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 Lax Paral

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Fullbringer Template

Lax Paral

Fear is a powerful force...

Fullbringer Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Lax Paral
Character Aliases:
The Fearmonger
The Yellow Death
Gender: Male
Age: [20]
Birth Date: 11/16
Rank Status:General

Xtinction Role:War's Embodiment


When you first look at Lax, you notice his height. He is fairly tall, measuring six feet and six inches. He lords his height over others, standing straight up and looking down at people. He wants you to know that you are smaller, shorter, inferior. His posture simply oozes overconfidence. His shoulders are rolled back, his chest slightly puffed out, his feet set firmly into the ground, and his chin slightly raised though his eyes locked completely at you while pointed down. It is the posture of someone so full of himself that nothing matters but your appearance.

Lax’s face is mostly obscured by his more than shoulder length, straight black hair, but despite that his deep crimson eyes are almost always visible, one of them if not both. Keeping his hair away from his eyes, quite often found tied around his forehead is a red bandana that matches his eyes in hue. This bandana is a plain cloth material made by a long strip wrapped around his head. It covers the upper half of the face, from just above the eyes all the way past where his hair starts. His face is clear of acne and blemish, and his teeth are a slight shade of off white. They aren’t the most perfect colored teeth, but they are straight.

Lax often wears a loose cloak draped over him to hide his clothes underneath. He wears very common clothing for his age, though he hates to let people look at his body. This is mainly because he grew up quite tall, but he didn’t fill out so well. His build is fine; he looks quite normal with an averagely broad set of shoulders and averagely filled out chest and abs. All of this looks normal, except for his terribly bony arms. No matter how much he works out, his muscles only get lean, they refuse to buff up. His shame over his arms in comparison to others causes him to keep the red loose cloak draped over him in order to hide and keep his image of self-confidence.


[If one was to get close in proximity to Lax, he would probably leave them there and move on. He is very anti-social, only loosely managing to hang on to a small number of people who choose to be his friend. His often moody demeanor and haughty stare often turn others around and away from him without him having to act himself. He rarely smiles, saving those few smiles for moments when he is particularly devoting himself to a vicious activity. If he smiles, it is going to be a creepy, near maniacal grin almost from ear to ear. His self-absorbed posture and usually gloomy facial expressions are only the outside to a very troubled psychological being.

Inside his mind is a maelstrom of pain and agony, but rarely directed at himself. Due to his poor social skills and long isolation from most of civilized culture, Lax gets very irritated very fast. However, he maintains his composure and calmly tears them limb from limb in his mind. The innermost being of his brain is utterly complex and seemingly paradoxical. He is completely calm in his mind, capable of maintaining focus on any one task for hours, blocking out all other stimuli. He can ignore things that have no bearing on his current situation and instead react to whatever is important at the time.

However, among this calm is a brutal viciousness and chaos manifesting in horrid and gory imaginations. His imaginations are his solace, his world away from the world. In his head, he is King and no one dare stand up to him. His daydreams sustain him; keep him going through the day. Without his daydreams, life is bland and basically meaningless. But, inside his world life is exciting. Things that matter happen to him, he has powers above all others, and he is the shaper of his own unique little world.

Lax is not a very organized person. He never had to deal with others very much growing up, so he is basically the epitome of a terrible roommate. When he gets home from whatever it is he was doing, he tosses his stuff on the ground, leaves it all over the place. He washes the dishes only when there is no room for the next dishes he wants to cram into the sink. His laundry piles up for weeks before he crams it into the washer, often being too lazy for soap. He wears the same clothes five or six days in a row because he doesn’t care to interact with people enough for them to notice. His cloak covers his clothing anyways, so he rarely cares.

Lax doesn't fear much in the world, besides his vanity there is nothing that causes him to be afraid. This is one of the reasons why he is such a socially inept person. From not being able to feel fear, his developmental process was slowed. To feel fear in going out and making friends and overcoming that fear, as well as other things of the same nature, makes a child stronger and helps them to acclimate into society better. Lax didn't get that boost of confidence that others received as children, he was too busy focusing on scraping a living out of poverty and orphanhood, thus as a result he is the mostly emotionless man, outwardly, that he is today.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

    Bringer Light
  • Level (2)
  • Level (2)
  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)
  • Shinigami Heritage Level (2)

Racial Augmentations:

    -Reiryoku Affinity
    -HTH Superstar

Once Upon A Time

Chapter 1 – Lost and Alone

Have you ever been completely and utterly alone? Not just that there are no people around, but that there are no people in your life? I sure have… As soon as my mother got pregnant, my Dad fled. He didn’t want to be committed to some chick he had a one night stand with. My mother was messed up from the emotional trauma of having to go through pregnancy without someone to support her. Her parents would have carved me right out of her stomach if they had the tools to do it. Scared for her and my life, my mom ran away from the Soul Society to live with her grandparents, though that didn’t help much. They were almost as judgmental as my mom’s parents. When she started to go into labor, she left the house fearing that her grandparents would kill the baby that came out.

Alone, in a dark alley, she bore me with no one around her. She had brought a letter that she had written explaining all these things, which she put in the cloth she wrapped around me. Then, she left me alone. A newborn baby wrapped in a little bit of red cloth and left to fend for itself. As people generally know, newborn babies cannot do that. There was a small drip of water next to me. Looking back on the time now, from what outside stories have related, I was not directly under that drip of water, yet somehow water got into my mouth for a day before I was found. The little old lady who heard my cries was known as Granny Paral. She took me in her arms, saw the note by my mother, commented on how lax my parents were, and thus named me Lax.

Granny Paral took me in as her own child to raise me. I was a very scrawny little infant, though I quickly grew. After three months I was strong enough to crawl, after six months I was taking my first steps. By the age of one I was as tall as some three year olds. By the age of three, I was as tall as an average kindergartener. I was on the fast track to being a quite tall kid, though my body really didn’t flesh out. I was bony, my arms resembled sticks, and my long hair made me seem more like a girl then a boy. However, my facial structure and the rest of my body structure did start to show that I was a boy. I didn’t have any friends in my early years, only growing up with Granny Paral, even taking her last name as my own. However, just a few months before I turned six, Granny Paral decided to enroll me in Karakura Primary School.

I pretty much hated it. The other kids were smaller, weirder, too crazy for my likes. They had energy and ran around and did stuff with other kids. I just kind of sat in the back of the room and worked on my letters. The first few months passed without much of anything happening. I turned 6, though I didn’t tell anyone or care. Birthdays didn’t mean much in Granny Paral’s house. However, my teacher did slip me an extra cookie at snack time with a wink. I think that she knew it was my birthday and wanted to get me to smile for once. Adults were always trying to get me to smile. This time, I actually felt happy enough to give her a half attempt at one. It probably made her day.

One day, on the playground during recess, everything started to become different for me...

Chapter 2 – Not so Alone anymore

I was six years old, tallest in the class, though the least socially developed. It had always just been him and Granny Paral, and Granny was a bit of a tough cookie, if you catch my drift. I never had friends to learn how to share or be kind, and so primary school was more of my upbringing in organized crime, almost. I knew how to get people to do what I wanted. I didn’t demand that they give me their animal crackers; I made them want to give them to me, or other people to want to take them for me. Many of the other kids didn’t want to be around me. I scared many of them just by being there. I was on top, I knew it, and I abused it.

There were two other kids who were my lackeys, Mad Paul and Shiwa. I actually considered them friends, though my definition of friendship was quite skewed. We three stuck together, me orchestrating almost everything. Shiwa just needed to be given extra helpings of snack in order for him to go along on things. Mad Paul wasn’t the brightest of six year olds, so he could be persuaded to do almost anything. One day, there was a new girl on the playground, all pristine and prissy. Two others who had been off to the side to keep clean before today were also over there. I snapped to Mad Paul and Shiwa. Speaking softly into Shiwa’s ear, “Double carrots and crackers if you come with” and into Mad Paul’s ear, “She and those two others are too clean. Let’s go make them see a little dirt.” The two set out with me towards the trio.

Kicking dirt, we made them see how everyone else was. Life was dirty sometimes, they must have known that. One of them started whining. She said that she wanted to keep clean, not be dirty. She obviously didn’t understand what dirt was. Dirt was the only thing you could be certain of in life. No matter what happened, you were sure to get dirty doing something. Dirt was my beginnings. For her to insult those beginnings made me feel hurt. I had been born into dirt and dirt was everything to me. So I pushed her. She fell a little and hit the fence that she had been hiding from the dirt next to.

Almost immediately I found out that I had made a mistake. No one else could see that I was hurt by her words, they only knew that I had pushed her after kicking dirt at her. Three kids stood up and hit us from behind. Mad Paul took a blow to the face, and Shiwa started to wrestle against another boy. That left a girl trying to fight against me for pushing the new girl. The girl who was hitting me, I think her name was Elaina, was small, much smaller than me. I tried to push her away but she pulled me down with her. This little girl was going to hurt herself if I fell on her too much…

The teachers quickly came over and picked us up, carrying us to the principal’s office. The nine of us were all in trouble, since they couldn’t know who was involved in the fighting or not. They lectured us about how fighting was wrong, scolded us, and even hit me over the hands with bamboo when people pointed the blame at me. Then, which was the worst punishment imaginable; they said that for the next month every day we nine would spend together. Class, lunch, recess, all day long we would have to be by each other sides… holding hands… I shuddered at the sentencing, but I bore it. As a result of that month, we actually accomplished what the teacher’s wanted us to. We started to become good friends.

Chapter 3 – Memories

Those eight kids and I that met on the playground have grown up all through the years of school together, some of us growing very close in friendship, and others of us growing very close in rivalry. Take Scott Rayner and I, for example. He and I are not close in friendship, but in rivalry. I always need to outdo him, mostly to prove one point. I remember the day quite well. We were in between classes on a Monday just talking about the weekend. We both had watched a fair amount of television that weekend, as it had been a dreadfully uneventful one. We had both also watched random clips on YouTube, and when we asked what the other watched, we spoke at the same time. ”Dr. Who” ”Dr. Whooves.” I couldn’t believe that he would watch something so sacrilegious. We argued about that matter all the way to our next class and half way through it before we were sent to the principal’s office. We will never agree on that matter, and for that I must show him that Dr. Who demands respect with every one of my actions.

Ai Kon, that girl that I pushed on the playground that started it all, she and I actually became pretty good friends. She turned out to be filthy rich. Her parents were absent from her life and she only ever saw her butler with frequency. I knew how she felt, not having parents near her, and we both managed to have highly intellectual conversations at times. However, her being rich and I being dirt poor was a bit of a divide between us. She always wanted me to come to her galas, and I did actually go to a few. I remember one quite well; she had made the proper arrangements for my clothing as usual, and we were off. It was customary for her to hold on to the arm of her guest at these things, which slightly made me uncomfortable. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive, it was just that I knew that I just wanted to be her friend, seeing as I had very few social graces I had no chance with her as it was. I kept my mouth shut almost the entire time, just uttering the bare minimum respectful words as necessary as the celebration for the new Japanese Minister of Defense’s recent election proceeded. The dance afterword was formal and stiff, but I didn’t mind having Ai’s hand on my shoulder. That night just flew by, and it is a good memory of mine.

Elaina Sayomi, the girl who stood up to me on the playground, her and I have had a mostly distant friendship. She’s a track star, and I don’t do sports. Participating in, or going to sports generally requires you to interact with other people. I don’t do interaction. However, I do remember the one night that I decided to suck it up and go. It was the state meet and Elaina had made it that year, as usual. I thought it kind to go and support her, though I didn’t want to deal with other people. I stood down on the ground, away from the bleachers, near the finish line for the 100 meter dash. I don’t know if she saw me or not as she flew down the track, but she definitely saw me afterword, and I definitely saw her. She was beautiful, moving like a well-oiled machine as she left all the other competitors in the dust. This was one of the few times that I genuinely smiled as she walked up to me and thanked me for coming out to see her. It’s a weird feeling, having a genuine smile. This memory is a good one, that’s for sure.

Shiwa Kuredesu, one of two of my playground fiasco mates, he and I spent many a day in a battle of wills. He and I love to strategize, though I have to admit that he has grown much better at it than me. However, I will not forget the time he and I played Risk. We’ve never played it again, because that game never ended. We had our prospective hemispheres absolutely entrenched in troops. We were using coins as even higher denominations of troops we had so many. We played for two days, three hours, nineteen minutes before we left it alone. We’ve never returned to that game since. He and I enjoy trying to outsmart the other in a battle of wits. I guess you could label that as a healthy rivalry.

The other of my playground fiasco mates, Mad Paul Yofun, he and I didn’t have too much in common, but we were still good friends as we got older. He was outgoing and alluring, and I kept to myself and unnerved people just by being there. I remember this one time, it was about in the sixth grade, and there was this girl that I really liked. She was beautiful, funny, and she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Regrettably, we weren’t in the same class, so I never even found out her name. So Mad Paul found out through some means or another that I was crushing on her, so he decided to be my wingman and help me out a bit. He walked right up to her and started talking to her and saying some things about me in an attempt for her to come and talk to me. Well as it turns out, she had a crush on Mad Paul, so she ignored the things that he said about me and fell head over heels for him since he was talking to her. It was a great attempt to help me, and I respect him for that, however it doesn’t make it any less sad that I never even found out her name.

Xaifer Regneis, the one who wrestled with Shiwa on the playground, he and I have a bit of a rivalry going on. He is amazing at video games. I almost never win. I remember one time we were playing CoD together. It was something he enjoyed because it was a first person shooter, and something I mildly enjoyed because I could shoot people in the head and get back up after being shot. He was actually skilled at it, and I was always a drag on the team, though he made up for my ineptitude. However, there was one time that I got so fed up with dying that I decided to be a complete and utter jerk. I equipped a rocket launcher and started running at the enemy team like a kamikaze, blowing them up from close range. This continued for a few minutes until I was staring down a ravine and accidentally pushed the fire button. My last rocket hurtled off towards nothing, until a guy just happened to walk out and get hit in the face. Xaifer and I were so shocked that the kill happened, and even more so that it was the winning shot. Even still, he always outmatches me in video games, so I’d like to get better to beat him sometime instead of needing him on my team.

Kibo Emiya, one of the three kids we were kicking dirt at on the playground, he and I are cool now. He’s a guy with a really calm demeanor, so it is nice that I can make mistakes and be mean and he’ll be patient with me. It turns out that he is a card master. He knows so many different types of card games, and I remember when he taught me one of my now favorite ones, Euchre. It’s a team based one, so I actually have to find people that want to play with me, but the rules are simple enough and it’s a lot of fun. With Kibo and me on a team we always destroyed any other pairs that wanted to play against us. For some reason we just clicked and could know when to back off and when to press forward on a certain trick. It was gold, and we actually made a bit of cash betting against some people on occasion. A little money here and there doesn’t hurt.

Blanche Penderghast, the third of the kids we kicked dirt on, her and I didn’t really interact much growing up. I don’t really have any defining memories of her, though I am pretty sure that one time I helped Shiwa out by putting in a good word for him. I think he has some feelings or something for her, which is pretty uncommon for him…

Chapter 4 – Camping and Chaos

The summer after our secondary education leading into the advanced education was coming to a close. All nine of us had already been accepted to the higher education on some sort of merit, and we’d all be attending the same school as well. I can’t remember who, but one of us had the great idea to go camping one weekend before the summer was out, as a sort of farewell to vacation and secondary school. Each of us went with supplies, equipment, and our fancy new class rings. We hiked far into the Niseko Volcanic Group in Hokkaido. Volcanoes that didn’t spew magma but smoke, what could go wrong?

Someone had misinformation concerning the weather of the weekend. Either that or it changed pretty rapidly. All I know is that the worst storm in decades hit us and we didn’t have any sort of stable shelter. The winds were nearing hurricane force and some of us were starting to become separated. I found myself wet and alone, separated from the rest of everyone. The storm raged around me, and again, for the first time in a long time, I was completely and utterly alone, just like on the day of my birth. I thought to myself, Will the end be just as the beginning? Lightning flashed around me, starting a fire at a nearby tree. I was quickly surrounded by a ring of trees on fire, and one was coming crashing down on me. For the first time, I felt complete and infinite fear. In that moment of fear gripping me, my yellow class ring started to glow.

I felt power over my fear. In that moment of fear, I heard the fires call out to me. This was not the roar of the flames, but of their innermost beings. The flames went out as I pushed their souls, and I jumped out of the way of the slowly tipping tree. It was a moment so utterly bittersweet. I had stared death in the face and flipped him off. I also had gained a power over my fear. To feel fear again would have no effect as even the certainty of death could no longer scare me. However, this calling of the souls of the flames wasn’t the end, I just knew it. Forever I would be followed by this call, and nowhere would be the same for me, or anyone else, again.

Chapter 5 - Seeking Destruction

I headed for Kagamino City. Having been awakened to spiritual beings, that was the only place for me. I had to get to someone who could help seal up my powers when they went berserk, or so said the conspiracy theorists on the internet. Once I did this, and I got a bit of help to release my full power, that's when people started noticing me. People noticed that I was something, that I had strength, and I wasn't about to let them walk over me any more. I quickly rose through the ranks, due to my higher than average Reiryoku and impressive fullbring powers, not taking long to gain proficiency in other aspects of my life and fighting abilities. Due to the brutal nature of my powers, I quickly rose up to the highest of ranks, save for the big man in charge. But I didn't want to be on top, I just wanted to destroy.

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