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 The fourth Espada

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Crimson Red

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PostSubject: The fourth Espada   Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:04 pm

Arrancar Template

Rosserio Denttes

---Blood is still pretty thin---

A picture is a thousand words:

Arrancar Encyclopedia


Birth Name:Alex
Hollow Aliases:Crimson Red
Birth Date:September 18
Rank Status:Cuarta Espada
Cero Color:Pink
Aspect of Death:Loyalty
Hollow Hole Location:About one inch lower than the center of his chest.

Appearance:With light skin that seems to glow, and eyes which has several distinct colors. His eyes are  a lovely light pink, and light purple. Around the two large eyes, is his face which remains roundish, and has no visible wrinkles, or blemishes. A small nose rests on the middle of his face, looking more on home on a young girl’s face, similar to nearly all his features. On Top of his feminine head, and face is long straight red hair. The hair is braided near his forehead, and the parts that aren’t braided manage to reach all the way past his shoulders, and end a bit farther than the middle of his chest. Occasionally blood may be on his hair, but it is camouflaged by the bright red color. Although he has no problem making other facial expressions, his ‘default’ one tends to be a small smile, without showing his teeth. His hollow hole is smaller than most, and is about twice the size of a quarter. His number, the number 4 is tattooed on his stomach, with the belly button in the space in the number 4.

His skin has  a certain softness, his body is thin,but not to the point of seeming anorexic. His thin body,also gives him the appearance of being extremely lean. He’s one of the shorter arrancars out there, only standing at 5’1. His clothes are white, with a design which seems to originate from egyptian culture.Ontop of his head rests a green hat. The shirt is sleeveless, which exposes his thin arms. He prefers to not wear sandals, or other types of footwear, leaving his feet constantly bare, due to having a hard hierro his feet remain in near perfect shape, ignoring the rough sands of Hueco Mundo.

His explained, as shown is extremely feminine, and girlish usually causing those around him to occasionally confuse him for the opposite gender, with a physical age of a young teenager.

Personality: Rosserio’s personality as with most people is complicated.His most prominent personality trait his loyalty. He is loyal to a fault, to the point where he would never forget to repay a debt to his allies. The type of loyalty, which he extends to his fraccion, and would go to great lengths to help his underlings. This type of loyalty, where he would lay down his life for a fellow espada. However the one he most loyal to, is the Cero Espada. Who he would cast away his life for, tear up bonds, make more enemies, put himself in the front lines, and discard his own feelings of loyalty and pride for if simply asked. However, while loyal, there are times where he would disobey orders, if he believed it to be the best, for the Espadas as a whole, or the Cero Espada.

Normally he maintains a smile on his face, not to hide anything but because he is usually happy with his situation, at least as far as he knows. Experiencing emotions is new to him, which causes his emotional responses to be extreme. This causes him, when he’s happy. To simply be extremely happy, but when he’s angry to be extremely angry. This also causes him to speak his mind blatantly without hesitation, even in the most severe of situations.

For this reason, he tries to maintain his happiness, as any other emotion is near all consuming, and causes him to react in ways he would rather not. There are a few moments when he’s ‘calm’, and in those situations it is extremely hard to cause any other emotion to rise out of him. Rosserio tends to be gullible in many situations, and usually believes everything his comrades tell him, and occasionally even believes his enemies. The same way he believes everything his comrades say, he’ll always tell the truth, unless told not to.

Rosserio believes in trying ones hardest, regardless of the situation. Which means that it is rare he would ever do anything without much effort. He tends to be merciless in battle, and at one time always used his ressurecion when a battle had started, even against the low ranked Menos. However he stopped this practice when it was revealed to him, that a resurrection power isn’t meant to be used in every type of battle.

He is one who has no time for people who are lazy or try their hardest in important tasks.This also extends to when he is battling others. He is disgusted by them, and at one point of time would’ve fought them,if it wasn’t for his happy demeanor he had made in order to ‘negate’ his anger. He still gives glares to those he views as lazy though....

Rosserio enjoys battle, like many of his arrancar peers, and puts his all into it. In battle it is the only time, one could not tell what he is thinking by the look on his face, since during battle, is the only time his emotions ‘mingle’, and isn’t so extreme. While most of the time he has a smile on his face, depending on the reason he is fighting he could also be angry, sad, or any other emotion, the smile on his face simply being his most ‘default’ emotion.

One could guess by his appearance, that he has feminine taste. They’d be right in a few aspects, such his hair, and skincare. However they’d be wrong in the fact that he considers it feminine. One of the many ways to get a rise out of him, would be to point that out, which several arrancar, and hollows found out the hard way. He dislikes being called feminine. However he enjoys compliments, and can’t help himself from feeling happy when he’s complimented, even by an opponent, although all that would change in battle would be the fact he’s smiling while attacking....

His last, and probably the most prominent trait he has, aside from his loyalty, is his innocence. Although he knows how battle works, and understands it’s a hollow eat hollow world. He tends to view the world optimistically, even those he had seen done atrocious acts. This allows him to try and kill, devour, and attack without feeling remorse for an enemy, and seemingly without much killing intent.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

Innate Ability:espesa sangre(Thick Blood) is the name of his innate ability is the power to manipulate and ‘create’ more of his blood. This allows him to ‘clot’ it up in order to seal open wounds, or simply create more in order to stop himself from bleeding out. It also allows him to fire off blood with a large amount of force in order to hit a target and cause more damage, although its offensive skill is lacking, it’s well used as a distractionary measure.

Blood hydrant: Rosserio fires a large torrent of his blood from his open hand, or an open wound while the force behind it is strong enough to damage the opponent, it is usually used to get his blood on the opponent, or blind them. The attack is equivalent to a kido of the 40th level.

Blood Wave: Rosserio fires a large wave of blood toward the target, from an open wound, or from his hands after swinging it in an arc, it is more spread out, and is slower than blood hydrant. It lacks a large amount of offensive power, even weaker than Blood hydrant offensively. It is equivalent to a kido of the 20th level.

Blood Pistol: Rosserio points in the direction of the opponent, and fires his blood from his finger, it is similar to a bullet in size and shape. It is the only attack that is faster than a bala. Offensively it is equivalent to a kido of the 60th level.

  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)
    Cero / Bala
  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)

Once Upon A Time

History:Alex was born a ‘few’ hundred years ago, in a small village in Europe. He was practically a slave when he was born, and had been treated as such. He was the last in his family, his parents either having fled, or died. He didn't know which, since he never bothered asking. He did know that his ‘father’ and ‘mother’ weren't his own, no parents would treat their child this way. He had several jobs to do, and received little food for it, literally receiving scraps. He was constantly working while his ‘family’ had barely done anything. His clothes had holes in them, and were worn from the many years of wear and tear. They weren't in the best condition when he got them either, they were the clothes of his ‘mother’, that he was forced to wear. His ‘brother’ had gotten all the new clothes, food, and such. While Alex was working in the fields, his brother was going to school. He didn't ask, he was scared to, they made it clear what they thought about him, and saying something might only make it worse. So he worked day after day. His fingers were dirty from the work, he gained calluses. However, even though he had done so much work, his body while well toned lacked a large amount of 'muscles'. He was malnourished, and was constantly hungry. One day while working hard he had suddenly dropped to the ground, dying from starvation, his life had ended the same way it always had. Unnoticed, and uncared for.

As with most spirits he was stuck to wander around, however he was one of the few who went unnoticed by a shinigami before it was too late. He was attacked by a group of hollows, and transformed into one of them. His hollow form had appeared similar to a worm, and his abilities was also similar to one too. He had managed to stay untracked, by shinigami by burrowing underground, while many shinigami followed, or tried to follow, he had managed to avoid and trick them by simply creating several paths for him to escape from. It wasn't long until the swallowing of human souls wasn't enough for his appetite. So he had headed to the hollow world, Hueco Mundo.

'Burrowing' his way into Hueco Mundo he had an even better environment. Within the sandy environment, and the spirit particles in the air he was able to hide and ambush even easier now. Simply attacking any hollow that had walked over his areas where he lurked. He had gained a name during this time, becoming larger and larger, threatening most average class hollows. Among them he had gained the name sand worm. It was simple, and explained his tactic, and it matched. That is until after one day eating the right amount of hollows he had evolved into a menos grande. He lacked visible eyes, and simply had one large mouth. He had to constantly eat in order to not be eaten himself, a hollow eat hollow world. He began swallowing his opponents in order to gain more power as he continued to evolve.

This part is probably the most blurry, since most hollows at this stage had done the same thing, and so did he. He had finally evolved into once again, straight toward the adjucha class. His form was no longer similar to a worm, he had went passed that stage, he was different. He was simply a dog like adjucha, however his personality was different, he wasn't sneaky and slithering. He sought competition head on, and rarely fled. He attacked other hollows straight on, with no trickery or anything, this was the personality in which he'd develop, not the one of the person who felt like nothing, the worm who had to sneak and hide in order to receive food, and not the mindless abomination he had crawled around as. He was brave, and felt he didn't have to hide himself any longer. He attacked when he willed it, and rarely bothered with conversation. His personality was a stark contrast to his previous passive one. The tactic of 'digging' hadn't worked considering as an adjucha he had a more noticeable reiatsu, and while his body could dig, it wasn't as good at it as other digging adjuchas.

He had continued wandering around, his power continuing to grow. His appetite slowly decreased, and so did his ferocity. The several hundred years he had spent had caused his 'anger' to start to calm down, to the point it had seemed his emotions had never existed in the first place. A few adjucha had began following him, for protection, or eating his scraps, he didn't know. The only thing they had given him was conversation which he enjoyed anyway. They were no threat to his ever increasing powers, compared to their finite potential. However after one of the adjuchas were bitten he quickly turned around in order to finish him and swallow him whole. He made it clear that anyone who was unable to evolve wouldn't be allowed to follow him, it wasn't long until he had eaten all his 'followers', who foolishly followed him, even when he made it clear he wasn't going to protect anyone. He had dropped to the ground and had remained there for several days, not moving from his spot.

It was when he woke up he noticed it. He didn't know if he had been asleep for a few hours, minutes, or years. It was weird in itself, that he had to sleep, however when he put a hand on the ground he had noticed his arm was more human like, the difference being he was covered in pure white skin, like most hollows. He was a bit taller than most humans, standing at seven feet, with long white hair, and a helmet that covered his entire face, save for his eyes. It had taken him several seconds, but he had felt it. The feelings he had abandoned when he became a worm, the emotions he had began to feel when he was an adjucha and once again lost it. He felt it in his body, and his mind. His hands were shaking, the thought of killing his followers was now something that had bothered him. It was strange, to have emotions like these, but he didn't feel sadness. He felt anger, he roared into the air probably scaring away any adjuchas in the area, as well as hollows with at-least average intelligence, before attacking everything in sight, which was mostly sand and air.

The new Vasto Lorde had no reason to continue eating. So he had started to walk around blindly, with no place to go, or people to be with. There was regret, but he had gotten over it for the most part. He just continued walking. He had been feeling especially whimsical when he had decided to simply grab his mask and rip it off of his face, once again growing smaller and decreasing his size. Although his reiatsu had grown even more, he had a katana, and clothes.

He was now an arrancar, a powerful one at that. He no longer had to eat to maintain his form, and was strong enough to defend himself from near any threat that happened to cross his path. He dragged his large zanpaktou that reminded himself of the shinigami who attacked him often across the sands of Hueco Mundo, basically wandering arround. His power was large, his reiatsu large enough that even the adjuchas and Vasto Lordes who were cocky enough to attack the average arrancar, wouldn’t attack him. It wasn’t until he had found the organization centered around the strong leading the weak to do battle with the shinigami, he found his purpose.

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PostSubject: Re: The fourth Espada   Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:05 pm

Interesting innate, wonder what your resurrection is based upon . . . no correlation right?

Anyway, A P P R O V E D
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The fourth Espada
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