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 The Office Life [Ch. 1]

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Shunsuke Fujisawa


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PostSubject: The Office Life [Ch. 1]   Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:01 pm

Captain Commander Shunsuke's desk was filled with paperwork that needed to be finished and filed away to keep Central 46 happy. All this paperwork, it seemed as if it never ended; being delivered a fresh stack to be filled out for every completed stack he piled on the left side of his desk. The stack was now almost three and a half feet high, it was time to have a subordinate deliver the finished paperwork, he didn't want to continue reaching above his head to add to the pile of never-ending requests, reports, complaints, and many other types of paperwork.

"You there," he said, as a low-ranking shinigami of the Gobantai passed. "This paperwork is finished and needs to be delivered." Shunsuke then grabbed the near four foot tall stack of paperwork and handed it to the young man, who obviously strained under the weight, but did his best not to show it. "You will deliver the top half of this paperwork to central forty-six," he said, indicating the thick brown sheet of paper that was slightly larger than the rest. "Everything below this needs to be delivered to the Junibantai Headquarters, to either the Captain or Leiutenant. Understood?" Shunsuke's narrow, ocean blue eyes focused on the shinigami's, wondering if he had caught everything or if he was too busy trying to keep the papers from falling.

"Yes, Captain-Commander. The top half, above the devider shall be delivered to central forty-six; the rest shall be handed to the Captain or Leiutenant of the twelfth division, sir. Thank you for relying on me Captain-Commander, I will not let you down!" His eagerness and excitement shown through, it was the first time the shinigami had met Shunsuke.

"Well then, you are dismissed." As the boy hurried off, doing his best to keep papers from flying away from the stack, Shunsuke recalled when he was but yet a low-ranking shinigami of the Sanbantai. He too had met his Captain-Commander for the first time when requested to deliver paperwork, and although he thought the job befit a member of the Gobantai better than a member of the Sanbantai, he did not want to make a first bad impression and had kept his mouth shut, a rare occurrence. Though he was not excited about the job, he was somewhat excited about meeting his Captain-Commander, but his almost monotone voice, and emotionless face never once betrayed his true emotions, appearing calm and cool the entire time.

With a clear spot to begin the never-ending cycle of paperwork all over again, Shunsuke sat down at his desk and closed his eyes for a moment, picturing the zen garden located in his inner world. Imagining this place helped clear his thoughts, and always seemed to make paperwork a little less agonizing. Taking up the next piece of paperwork to be done, Shunsuke began reading and filling the papers out again, one by one.
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The Office Life [Ch. 1]
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