amongst the two and took an odd liking to Vladimir. Only a child of five years old he was jubilant and full of vigor. Sulieman was pleased with what was before him and sent all his subjects out and took the two boys to his bedroom. He sent Radu to a prison cell where he would make his home for the next eighteen years. Vlad was thrown on the bed and had his clothes ripped off. Eyes wide in fear he cried out as he was raped anally for over an hour, the same thing would happen every night of every day for over twenty years. As he got older he was trained by army officials on how to fight properly and learned to read, write and took on math as well. It was a horrible trade-off: education for Hot Sauce. This had to end soon for Vlad, or he'd lose it

Succession and Death

Vlad ran away from Sulieman's country in a daring escape minutes before he was supposed to be "subdued". His brother had perished two years prior, the second to final lock down on his mercifulness. It took him a month, but when he returned to his homeland he had arrived just hours before his father's passing from tuberculosis and a strained heart. His father was pleased to see Vlad but lost it upon hearing Radu's end. It was that that killed him, and Vlad was left desolate. This was the final closing on his humanity and the beginning of the reign of "The Prince of Darkness". Vlad had somehow became quite the tyrant, committing political purges and making men of the age of sixteen mandatory army soldiers. He taught them himself the tactics of Sulieman's army and, with connections from distant lands, garnered weapons and United smaller nations into his country. Within seven months he crushed Sulieman's army and had him brought into his throne room. He grinned at the defeated king and ordered for a twelve-foot high pointed wooden pole. That same afternoon, along with his army, Sulieman was impaled and put on display at the country borders. For the following four years he ruled with a bloody fist, committing all sorts of morbid terror, such as baking children and forcing parents to eat them, impaling enemies and criminals, and even drinking their blood and eating bread amongst the impaled corpses. It all came to a gruesome end for him himself amid a battle against northern invaders, slain in mid-battle. However, he wasn't slain by enemy forces: it was the Hollow form of King Sulieman

New Start in the Gotei 13

The time from his human death to his appearance in the Soul Society was a complete blur to Vlad. Once he realized where he was he swore and grew enraged. Killed by Sulieman's Hollow! Vlad decided to walk aimlessly around the area in an attempt to adjust to his new life as a spirit. He found out things weren't as bad as he thought, and no one had known about him or his murderous deeds as a human. He got into fights often until he attuned his egotistical attitude to a low frequency and became stalwart. His fights were very epic, in a sense. He was noticed by a passing Captain from the Gotei 13. He never recalled what division it was, but before he knew it he was in the Gotei 13 under the tutelage of the 11th Division Captain. Vlad remembered her to be a very malicious and cruel leader, and he kinda saw himself in her. His natural honing of zanjutsu quickly got him up to Lieutenant, but not before denying the promotion over seven times. He enjoyed his 4th seat position until he was forced into Lieutenant position under "mandatory laws". He had taken a liking to constant spars to hone his abilities. He kinda liked how things were going, adopting the name Kaoru Shiratori. Soon enough his memories of being a tyrannical king as a human faded from existence, remnants remaining in his personality.

The Setback, Exile and Hereafter

Reports of a rogue Vasto Lorde let loosed in the Human World drew Vlad's attention. However his Captain wouldn't let him go. He was fed up with the bullshit fuckery of being under this bitch's rule. So, he ordered a challenge to take her title spot and sure enough he won. It wasn't easy, but he managed to do so. As then acting 11th Division Captain he set out to kill the Vasto Lorde in Karakura Town. The Vasto Lorde was a disgusting sight to see, but the battle was all worth it. The battle went on for hours until, quite injured, Vlad slew it without realizing it released the majority of special spores from its body into his soul. He journeyed back to the Seiretei and things went normally for another few weeks... until... "the setback" arose. Taking a walk outside the Seiretei he was suddenly overcome in excruciating pain. He doubled over and vomited a white paste-like substance that formed into a mask over his face. He had only heard slivers of such a thing happening to Shinigami. Hollowfication they called it. He was discovered unconscious with a half-broken mask in his hand and it only took moments to realize what had occurred. He was captured and was slated for execution until his Lieutenant rescued him in prison and told him that it was best if he exiled to the Human World. He knew this would be the case, and left without a word. He resided in the human world from then until now, honing his Hollow abilities to their extent and trying to understand how the process really works, also trying to stay alive with constant threats from Shinigami and Arrancar alike

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PostSubject: Re: Kaoru Shiratori - Vlad Tepes   Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:00 pm

I like it, approved.

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Kaoru Shiratori - Vlad Tepes
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