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 Kururai Osamerukami

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PostSubject: Kururai Osamerukami   Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:16 am

速の神 ~ Hayanokami Template

治める神 来るらい
Come, Come and Govern God


Shinigami Encyclopedia ~ Behold, the Speeding God of Death


Birth Name: Kururai Osamerukami
Shinigami Aliases: Sokudo-shin (God Speed), Kuru, Shi no Kami no Naka de Saisoku (Fastest of the God of Death; Fastest Among Death Gods)
Gender: Female
Age: 1297
Birth Date: February 29th, 0716
Rank Status: Captain

Affiliated Division: 2nd Squad


Kururai has an unhealthy affinity for black articles of clothing. Nearly anything he wears is predominantly black, or some other variation or shade. He generally wears a black V-neck, which clearly shows his protruding collarbone. Over his V-neck, Kururai dons a black longcoat, with the collar most often popped upwards, and a strip of fabric crossing over from one side of the coat to the other.

The fabric connects to a piece of metal that extends outwards in three different directions. The primary direction, although the order in which they extend isn't relative in nearly any instance, is upward. A strip of fabric, which is black, with a white lining along the edges, as the entirety of the coat appears to show, extends over his shoulder, connecting to another piece of metal with an identical shape. A piece of the metal in the front extends over the endings of the fabric on his right-hand side, not connecting to the rest of the coat. That side is connected to the fabric, which also is black with a white lining thread, that extends over the two sides of the coat, across his V-neck, however not connected. That piece of fabric extends all the way around his chest, and connects to the metal piece that is identical to the front one. A third fabric, which connects to the third and final arm of the piece of metal, extends under his armpit, just slightly under the bottom of his shoulder blades, and wraps around his right side, also connecting to the identical piece of metal sewn well onto the back of his coat.

Kururai also wears fingerless gloves, which, to no-ones surprise, is black in colouration. These fingerless gloves hold cloth-like texture, however, it's appearance seems to be leather, furthermore wrapping tightly around his palm, knuckles, a little bit of his fingers, and slightly over his wrists. The rest of the coat seems pretty basic, and extends down to his calves, but no further than his ankles. His feet is covered with boots that appear to be leather, and has a metal plating at the front of his ankle-region.

Other than the singular piece of metal plating on each boot, it doesn't differ from most boots which reaches the bottom of his calves. Kururai's pants appear to be somewhat baggy, and in appearance, similar to slacks, however, the texture seems oddly indistinguishable. It comfortably droops to his ankles, and is tucked into his boots. A belt withholds his pants tightly, despite Kururai not necessarily needing to wear a belt in the first place. His belt is relatively basic, wrapping around and going through the fabrics that protrude from the hip of his pants, and reconnects with the pants further down by approximately an inch and a half. The belt has a plain metal plating that is shown directly in the front and center of his hip.

Kururai's eyes glisten deeply with a crimson red hue. His eyes appear to be wide and large, but he often squints slightly, making his eyes usually look slanted, and himself looking angry. His eyebrows are relatively thin and is only 2/5ths an inch above his eyes. His eyelashes hold no distinguishable length, not that anyone cares. His nose possesses no arcs, and simply glazes downwards, smoothly and softly. His lips are thin, but for some reason tends to be constantly hydrated, additionally having a pink shading and glossy look, making those whom see him mistake him for a girl, had he possessed longer hair at that time.

Speaking of his hair, it's relatively thin, and flows down jaggedly, almost, down halfway his neck. His bangs are split into 4 directions: one over the left side of his face, hanging off with a sharp end, and two that cross over each other in the center of his forehead, down to the start of his protruding nose. The forth bang flows down the side of his face, on the right, gliding over his cheekbone and ending just at the end of his nose.

His facial structure is awkwardly similar to that of a female, and his ears have a separated lobe. His chin is somewhat pointed, and his actual cheekbones are not quite visible.

Kururai's body is very slender, but one can tell, just by touching his skin, that his muscles are worked excruciatingly hard. His natural bone density is nearly triple that of a European, which makes his physiology in itself an anomaly. His shoulders are quite broad, and his waist is rather small. Kururai's neck is longer than the norm, and his ribcage is only slightly visible from the sides, as it protrudes ever so slightly nearly directly under the breast, where his clearly shown pectoral muscles are.

Kururai does indeed wear pretty standard clothes, differing from just his long-coat V-neck boots gloves and all that jazzy stuff combo. Regardless, they are nearly always black. Even his undergarments o.o .


Kind: Kururai's main trait is his capacity to be kind. His benevolence is known to all those who are close to him. Despite his massive heart, philosophically speaking, Kururai only shows such kindness to those he genuinely cares about and knows deeply.

Caring: Speaking of caring, Kururai is known to be intolerably caring for certain objects. Yes, objects is written quite clearly here. Kururai doesn't show any definite care for living things, save for animals. Kururai is extremely sentimental towards inanimate objects.

Sentiment: For a previous "God of Death", as the name 'Shinigami' would proclaim, Kururai shows obvious sentiment far too often. For example, his trusted Zanpakuto. Despite it being only natural that a person with such a powerful weapon would hold it dearingly close to them, or have great care for it, Kururai takes it to the next level. He withholds his weapon ridiculously close to him. He brings it everywhere he goes, even when going to sleep. Anything else he holds love for, that is, if it is inanimate, usually, he gives it far too much attention.

Animal Affinity: Kururai is an animal lover, through and through. If any mammal, as the mammal is his favorite type of animal, were to come up to him, regardless of if it's mean to him or abusive towards him, Kururai would treat it with unrelenting kindness. Even if this display of affection were to be in public. He would go through many trials and tests just to save an animal, had he come across one that was in such a situation.

Black: Black, obviously, is Kururai's favorite colour. Anything he gets, he preferably obtains it in black. Even his zanpakuto, in all forms, base state, shikai, or bankai, is black all over, with the exception of the occasional white colouration. That, however, is shown in only small doses. All his clothes possess black as the main colour. Just about everything on him is black. His hair is black too! Of course, his eyes a red, which is generally quite unnatural of a person, and his hair is far too beautifully smooth to be declared humane, but had he been given the chance, he'd be willing to make his eyes black.

Narcissistic: despite many of his selfless characteristics, Kururai loves himself unconditionally, to an unhealthy extent. He especially holds his youthful looks, despite his old age, in high regards. His narcissistic characteristic overrules any other trait of his.

Sarcastic: Kururai tends to be sarcastic when replying.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)
  • Level (1, 2, 3)

Once Upon A Time

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Kururai Osamerukami
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