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 Clan Inazuna

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House of Inazuna - The Emerald Serpent.

The house of Inazuna is the second most influential noble house in Seireitei. While the Shisaragi family holds value in academic approaches the Inazuna take pride in training their young in the art of combat in respectives to the style of the shinobi. Due to this reason the house of Inazuna are mainly related to the 2nd division. The house of Inazuna secretly train their young to pull of assassinations. The house of Inazuna prefer to let their children enter the Shinigami academy once they have become at least 20 or so. This is prefered as they too like to indoctrinate their children into becoming loyal servants of the Inazuna.

The Estate of Inazuna is about the same size as that of the Shisaragi family. However they seem to lack forests and are mainly clustered with living quarters. The house of Inazuna have average buildings similiar to normal Gotei 13 buildings. The only luxurious and expensive part of their house seems to be the main buildings where the Head resides to deal with his business. The house of Inazuna holds a secret under ground training facility for their assassins.

The house of Inazuna have no special characteristic as they try to be diverse. The house of Inazuna is perhaps the household who holds the most amount of people who are not related by blood. In old the Inazuna family clan were just a bunch of mercenaries who was led by the First Inazuna. Later the pact became bound to the Name Inazuna. The house of Inazuna adopts alot of children with personality traits similiar to them. Those who have no problems with killing, doing extreme things just because it was ordered, those who seem unafraid to die.


The house of Inazuna is a household that the public tends to stay away from. They do not have such a great reputation amoung the public due to its many under hand methods. The house of Inazuna do not mingle at all with the commoners unless they are under cover or gaining information, then they blend in very well.

They see the Nakimana as a coin purse and often threatens them for money to fund their projects. Inazuna are not rich nor poor. They have a medium income from oddities but they mainly live off the Nakimana.

They hold a deep hatred towards the house of Shisaragi. The reasons are unexplained but it seems the hatred has lasted for many generations and worsened by blood. Some say the hatred comes from the Shisaragi being the most influential instead of the Inazuna. They are not too concerned about the Amenawa family as the Amenawa seem uninterested in politics.


The Inazuna have but one tradition. Remain loyal to the head of the Inazuna no matter what. Fight for his/her cause even after death. This tradition is closer to a Mantra and is endoctrinated into their youth from a very young age.

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Clan Inazuna
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