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 Clan Amenawa

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PostSubject: Clan Amenawa   Clan Amenawa Icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2013 12:43 am

House of Amenawa - The Red Dragon

The house of Amenawa is the house with absolutely zero interest in policitcs. They have for their whole generation not minded who ruled as number one in Soul Society. The house of Amenawa hold no value in academics, money or speech. The only thing they seem to look at, though they do not show it, is hard working near sacrificial standards. The House of Amenawa does not adopt and is the cause of being the smallest, in terms of numbers, noble house. They are also the strongest noble house in terms of individual battle strength, An average Amenawa will be able to handle multiple average Inazuna assassins.

The House of Amenawa do not own luxurious Manors like the rest. They live in what seems to be ordinary houses like the civillians. The whole household perhaps number 100 in total. The house of Amenawa is also the household that does not have any servants. All choirs and such are done by the house members itself. What they have in abudance is training fields. Areas that were formerly houses but burned down from Sparring. The Amenawa have only one notable building of sorts. A sacred shrine which houses a small dragon statue.

The Amenawa all have pitch black hair, Their eyes are black too but is said to gain a red center when entering the fury of a heated battle. Another Characterisitc of this household is that all their descendants use fire based Zanpakuto's. It just seems to be a lineage thing. All the zans are pyro related entities. All of the Amenawa seem to have this fierce and angry look. Hot tempered and often very stubborn.

The Amenawa have a unique battle style which often lands them in the 11th division. They use a fierce combination of their fire zanpakuto and close quarter combat. Even the zanpakutos which are long ranged types are used in thie fierce manner. The Amenawa's martial arts focus on repetitive and consecutive strikes. This forces even experienced fighters in a defensive corner.

- Relationships -

The House of Amenawa have no special relationship with any of the houses. They seem to be irritated with the presence of a Nakimana and their stupidity. Their patience runs short when the Nakimana act the fool and often ends up with a burnt Carp. This hot tempered attitude keeps a distance between the Amenawa and the public. The public tend to be wary of the Amenawa and try not to mix with them. The Amenawa however in their lifestyle seem common.

The Amenawa are not pleased with the Inazuna and their ways. The Amenawa believe in loyalty, pledging alliegence to those they see fit and keeping their word till death. Perhaps this is why they keep a silent respect for the Shisaragi and are often at the battefield with the Cranes.

- Traditions -

The Amenawa have but one tradition. In order for a child of the Amenawa to be recognized as an adult one must have be able to release their fire Zanpakuto and duel another who has done so. Usually they are matched together with children who have also recently just released their fire zanpakuto.

Clan Amenawa Akz6s4

The Prophecy Of The Noobs

[07:20:29] Izanagi : Blessed are the Noobs, for they shall inherit the Site.

[22:21:59] The Haitian : Lol, the prophecy has spoken.

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Clan Amenawa
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