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 Espada of Alexandria

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PostSubject: Espada of Alexandria   Espada of Alexandria Icon_minitimeThu Aug 29, 2013 6:10 am

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The Espada of Alexandria is a site where members can chat, roleplay, play forum games, or just hang out. We have an Arcade section where members can play games. We are also a multi-genre forum board where our roleplays change from time to time. We are also open to any type or any style of RP. Experiments, innovations, ideas, and suggestions are something we approve of for a better roleplay experience. Other than roleplaying, we like to discuss about various topics, from games to simply joking around a bit. We may nibble a bit, but we don't bite. Anyone is allowed to join and you are free to choose to roleplay or not. We accept roleplayers of any experience from beginners to experts and we are willing to help roleplayers improve their roleplaying skills if they seek help. We're friendly and experienced, so come join our site and make new friends today!
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Espada of Alexandria
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