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 Blossoms [Part 1]: Memorial

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PostSubject: Blossoms [Part 1]: Memorial    Blossoms [Part 1]: Memorial  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 15, 2013 11:38 am

Brago had been standing here for nearly an hour now, unwavering against the elements that had interacted with him over time. Even as chill winds blew ever sweetly across his lightened dark skin, he kept still. Stone faced as he ever could be, all the while poised with a fix stare upon a ruined building. Eyes filled to the brim with the passion of infinite suns, a single tear feared to escape and run down the face of the man. Being trapped against it's will in the corner of his eye. The last connection that Brago had, lay buried here.

This was in fact the shack in which the young lad had been raised alongside his lieutenant, and every century he would arrive here. Placing down her favorite flowers before taking some time to remember who he was, were he came from, and were he was going. The white haired devil paid his respects often, because his mother was in the place that death truly existed. This Soul Society was just a limbo in his opinion, that's why none of them were dead after-all. He gritted his teeth for a moment, and then turned on his heel. "Rest. My mother."

With the words leaving his voice he walked cautiously from the memorial ground towards a large open market area. Peering forth. He noticed how the young children here seemed to steal without regard for morals, and none of the adults seemed to care enough to do anything about the crime that ran rampant here. It was in the same exact state that it had always been in. Typical Rukongai. Despite being severely unimpressed with this place, it did feel like home. With the exception of the people obviously dodging him due to his status as captain. They had nothing to fear.

But it seemed that all that mattered to them, was saving their own asses. Whatever floated their boats it seemed. Irregardless of these events, the man took his time surveying the decrepit catacombs that littered this area, noting how dust and disease seemed to be the meal of the day. If there was one thing that Brago was happy about, he didn't have to live here any longer. Making his way past the stragglers, he ventured back to where he came. To his barracks. The trip would not be a short one, but it was time for positive vibes this day.


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Blossoms [Part 1]: Memorial
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