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 Yoruhokōsha - Night Walker

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PostSubject: Yoruhokōsha - Night Walker   Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:01 am

Sealed Description: Unlike most katanas Yoruhokōsha in its sealed state has a black and purple blade and a comfier grip than most others. The handle has been woven over by a special fabric that reduces the chance of the zanpakuto to slip from Kaoru's hands, because he has butter fingers, sadly. However, the grip is custom-fitted for him, and anyone else would have a hard time handling the zanpakuto. The handler's appearance is mostly black with purple diamond-shaped openings, traditional to the standard katana design. The blade always appears to be sharper than it is, and the guard has a unique shape. It is black with a gold trim in a circular shape with four small 1cmm spikes at four points

Release Phase: Destroy in Silence, Yoruhokōsha

Shikai Manifestation


Yoruhokōsha takes the appearance of a gigantic purple and black oriental dragon which is many times the size of Kaoru. This beast emanates a heavy shadow aura that comes across as either as wispy black tendrils or a full-out mist of darkness that shrouds it. The dragon has arms and legs that help it maneuver and traverse terrain. Yoruhokōsha is actually a very humble and ardeous being who seeks to bring a balance of sanity to Kaoru, who really seems to lack such an equilibrium. Yoruhokōsha has a habit of apologising at the end of every sentence, for what reason behind this is completely unknown it has shown to get on Kaoru's nerves constantly, which only leads to more apologies. However Yoruhokōsha has the capability to be serious, albeit through great convincing or traumatized/forced into such a state of mind

Class-Type: Kidō-Type Zanpakutō
Family-Type: Darkness-Type Zanpakutō

Shikai Description:


By uttering the Shikai command Yoruhokōsha dissolves into darkness with a red glow that envelops Kaoru's body, molding over his being until the desired appearance is met. Once the desired appearance is met a large shockwave of darkness extends outwards for twenty meters before mysteriously reverting back to the epicentre and swirls briefly before the transformed Kaoru steps forth. Yoruhokōsha becomes simply a nodachi-length katana, but especially at the impressive total length of eight feet, sporting an eleven-inch handle and a one inch handle. The blade is seven feet long and an inch and a half wide. The blade still resembles its sealed form however. Kaoru takes on the appearance of a dark being with glowing red eyes and a red/black shadowy suit, the coat trailing off in jagged smooth-flowing darkness

Shikai Special Ability: Yoruhokōsha grants the inept ability to control and subjugate all natural darkness and shadows (save for the shadows of others) within a 70 meter radius of Kaoru as well to generate darkness from his body and Zanpakutō, all under the simple term of tenebrakinesis. Natural darkness and shadows can only be used through the intended use to restrain and ensnare opponents by commanding them to do so giving them corporeal form. The shadows can morph into any given form to capture, may it be tendrils, hands or even walls and such. It is up to the imagination of Kaoru. Subjugated natural darkness however is only as durable as binding techniques of level 60 and below. Created darkness by Kaoru is the basis of his offensive, able to generate darkness in high concentrations and control them the way a person of pyrokinesis would. The sensation of being hit by such a form of darkness is the same as being hit by en endless supply of sharp axe blades. Created darkness boasts the power to destroy defences of level 70 and below. Darkness emitted from Kaoru and his zanpakuto only reach out for 20 meters from him, but natural darkness the standard 70 meters of manipulation as stated before. Conditions must be met for remote-control darkness and shadows, such as shadows made from objects shadowing a bright source of light or very dark areas. Height of abilities occur during night time, when darkness is more present and freely available.

This is for Captains and if only you've achieved Bankai.



A demonic transformation overcomes the user, something truly terrifying that can only be possible of the Darkness Element. By directing the darkness around him Kaoru will close his eyes as he is enveloped in darkness. The darkness will condense into a violently spinning sphere with tendrils wildly flowing about, at the power of a level 50 kido spell, whipping and rending anything caught in the nearest twenty meter vicinity. However, it will only be momentarily as the sphere will collapse from the top coming down, revealing him donned in a menacing European-style armor set excluding the helm, and draped in a rather massive cape that is composed of darkness in itself, and isn't tangible. The zanpakuto has transformed into a five-foot broadsword, shining and gleaming with its clean and polished blade.
Bankai Special Ability:


Kidou Techniques:
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Yoruhokōsha - Night Walker
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