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 Inazuna Takashi -- Shinigami Lieutenant

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Inazuna Takashi

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PostSubject: Inazuna Takashi -- Shinigami Lieutenant   Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:04 am

Shinigami Template

Inazuna Takashi

You will find no justice in this world. Only death.

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Inazuna Takashi
Shinigami Aliases: None.
Gender: Male.
Age: 420.
Birth Date: 2nd April.
Rank Status: Lieutenant.

Affiliated Division: Second Division.


Takashi is a man of slightly above average height and a lanky frame. His body, though tall and thin, is not without muscle. Indeed, the muscle he possesses due to his training does not necessarily stand out against his lean frame but is very dense. His height and thin frame do well to make him appear weaker than he actually is. His skin is pale, almost white in colour and contrasts greatly with his dark hair, which he wears short with the bangs parted down the middle. His eyes are an emerald green and his features are very angular, as though his face was made up of straight lines.

In terms of clothing Takashi wears a Shihakusho as is standard for Shinigami, though he has modified it to match the outfit of the Onmitsukido. His black hakama are tucked into black, knee-height tabi and his white obi sash has been replaced with a dark grey one. His shihakusho also lacks sleeves, leaving his arms mostly bare save for dark, fingerless gloves that extend back along his forearm up to the elbow. He does not wear a mask like others in the onmitsukido, however.


Takashi is a quiet, formal person towards his peers and superiors. He shows proper manners learned from his upbringing in a noble house, though at the same time none would ever go as far as to say Takashi is friendly. Indeed, his formal behavior is little more than a manner of speaking that one might feel he has been trained to do automatically. He is disciplined but also blunt to the point of rudeness. Though he mostly prefers not to speak to others when not on business, he isn't adverse to putting down people for all manner of reasons, whether because he feels they are naive or in his opinion they are simply not suited to a job.

Takashi possesses a cynical outlook as he considers life to be ultimately meaningless. His experiences have left him convinced that the world is not kind or fair or even just and believes that most people who carry out their lives based on such concepts are merely lying to themselves. Despite this, he continues to carry out his duty as a Shinigami out of respect for his fallen brothers however much he tries to deny it. In addition, even Takashi is not completely devoid of kindness or caring. It could be better said that Takashi is determined to turn himself into an unfeeling tool, even if it brings him into conflict with others.

Despite his efforts to maintain a cool head, Takashi is not completely without his triggers. Even moreso than the typical Shinigami, Takashi despises Hollows and possesses an almost bloodthirsty tendency towards killing Hollows and Arrancar. He bears a grudge against all Hollows, to the point that the mere presence of one can make him uncharacteristically angry.

Having been trained for assassination since his childhood, of course, Takashi is also cunning and pragmatic. He understands that the important part of fighting is winning and so is willing to use almost any kind of underhanded tactic to take down an opponent, no matter how 'unfair' it may seem. He finds the quickest way to end a fight and takes it. As a result, he can be said to be brutal and merciless towards his opponents.

When it comes to relaxing, as it were, Takashi mainly indulges in one of two of his favorite hobbies. He either spends his spare time training his body for combat or he spends his spare time stacking rocks as an exercise in patience.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 1
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

Once Upon A Time

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Inazuna Takashi -- Shinigami Lieutenant
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