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The Jackal

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PostSubject: Wolfgang    Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:53 am

Arrancar Template

Character Name Here

”---Wolfgang Jakkalera---”

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Wolfgang Jakkalera (Formerly Lucius Cross)
Hollow Aliases: The Jackal
Gender: Male
Age: [] 1823
Birth Date: N/A
Rank Status: Espada
Cero Color: Teal
Aspect of Death: Intoxication
Hollow Hole Location: Sternum


Head: Wolfgang has a very handsome face compared to many other beings of the Arrancar race. His handsome exterior is truly one of a kind, the type of face the lures in unsuspecting prey such as women. Only to have them become part of a large collection. Wolfgang has long shoulder length, yet spiky teal colored hair. His skin color is of a brown skin color, sticking to the theme of a Spaniard in certain regards to being an Arrancar. Wolfgang also stands at 6 foot, three inches, boasting a well toned body, but not overly bulky. Wolfgang has piercing teal colored eyes that are equally as seductive as they can be made to give off a devious stare. The Jackal's mask fragment is the bottom half of a jawbone which resembles that of a canine. The mask fragment which is the bottom half of a jawbone is on the left side of the Jackal's face. It runs along the Arrancar’s own jawbone on that particular side of his face. There are teeth running along the mask fragment. Parts of the mask fragment also extend downward towards the neck of the Jackal. Interestingly enough, the mask fragment of the Arrancar doesn't seem to hamper him in any way. The mask fragment is of course white with the teeth running along it being black. Moving down the body of the Jackal, Wolfgang has his number tattooed on the right side of his neck.

Upper body: The Jackal wears the typical black and white Arrancar attire, though the man has added his own unique flavor to it. The Jackal's upper garments consist of white long-sleeved overcoat that fits closely to his body, but not close enough to hinder his movements. There is also a pair of black fingerless gloves being worn on both hands of the Arrancar. The overcoat mentioned has a very high collar to it. On either side of the collars a pair of black tassels is attached to it. The high collar severs to hide the tattoo of his number from view. The man also seems to sport a what appears to be a black flack jacket, though not entirely military style. It’s more like for fashion than anything, yet it sets the Jackal apart from the other Espada. The flack jacket is worn over the long white overcoat. The overcoat is of course buttoned up only exposing most of the Arrancar collar bone. The flack-jacket in question is buckled around The Jackal’s waist moving up towards his chest area. The buckles are of a silver color, with the flack jacket only having straps that covers only one shoulder. More specifically, these are strapped across his left shoulder. The flack jacket of course has a number of compartments that are used to store his deck of cards and other insignificant items.

Lower Body: Wolfgang also wears a black sash around his waist rather stylishly. Wolfgang neglects the usual Hakama of the Arrancar race, instead opting for more closely fitting white trousers. The overcoat of the man also stretches pass his knees, ending up in an inverted "V" shape. Wolfgang unlike many of the other Arrancar, wears black man boots, something many considers to be his own personal style. The trousers that the Jackal sports covers the boots mainly, leaving only the foot area visible, which excludes the shin area and upwards.


The Jackal's main features in regards to his personality are the Arrancar's cunning that has gotten him through so many situations. This cunning comes to life in various ways. Wolfgang is a very calm, collected and yet so calculating in everything that he does. He is not above acting petty and cruel in order to get a reaction out of someone. He is a very observant creature that amuses himself with the pain and joy of others. Wolfgang is a gambler at heart, generally making bets. These bets made are generally put into place to keep things interesting in his little world. The Jackal is very open to different ideas and ideals, as long as it fits in with his own in the long run. Wolfgang prides himself on being as efficient as possible. This includes hunting, the general bantering, fighting, and even belittling others. Even with all of this, he is very cautious, the type of person that thinks before acting. The sort of person that takes calculated risks, refusing to play by the rules of others. The Jackal learned long ago not to play according to the rules of others.

The Jackal can be cold and unforgiving in certain situations. There is also the issue of him not being above betrayal. In the gambler's world, there is no honor among thieves, a code that has seen him survive countless situations. Wolfgang at times may show a lack of interest in things that others may find amusing. There is always the possibility that what others find sufficient is indeed lacking in some other aspect. Wolfgang demonstrates his self-discipline by constantly moving forward. The Jackal can become intoxicated by the possibilities that lie ahead. There are times when he'd rather be alone, almost acting shy, often choosing to shun those around him on a whim. The Jackal's behavior can be very spontaneous as he is the adventurous type, though that doesn't mean that these spontaneous acts won't get him the desired results. There is always a method behind his madness, a master of the art. A very conscientious person, that is always in control of his own actions.

In fact his spontaneous actions may at times mislead others to think he isn't at all the conscientious type. But this is all apart of a cunning plan for advancement, the art of deception by putting on a poker face. Most of these pales in comparison to the Jackal’s psyche, as anyone would agree that his mind is most unique. The Jackal has expressed an interest in scientific research which is unusual for someone like this man. The Jackal likes conducting research, dissecting others and probing the minds of others. He is all about knowledge which ties in perfectly with his intoxication. The actions of the Jackal and his psyche means the man died of intoxication. Intoxication for the Jackal can cover most aspects of his personality and his view on life. The Jackal’s gambling habits was more like intoxication and a bad habit, but the Arrancar did make a living out of it. The man was also drunk on knowledge and his thirst for it will see him poison his mind as a result. On the other side of life, Wolfgang shows that he has needs like any other man. The Arrancar often seeks out satisfaction in the form of the female company. One such as Wolfgang cannot deny the importance of the female anatomy. The Arrancar often tries to find a number of women to satisfy his needs. He is not above being perverted which is often seen in some instances. None of this seems to measure up to his prideful nature.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability:

The name of The Jackal’s innate ability is called Truco de Naipes(Card Trick). Despite the name of The Jackal’s innate ability, it has nothing to do with trickery, at least not in his eyes. The Jackal’s innate ability is based on neutralization and nullification. In reality while The Jackal’s innate is based on sound based energy. It is more akin to “Hanki” except it’s meant to disrupt and nullify different types of spiritual movements. The Jackal is able to manipulate the aforementioned energy for numerous purposes. In its most basic form The Jackal can have the energy disperse from his body and form a sphere to protect him from harm. The sphere expands up to 6 meters from from The Jackal's body. The energy released sends ripples of energy through the opposing force thus disperse, neutralize or nullify it. What does this mean? If someone were to use a Cero or Kido spell. By countering it with the same amount of energy etc, the Jackal can nullify/neutralize it. As such The Jackal’s innate is like a spinoff of Hanki, except he doesn’t have the power boost that Shunko gives which is the parent technique for Hanki. Truco de Naipes allows the Jackal to nullify attacks up to level 75 in his sealed state. The drawbacks should be obvious, especially when one has to sacrifice the same amount of energy to achieve what one hopes to achieve. For techniques or abilities above the defined level in which Wolfgang can handle, all the man can do is lessen the damage. Make it less effective, but not completely neutralize the threat.

  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
    Cero / Bala
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)

Once Upon A Time


Human Arc

Lucius Cross, the man, the legend was born a very poor during really harsh times. He came into existence well over a thousand years ago, and during the time he was a human. Lucius has had to learn a few tricks that ensured his survival. Lucius grew up in a rather poor family of five. At a time where his family earned little to no money, food and clothing was scarce. This means that the youngster had to find a way to survive. He succeeded where others failed to find a way through the blockades, created by society. Lucius succeeded by going around the system, through the art of deception, thievery and general wits. He also showed that he had great intelligence. His family might have been poor, but they were not a bunch of dunces. Lucius parents made sure to teach him the basics. This is what gave him the tools to move forward, being as crafty as possible while doing so. As the young man come of age, he had already learned how to steal in a very graceful manner. This included picking pockets, coming up with strategy to steal from merchants. And with everything that he did, Lucius always placed a wager. His life revolved around bets, gambling and a number of other things. His most favorite aspect of this was a game of cards. The young Lucius was also somewhat of a jester. His inability to truly take anything serious might have cost him his life many a times. Some would say that is was through sheer luck that he survived at times. And thats exactly what he was a survivor.

A little over a decade passed by, and the boy was now a man. He continued to steal, deceive and gamble nonstop. In the end, this all paid off for him. Lucius was able to feed, clothe and shelter himself. Soon enough others came following in his footsteps; he became a gang leader in time. One that actually showed that he had morals, at least in regards to some things. Life was just life for Lucius, though exciting for him. It is mundane for those looking in from the outside. Lucius Cross was a man that lived his life based on intoxication. Woman, alcohol, money, clothes, he wanted it all. And so he did almost anything possible to get what he wanted. For women, he'd simply use charm and wits. For money, clothes and the likes, he relied on deception among other means. The life of Lucius came to an abrupt end. Leading up to this event, Lucius Cross continued his work, lying, cheating, stealing, etc. The time had finally come for him to face his judgment. Lucius and his gang of thieving scoundrels, were arrested and to be executed. The numerous crimes amounted to the death penalty. And in one last effort to buy his freedom, Lucius made a wager of sorts. A game of Russian roulette, though this game was not called such as yet. The idea behind the game was that, if Lucius won, he'd be set free. Should he lose, then he'd be put to death. This game of life and death, involved Lucius and his foe, and a pair of crossbows. They started off with their backs turned to each other. And each of them had a loaded crossbow in their hand. The person that Lucius had to face off with was one of his own comrades. A close friend of his, which saddened him, but such is life. Both men walked 12 paces apart from each other, and turned around and aimed. There was no way to tell where each man was, since they were blind folded. On command of the executioner, both men let loose their arrow of death. Perhaps it was luck or destiny, but both men hit their mark. Lucius was shot through the throat, while his friend was shot through the head. That was the end of their unfortunate human lives.

Hollow Arc

The death of Lucius marked a new beginning. He was cast into the unknown, which supposedly was the after life. Even death could not separate this band of menace to society. There were at least 37 of this band of criminal, an organization if you will. And they all followed Lucius into the after life, where they shared a brief reunion. They wandered the streets, searching endlessly for a resting place. All of these men soon fell into despair, their chains of fate, began to shorten, being consumed by an unknown entity. As they fell deeper into despair, the process sped up even quicker. Redemption had long gone for them, they all in the end transformed into hollows. A gang of hollows bent of destruction fueled by the hunger that consumed their empty souls. This gang of hollows, while beast like, showed a natural instinct for survival. There was a clear coordination between them. They demonstrated the ability to take down prey and feed on them in a very effective way. Lucius as a hollow started off feeding on souls that recently died. They were easy prey for the gang, not to mention there was an abundance of these souls. The endless gorging on these souls resulted in an overall increase in strength. The time had finally come, Shinigami were now on the hunt. It seems Lucius and his gang was beginning to draw attention to them. Many Shinigami came and many Shinigami along with Hollows died. Lucius however was one of the lucky ones, not to have fallen victim. Instead, he was getting more and more powerful. The gang of hollows that surrounded him were fed on too. Further empowering the low class hollow, though a little stronger that average.

But for every hollow that roamed the material world, they would soon be drawn to Hueco Mundo. That is where they belonged after all, and that is where they would go. They made their way there by following a Menos Grande through a Garagunta. And by performing this act, the Hollow found himself in the forest of Menos. It was a strange place; a new habitat compared to what he was use to. There were only hollows like himself, and to survive he had to feed on these other creatures. This didn't go on for too long however, a grouping of hollows prevented this. Lucius was apart of this group and so underwent an evolution. He was now apart of an accumulation of hollows, that formed into a Menos Grande. Cross would have been lost forever, had it not been for his desire. The desire to continue existing was far too overwhelming for the others to quell his uprising. That was when it happened. Lucius was able to become the superior consciousness, and by doing so, reached another stage of evolution. He managed to reach the Gillian class, now even more powerful than a Menos Grande.

From Gillian to one of many Kings

Lucius spent some more time in the forest of Menos, decades, feeding on lower level hollows. Menos grande and the new comers, but they could only offer him so much. It was simply not enough for Lucius, who was now able to reason and think for himself. He maintained the same personality that got him through hard times. The Gillian set out across the white sandy plains of Hueco Mundo. There he came across many other hollows, and through the use of tactics. He was able to succeed in consuming as many as possible. The journey across the desert was leading him nowhere. He'd long forgotten how long he'd been in Hueco Mundo. His instincts drove him to the realm of the humans. Lucius was now armed with the ability to learn Sonido, among other hollow techniques. During his missions to the material world, he'd always try to consume as many souls as possible. Quincy, Shinigami and plus souls of humans. Even other hollows that got in his way were not spared. Always scurrying back to Hueco Mundo, Lucius found that he was constantly changing. He became more and more humanoid as time went by. He reached the level of an Adjuchas, he was of the Adjuchas class now. This meant that hunting and such was even easier for him. He also started developing new techniques, those unique to him. It wasn't long before he once again, found himself in the company of others. Lucius came across four other Adjuchas like himself, this of course brought on a sense of nostalgia. A distant memory which he couldn't quite place, or truly remember anything from past events. Years went by and Lucius Cross was doing what he always did and that was to survive. The time had finally come for him to take another step further into hollow wood. But before that could happen, war broke out in Hueco Mundo. There was civil unrest among warring hollow factions, fighting for supremacy.

This of course meant that every hollow, would be caught in the crossfire. And not wanting to become prey, Lucius formulated a plan. He and his small band of hollow brethren hid themselves and awaited signs of weakness. The war will no doubt have casualties, rather powerful ones. And thats exactly what Cross was hoping for. He and his brethren would often descend on the battlefield. Seizing injured prey, both the strong and weak alike. This act ensured that they had powerful hollows to feed on. There was never a harvest of hollow food like this before. With the war going on, Cross was growing in power more and more. He was at the pinnacle of his power, thats when he felt a sudden urge to do something. Although he had been changing more and more, his transformation wasn't quite complete. The above Adjuchas level Cross ripped his mask off, thus undergoing a transformation. One that saw him takes on the form of a man more or less. He was in the form of a humanoid Jackal before. But now it was different somehow. He was more human, and far more powerful than ever. He was also boasting a Zanapakuto, which sealed his Resurrecion. Lucius was now a Vasto Lorde one of the kings, or rather a self proclaimed one. He soon joined the actual war, making his presence known. Deals were made, and so were wagers on the lives of others. And as the war came to an end, they soon realized it was all for nothing. Then again, that is not entirely true, since there now lays a structure in Hueco Mundo. The structure suggests that there is some kind of order, in these savage lands. A military power was formed in order to combat the Shinigami. And from within the walls of this structure, came about the Espada. They are said to be the best that Hueco Mundo has to offer. Lucius remained somewhat skeptical about all of this. Though, there is always a chance, that he will join that military power. His reason for doing so has not arrived as yet. And so we move onto the present day. Where the one known as Lucius Cross took on the name Wolfgang Jakkelera, changing his identity perhaps for the better. Lucius Cross was his name as a Human, and Wolfgang was no longer a primitive or feeble soul. He was a creature to be reckoned with now. It is as of now unclear the true reasoning behind changing his name. In some ways it changed nothing as far as Wolfgang's desires were concerned.  

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