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 Kururai's Zanpakuto

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PostSubject: Kururai's Zanpakuto   Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:03 pm

Sealed Description

Release Phrase:Rise, Satachi.

Family-Type: Unknown
Sub-Type" Constant Release - Dual Wield

Shikai Description:
Shikai Special Ability: Enhanced Adaptation--

This is for Captains and if only you've achieved Bankai.

Bankai: Satachi Hayakami
Bankai Special Ability:The bankai's inherent ability affects Kururai's actual thought processing. If an ability were to be used , only if it were to be directed at Kururai himself, regardless of whether the intention was offensive, defensive, or the actual ability was offensive or defensive, etc., so long as it involved Kururai, he would be able to begin to understand the inner workings of the ability or technique. Furthermore, replication of that ability, so long as it's within Kururai's realm of capabilities, is possible, so long as he completely understands it. Attempting an ability or technique without completely understanding it is also possible, but it would be a dangerous attempt. All in all, the Bankai grants Kururai a lessened form of Intuitive Aptitude, if at all. The replicated abilities takes 10 posts to use, and all 10 posts must be in the same thread. If the battle ends before 10 posts while Kururai is in bankai mode, he cannot replicate the ability in it's best initial potential. If he comes across the ability in bankai mode again, it will only take 5 posts rather than 10, but once again, it must be in the same thread. The first time the replicated ability is used, the effectiveness is only at 10%. Each usage increases it by 10%, capping off at 100%. If the ability is replicated before complete understanding (can only be replicated before complete understanding if after 5 posts in the initial encounter), naturally there will be consequences. Depending on the nature and difficulty of the ability, more harsh consequences may occur, such as full-blown backfire. If replicated successfully (consequences are still applied, but if the ability is still used without complete backfire) the effectiveness is at 5%. Any uses afterwords will not have a total-backfire consequence, but other consequences are still applicable, such as major Reiryoku drain, physical impairment, mental impairment, sensual impairment, etc.. None of the abilities replicated may be stronger than the original, unless they wholly depend on reiryoku/reishi. If Kururai happens to be able to use more reiryoku/reishi (etc.) in the attack (only if the effectiveness has already reached 100%) then naturally, it may be stronger. All the Replicated Abilities can only be used in bankai state. Naturally, upon entering Bankai state, Kururai's full Reiryoku, which is an overwhelmingly high amount well above standard captain level, is released. (cannot replicate Shikai/Bankai etc. Special Abilities)


Replicated Abilities

霊的圧力施行 ~ Spiritual Pressure Enforcement
Reiteki Atsuryoku Shikō, A.K.A Spiritual Pressure Enforcement, stabilizes the user's spiritual pressure, and may help replenish it. It acts as an enhanced form of meditation as well, shortening the time it takes to fully meditate, depending on what the meditating user is attempting to achieve . It is especially useful in long battles. If Kururai borderlines a state where he may very well nearly be forced out of Bankai State, he could use this technique, and if used constantly, without a major fluctuation in spiritual pressure (anything that takes more reiryoku, or fluctuates his reiryoku more than Shunpo counts as major) Kururai could replenish his reiryoku fully in 15 posts. If he reduces movement to a bare minimum while using this ability, replenishment can take as little as 10 posts. If he manages to subconsciously use this technique while resting, he may fully replenish in as little as 5-7 posts, depending on how much foreign spiritual particles or spiritual pressure has been assimilated into him.

霊力加速 ~ Spiritual Power Acceleration
Reiryoku Accel is essentially the outburst of one's reiryoku in a specified direction, increasing their speed dramatically. It can be used in non-conventional means as well, such as lessening a blow to the side, by bursting one's reiryoku in the direction they are soon to impact. It can also be used to decelerate in speed, or even shield them from a moderately damaging blow, as the reiryoku may cancel out the attack. It can be used offensively, being able to crush those who have low enough resistance to spiritual pressure, while the user has an overwhelming reiryoku themself. As Zaraki Kenpachi was able to bring some to their knees by just releasing his spiritual pressure, this ability may replicate similar effects without needing so much reiryoku, since it concentrates and bursts in a specific direction. Though simple in design, there are a vast number of utilisations that this technique is capable of, so long as the user is a good enough innovator.

Kidou Techniques:

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Kururai's Zanpakuto
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