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 Blessed - A Future Charmed RPG

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PostSubject: Blessed - A Future Charmed RPG   Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:01 am




We are THE Future Charmed RPG that has been around since 2008 and is still standing against all odds!

- "The RPG -

We offer a lot of species and powers you can choose from with upgrades as your character develops. Also, you can have your own whitelighter, cupid or even a shadowlighter [for the bad guys]. Meaning, if you are one of the species mentioned before, you will have your own charges! This helps a better interaction between the members, thus your character won't ever feel alone and neither will you.
Our current plot has not much information, because we didn't want our members to play something that is pre-set but to let them affect events naturally.

Also, you don't need any prior Charmed knowledge as you'll all you need to know in the Blessed Guide.

- "The SPIN OFF -

It's the year of 2029; Wyatt Halliwell [Wes Ramsey], 25, Chris Halliwell [Drew Fuller], 24 and Prue Halliwell [Sienna Guillory] 22, have been fighting demons for a long time together now. The three of them and their cousins are known as the Blessed Children because of their ancestors and the powers they’re given. Wyatt has become P3’s manager; Chris is majoring in Web Design while Prue is majoring in Photography.
Soon the Blessed Children have to find out that there're other witches as powerful as themselves and learn about the existence of another Twice Blessed - Matt O'Connor [Sean Faris]. Joey Green [Jensen Ackles] is also about to find out the Halliwells' secret about being witches. But his reasons are not law related like it might seem; he wants to find out about the Halliwells for his own sake - revenge!
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Blessed - A Future Charmed RPG
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