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 We are the forgotten [EVENT] - Blitzkrieg

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PostSubject: We are the forgotten [EVENT] - Blitzkrieg   Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:21 am

"Alert, patrols from last night and the ones who were supposed to reveal them this morning have not returned to check in. Communications have been cut off from them. With the absence of our captain we must do our duty towards the Gotei 13! Find your colleagues and return them home!"

The current highest Ranking officer shouted out the words and instantly the division set out to work. The division became noisy like a bee hive that was stirred against its will. Division members taunted their missing comrades and called them out for slacking and going to a party. Some were worried whispering behind report files and covered hands. Regardless they were on the Move.

Small parties of 10 had been assembled. Some would fill the roles of Patrol, some would go find their missing friends with the aid of another division. In two columns they began a march towards the gates of the Hachibantai Division Barracks. Darkness filled the rooms. Someone grumbled about the weather and the approaching clouds.

The darkness creeped on and on, till the eyes of god himself were blinded from the division. The buzz died down, their eyes searching the small spaces of light before they too were consumed into darkness. "Get the lights!! Co-"

"Too late" The voice was, dark, deep, dry and sandy. Just like the eyes and skin that bore death upon them.

------- 8th Division Barracks cut off Communication 2 hours ago-------
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We are the forgotten [EVENT] - Blitzkrieg
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