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 Papa Imo

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Papa Imo

---The Almighty Potatoe shall rule over you---

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Papa Imo
Shinigami Aliases: "That one really obsessed guy"
Gender: Male
Age: 238
Birth Date: 2/30
Rank Status: Lieutenant

Affiliated Division: Seventh


To put it simply, Papa Imo does not look quite like anyone else in the Seireitei. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone similar to him in a very large section of the Spiritual World. In life, he was a simple Irish potato farmer, content to farm his crop and keep things going. In death, he retains his musculature that he developed while breaking his back for harvesting his bumper potato crops. His hair is red. Not dull red or anything boring like that, but vibrant, fiery red. His immaculate beard has survived the transition as well.

His face is wrinkled and browned from the all the sunlight he was in while working. His eyes are a dull forest green that look like they've been set in the stone that is his face. Despite that, his face, most of the time, looks kindly. His shoulders broad, his back strong, he makes an imposing figure for most of those who hailed from Japan in life.


Papa Imo is the epitome of sanity. I mean, if you were to look up the word sanity in the dictionary, you'd find the definition for sanity, and where there are examples of the word used in a sentence you would most certainly find, "Papa Imo is the most sane Shinigami that ever lived." If he wrote it in there, of course. An outside observer can't understand the high level of sanity that is present in his mind. After all, none of them understand the Great Underground One. For this Shinigami in the seventh division, he feels as though he was judged and found unworthy by the Almighty Potatoe, and thus was doomed to serve an eternal afterlife of servitude to its cause. In short, he considers himself to be a prophet of the Great Brown One, and does all that he can to promote the following of it. At current count, membership in the Almighty Potatoe Club is exactly 1.

His actions are considered quite abnormal for a Shinigami, as he does everything to further the good of potatoes, and further the good of farmland, rather than furthering the goals of the Gotei or the Soul King or the Soul Society. Potatoes are love, potatoes are life, and everything that he has ever known he attributes to them. He suffered through the Irish Potatoe Famine, and as a result, he fears the wrath of his god. Nothing could ever be more fear inducing than to have a potatoe speak to him face to face rather than just in his dreams.

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview

  • Level (3)
  • Level (3)
  • Level (2)
  • Level (1)
         -Constant Release Level 1
  • Level (0)

Once Upon A Time

Papa Imo was a simple man for most of his life, a simple man of simple tastes, who knew nothing of how the world worked or functioned. He was born to a family of potato farmers in Ireland, on the date of 2/30. The year was 1835. When he was little, he was simply referred to as “Little Imo”, and worked with his brothers and sisters to maintain the crops and keep them healthy. He was big for his age, but that simply let him work harder and longer. He was a simple boy then, unaware of the events to come. The work was backbreaking, brutal, and very, very hot. Imo was, however, nothing if not determined. He worked and toiled without much complaint for the next ten years in relative peace. He was not prepared for what was to come though.

In the year of 1845, disaster struck. What would soon be known as “The Irish Potato Famine” had begun. That was what the rest of the world called it. The Irish had another name for it; Gorta Mór, the Great Hunger. The next seven years were hell on Earth for Little Imo. His family; his mother, father, brothers and sisters, and he himself all fought to grow enough food for themselves. They could barely even do that, let alone sell their crop for money. The rot, the disease that pervaded their fields, destroyed everything and anything that touched it. Imo’s father passed during this time, his body could not keep up. He died in his sleep. It was at this point in his life that Imo found religion. Despite the fact that he was an Irishman, he was not catholic. It was odd, not unheard of, but odd. It was during the toils and trials that Imo discovered who god was. It was simple, and had been in plain sight for these many years. It was the god of Potatoes that had protected them, and now, they had done something to incur his wrath.

For the next several years, Imo worked feverishly to appease the angered god. He worked now with a zealous passion, having found the one he was to serve, and suddenly the world was open to him. Everything was potato, and potato was everything. They used it for food, for sustenance, for coin, and even for drink, on the occasion. Finally, it seemed like the god of Potatoes was satisfied, for on 1852, the blight ended. The next few decades were spent cultivating the farm into something worthy of the potato god, it was Imo’s form of worship. It was around this time that he took his current name, Papa Imo, for he was the father of a farm of potatoes. They were his flock, he their shepherd. However, like all things, it did not last. Papa Imo died in the year of 1865, at the age of thirty.

However, it seemed like his work was not done yet. He was not moved to the Field of Golden Potatoes, he was . . . still in his farm? He was confused. Had he done something wrong? It was not till he encountered a frightening beast that he learned the truth. They were black with white masks, holes in their chests, evil beasts. . . He had never seen anything like them. However, they appeared to be messing with his potatoes. That wouldn’t stand. So, with a shout of anger and blasphemy, he slugged one in the face. His hand was hurt, but he somehow managed to both damage the mask and send the creature flying! He grinned. It was obvious what they were now. Potato demons, spirits who haunted the crop and made it die. They were the manifestation of the Rot, the evilness that had pervaded his fields for all those years. Now, it was payback time.

However, before he could continue his beatdown, a figure in black appeared, and dispatched the beasts. Upon questioning, the man, for that was what he was, revealed himself as one Kakrin Kokuyo. It was an odd name, but then again, so was the man. He spoke of the beings, “Hollows” he called them, and of what his job was. He was a “Shinigami”, which apparently made him a god of death. Imo could become one of them, if he went to the “Rukongai”, whatever that was. Having found his new calling in life, to rid the world of the Potatoe Demons once and for all, he accepted the man’s offer. He was Konsoed. The next few years, Imo spent going through the Shinigami Academy, training for the day he could join the Potatoe King’s army.

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PostSubject: Re: Papa Imo   Papa Imo Icon_minitimeSat Aug 31, 2013 7:52 pm


Lets start.

First of all, I noticed a bit of a error in your combat styles. You see, constant release can only be purchases if you have 1) Bankai and 2) Level 2 in Zanpaktou. As a Lieutenant you do not start with Bankai and you aim for Level 1 in Zanpaktou so I'm afraid you can't have constant release.

Next we got those minimum requirements which you matched.

Although I consider your appearance to be okay, I would like you to add how tall your character is and how much does he weight as those are important aspects in role playing. Also, what does he wear? He can't actually walk around naked in Seretei. Does he wear regular Shinigami clothing or something customized? If customized, do elaborate as in which way.

Your personality...well, certainly unique...I don't know where to start. Well, is he a social person? I've read it and it made me think, if some one came to him and greeted him, what would have he done? He is a former farmer who worships the Potato God, that is all that your personality tells me, it needs some work. Also, how exactly is he sane? Based on well, your own personality, he doesn't quite seem like someone sane.

Papa Imo ____E_v_o_l_u_t_i_o_n_____by_God_Like_Phoenix
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Papa Imo
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