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 Clan Shisaragi

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PostSubject: Clan Shisaragi   Tue Aug 27, 2013 12:45 am

House of Shisaragi - The Blue Crane.

The house of Shisaragi is the most powerful and influential noble house in Seireitei. They value intellegence and diligence. Keeping their eyes on hard workers and sharp minds. The children of the Shisaragi family are trained from a young age to speak fluently in different languages and by default they must learn Japanese, English and two other languages. The children are admitted into a private academy for 5 years before being enrolled in the Shinigami Academy. There the children are taught not combative skills but academic material and the idealogy of the Shisaragi family. The house of Shisaragi is also famous for their clever way of speaking and their unseen persuasive skills. This is because Shisaragi believed that a battle won with the sword would be destroying one enemy and creating another whereas a battle won with the tongue would create and ally. Hence the Shisaragi Family encourages studying even after one has become a qualified shinigami.

The Estate of the Shisaragi household is Massive. The buildings are clustered together and there are more forests and sanctuaries. The Shisaragi Manor has Three important buildings. The Ancient Shrine of the Blue Crane which is in a mountainous and forest like area. The Estate itself which is also partially covered by trees and such. This includes their storage houses, libraries, guest rooms, bedrooms and such. The Shisaragi family also has a large medical facility. Not as fancy as the 4th division itself but has a very advanced traditional methods of healing such as herbal medicine, therapy and accupuncturing.

The Shisaragi family have an odd trait. Their hair color changes color in the stain of their Reiatsu color. This usually happens as greater amounts of Reiatsu are released. In some cases the eye color takes on a different color than their usual. This is a testament to their ancient power that reigned over Seireitei for many generations. They are said to yield at least 1 captain class Shinigami from every Generation.

- Relationships -

The house of Shisragi is also the house that holds the best popularity of the public for their indiscrimate manner towards even the common folk. They will of course at times act differently and avoid mingling with the commoners but that is more of a trivial or traditional matter. The household has particular bad blood between the House of Green serpents, Inazuna. Though Shisaragi household holds a passive aggression.

The Shisaragi sees the Nakimana family as a coin purse. Though greatly rich themselves the Household of Nakimana has far more wealth than the other three houses combined. The Shisaragi family often talks the Nakimana family into funding charity or research programs. The Nakimana family are often oblivious to as what is going on until everything is finished.

The Shisaragi Respect and Honour the Amenawa family. Their forefathers noted to be very close friends. Though they seem opposites. The shisaragi family who likes to smile and the Amenawa who seem angry at life. Though it is not clearly visible the two households support each other in silence.

- Traditions -

The household is required to gather once a month to hold a tea ceremony during the fullmoon. Though the rule is not strictly enforced (as some may be away on missions) it is customary that they attend even for a brief moment. During these times they will share what they feel and often have their youth display their talents in form of tongue or even martial arts.

Another Tradition of the Family is in Marriage. It is customary that the family regardless of Gender marries into the Shisaragi family. If a Man marries a women of the Shisaragi family, He keeps his surname but his children will be given the name of Shisaragi. Though they appear open to any family the Shisaragi has strict and high standards especially when giving away daughters.

Clan Members:

Head of the House:

Lady of the House:

Other Family Members:



The Prophecy Of The Noobs

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Clan Shisaragi
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