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 Jin Hoshigawa

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Jin Hoshigawa
Jin Hoshigawa

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Shinigami Template

Jin Hoshigawa

---He's not an upright Dog, but an on all fours dog.---

Shinigami Encyclopedia


Birth Name: [Jin Hoshigawa.]
Shinigami Aliases: The Stray Dog
Gender: Male
Age: [450]
Birth Date: Oct 20th
Rank Status: Captain

Affiliated Division: 10th division

Appearance: In most scenarios Jin is garnered in his shinigami uniform, and normally stays in uniform for all occasions. However, in the off chance he is sent to the human world, and he must mingle, he dones something completely different that contrasts well with his physical shell. This starts with. Jin always wearing sunglasses. The color in which he wears always varies with each day. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays he wears a white pair of white glasses, and on the other days, like Tuesday and Thursday, he wears a pair of black sunglasses. Moving to his ears, he has six piercing all together. Three gold ring’s pierced threw each ear. These rings are made out of the finest gold. Coming from his father long ago, Jin wears them in memory of his deeds for the village. As we get farther down on out journey through his clothing, we come across his neck. Wrapped around Jin’s neck are bandages. What he hides beneath the bandages is a secret. No one but the people that lived from that incident long ago would know just what’s under them.

Moving on, we get to the torso of this young man. Jin wears three different garments on his upper half. These three different garments are all made out of different material and all have their own individual purpose on the young man’s body. Starting with the black tank top. This semi-long shirt is made out of the softest cotton, but also made thick enough that it couldn't be worn down by just anything. It would take a brand new, sharpened knife to completely cut through this shirt. It’s purpose is to make the next pieces comfortable for Jin. This tank top can also be used so Jin can fight without something pulling on his body. The two other garments that reside on his torso are what make his outfit different and give people an easier way of pointing him out to others. The first is a long trench coat that reaches down to about his knees. This over-coat is used mainly to house his weapons, hiding them behind the jean like material. The over-coat is locked with a zipper until it hits about the waist. The coat is laced with metal and lockets going all over, these are merely for decoration and hold absolutely no meaning what so ever.

The other garment he wears, that is strictly for decoration. It’s simply a jacket, and this jacket only reaches to about his waist. Whenever he wears it, it’s always zipped to the top. At the top of the jacket, and on the sleeves at the wrist part, is fur. This all white fur makes for the perfect look, and just seems to play perfectly with the young mans own hair. In any case, moving onward, we get to the Jin’s pants. These never change in design, but only in color. His jeans are usually tight around the thighs, but then become loose around the shins and calves. These are pretty plain, black jeans that keep themselves from falling off of his waist, while covering his entire lower half. These jeans also come in white, red, and gray. All colors that seemingly match with the rest of his clothes while also allowing him to hide and stay hidden in certain areas that he’s assigned to.

Lastly, we get to his feet. He wears the normal black sandals, nothing too fancy. Black sandals to match with the rest of his clothes. Finally, we reach the end of our tour through the clothing choices of the mysterious and cunning shinigami that is Jin Hoshigawa.

Physical body:

Back again, and this time we’re going over much more than just his clothes. Oh no, we’re gonna go over just what makes this man look the way he does. Why he weighs the way he weighs, and why he’s so d**n tall. Well, maybe not that into detail, but just listen. Jin stands at an average height of five eleven. He’s not too tall, and he’s not too short. Frankly, he likes his height and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Not even world peace. Screw the world. His skin tone, it really changes with the season. During the summer, he can go from being the tannest, most luscious looking man, to the most pale, cold, and scary looking man. While the change can go from extremely tan to extremely pale, it can also go from hardly tan to hardly pale. Like that mix of both. Moving on, we get to Jin’s hair. Clean, short and cut to reach just the top of his neck, where his jaw line starts. His hair is a startling, and beautiful silver color. Seemingly made by the gods with their own hands, Jin can keep his hair spiked, or laid down in a spiked fashion with no worries or troubles what-so-ever. His hair, it also almost feels like silk, always washed with the finest shampoo, Jin makes sure he’s in the most top condition, physically, mentally, and when it comes to hygiene too.

Next, we move to his eyes. Deep, they almost seem hateful. Cold, and yet, they show the most care that anyone has ever seen. Silent, and yet they speak louder than any speaker could. Yes, Jin’s eyes were like this. They were his life, they were his mouth, his feelings, and his emotions. The dark crimson colored hues always stare off into space, reminiscing on the past, they show pain, love, hate, and friendship. They are his history, they are his life. Oh, we’re not done yet with the mans face. His nose is curved until the tip, in which it boxes out and then curves the rest of the way until the top of his lip. Speaking of which, the man has soft, pink colored lips. However, like his skin tone, these also change with the season. When it becomes cold, his lips become a pale pink, while during the heat, spring time and summer, his lips become a dark pink, like they were filled with life after just being drained of it. Now, as we reached the end of Jin’s facial features, there is still one last thing to talk about. His chin, and jaw line. Firm, defined, and straight as can be, there isn’t a jaw line or chin more lovely than this one. Unlike his father, Jin did not get the infamous, and so unappealing butt chin. But rather, he got a curved, smooth chin and curved jaw line. Thankfully, to play well, he doesn’t get any type of facial hair, making the smoothness of his chin and jaw line all the more appealing.

Moving south, we go back over the bandages. Now, what is under these bandages that the young man refuses to show. What hideous deformity is hidden beneath this cloth. Well, nothing he was born with that’s for sure. No, but rather something that he was branded with. It wasn’t by some freaked ritual, and it wasn’t some gang that decided to attack the poor young man. Rather, it was from his past. Underneath lie the scar, and implanted metal from a freak accident when the young man was young. Metal is lodged into the back of his neck, skin over lapping the metal making it literally impossible to remove without endangering his life. Keeping it inside, Jin lives with it every day of his life.

Getting past that, we move to the rest of the regularities. Jin’s shoulders, like the rest of his body is toned and kept in peak condition. His shoulders aren’t the biggest, and strongest, but they’re fit. Like his chest, the toned, small pecks of his man really help with the rest of his body. Some say he should really put some meet on his bones, but what more meat does one need other than the muscle you’re graced with? Jin doesn’t waste anything, and as such he only eats what he needs to get through. To keep himself healthy while saving everything else. His stomach, now this is everything to the young shinigami. He loves his body, in the most heterosexual way he can. Toned abs, the solid muscle can take some of the hardest punches from other shinigami. This just go’s to show you. Staying in shape isn’t just a waste of time. The other portion of his upper half that is fit to the core are his arms. His triceps are solid, his biceps are toned, and his forearms are amazingly defined. Also, like his neck, his right hand was also scarred from the incident. One can see the hold from the incident in his hand, a scar to remember his weakness back then. However, something that Jin has on his left arm, that he also wanted for the longest time is the tattoo of a scorpion. The small, yet dangerous animal is drawn across his left bicep. Signifying despite being small, you can still be killed.

Such mishaps. Anyway, moving on to the final stop on his mans body, we get to his legs. No trace of fat anyway, from all of the running, and training he does, his legs are the fittest and most fat free portions of the man. The physical capabilities of the man is all thanks to his legs. The way his calves are formed, thick and yet defined just like his biceps. His thighs, strong, able to lift four hundred pounds alone with his legs with absolutely no assistance from another person. Well, that about does it for the physical aspect of Jin Hoshigawa.

--- Likes --
Now this is a wide ranged topic for Jin. His likes, well what doesn't he like is probably the best way to put this. Jin likes food, he loves to eat. It brings him joy, and even more joy when he eats so much, and it doesn't leave a trace of fat or effect on his body. He likes to keep to himself on occasion, to simply walk away and be alone.

So much that it can override any type of fear that is placed within his mind. Kind of like that counter to ones weakness, this is that. Next on the list, family. Jin loves his family. He loved his brother, he loves his father and his mother, and he loves every woman on the earth. Oh don’t even get him started on that. Despite looking cold and hateful, Jin is a sweet, and kind man toward any woman. While some get more attention than others(The ones that are blazing hot in particular) he still loves all woman. They’re what make a man, a man. Well, with that simple touch up on his likes, we move on to our next stop.

--- Love ---
This topic, in terms of a life partner is very touchy for Jin. In his lifetime, he’s dated seventeen girls, and he broke up seventeen times. This is because of one thing, that d**n deformity on the back of his neck. They always asked, ‘What’s with the bandages and everything time he answered by showing them, and every time he was dumped via bird or call. And every time he kept his head up. Jin is never the one to stay down for too long, they were just shallow. It’s the same routine every time around. He’s not given up on finding love, but he’s just stopped trying. If there were to be someone, even for him, they’ll find him. Some way or another.

--- Dedication ---
Hm, dedication. This word, though simple to understand, has so many meanings. From the simplest to training methods, to the most severe relationships. Let’s start with the more simple of dedications. The training dedication of the young man is pretty basic. He trains in the morning, takes a break mid-day, and then trains in the evening. He makes sure that he regulates the amount of running and lifting he does. He is always looking to improve physically.

Even if it means pushing himself past the limit that he’s been stopped at more than once. The next bit of dedication that has also been used by this man is the dedication that many consider the most important thing. Dedication to the one you love. This dedication, Jin knows all to well. He executes it with the most swiftness and care one could ever give, and he does it with the most gentle of ways. Jin follows through with his dedication, he makes sure that they are number one and that they get what they want. Jin doesn't take orders, but he also does not give them. He suggests and accepts suggestions. This is the dedication that is developed by the young man.

--- Ambitious ---
Ambitious doesn't even start to describe just what this man has going on in his mind. Jin has so many goals, dreams, aspirations, and anything else that happens to be a synonym to the word, or words that describe Ambitious. He wants it all. To lead a team, to marry a beautiful woman that accepts him for who he is and what he does. He wants to have kids, and watch his kids have kids. Which may be centuries down the rode, but that doesn't stop him from dreaming.

He wants to make them into fine shinigami like himself(and hopefully like his mother). These are all the ambitions that thrive within the working, ticking, exploratory mind that is Jin Hoshigawa. And he doesn’t end there either. Ambitions are what make the foundation of aspirations possible. But they’re also the core of some hate, the hate that other souls once had and shared. The goals may be different, but the core in which it is developed from is all the same.

--- Envy/Jealousy ---
Oh, now this is a fun topic. Jealousy, One of the seven deadly sins that can make any good, truly kind person into a vicious, ruthless and hateful person. This is Jin. Jin is, as bad as it is, a jealous and furious person when it comes to anything that makes someone jealous. And it could be the little things too. If someone is talking to him, a girl in particular, and then starts talking to someone else mid sentence, it makes Jin extremely jealous. That’s the main case, a few other occasions may, or may not arise, but in most cases Jin can hide, and maintain his jealousy. But if the case listed above happens to rear it’s ugly head, you best believe Jin will show his jealousy by making the other male(or female) look like a total idiot. Sadly, in most cases it just makes Jin look immature. Anyway, moving past this setback.

--- Pride/Self-overrated --
This is a very subtle drawback to Jin’s personality, and it rarely shows up on the outside world. Jin has his prideful moments, and almost all the time these moments happen inside the sanctity of his own home. Thank god. He’ll sit in front of the mirror for at times, twenty, thirty minutes just staring at himself. It’s funny really, Jin knows he is a good looking guy, and if not for that deformity, if that’s what you can even call it, he’d surely have one to call his wife by now. Maybe the girls would get fed up with his jealous acts, but not with how he looked. And knowing this, he sometimes expresses it freely.

--- Sloth/Lazy tendencies ---
Woo, somewhat of a contradictory section of his personality. What many would relate to Sloth, and what makes this so ironic is the fact that Jin can be very lazy. In fact, if he’s not dedicated to something or someone at the moment in time all Jin wants to do is sit around, or sleep. Truthfully, until training starts, or during the intervals of his training. If he doesn't have a mission, sleeping or just sitting around is exactly what he does. He passes it off as, ‘a shinigami needs their rest to replenish any lost stamina' But in reality it’s just Jin being lazy, and wanting to get away from the methods of improvement he’s already set for himself. Also, like his wasteful mind set, Jin may not finish something through because of not being as dedicated to it as some other things. He may even blow it off completely and go do something more interesting to him that is also on his list of ‘things to do.

--- Realistic ---
This is one of Jin’s most preferred traits that some others seem to note rather quickly. Jin is very realistic and rational. While at times this can be rude, because he doesn't say what could happen, he states what’s going to happen unless a change is made. He may say the most likely outcome, but you will never hear him say what others want to hear because it'll save face. He thinks that if one doesn't hear the worst, they won’t strive for the best.

If someone hears that they’re family will die, will they not try and stop it from happening. But if someone hears that they’re family might survive, will they try as hard? Jin doesn't think so, and that is what spawns the calm, and intuitive mind that tells those who think hopefully and those who don’t do, just think, that they’re wrong. However, Jin does hold his words if they’re not called for. If someone did just lose someone close, he will not say ‘Get over it' because frankly, that’s just not possible. .

Fighting Style

Combat Style Overview Jin typically mixes three of the four basic shinigami arts together/ Zanjutsu, Shunpo, and Kido and only sparingly using Hakuda. Jin loves to use bakudo, using shunpo to dart around, and keeping his zanpakuto ready to seal finishing, but not lethal(most of the time), blows.

  • Level 3
  • Level 1
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
    Kendou: Sanshin
    -#1: Nadegiri
    -#2: Sukigiri

  • Kido
  • Level 2
    -Nijū Eishō

Once Upon A Time

--- The birth of a sinner ---

The date was October twentieth, it was a sunny, bright fall day in the village. The hospital had just reported the birth of Jin Hoshigawa, his father and mother, and even his older brother were all very proud of the young baby boy. His stunning silver pieces of hair, and those dark crimson eyes stared off into the world after his crying had ended. This day was so momentous, and a joyous occasion. The cheers lasted all night, and from that point the young baby boy would gradually take his first running steps into the world. He’d become an assassin, and one of the best, but before we get too ahead of ourselves, lets re look at the events that led to this point shall we?

The young baby boy had just turned five. His older brother, Zeek Hoshigawa had just taken down his first man. Trained to be an Assassin. The young thirteen year old was so happy, and so were his parents. Only able to comprehend a little bit of the basics, Zeek taught his younger brother some of the things he learned, while playing with him. The hours seemed to pass, and while the young man practiced, Jin slept. This was the life that his older brother had chosen, and this would shape the path that Jin would take as well. His parents, they were also both Assassins. His father was off on a mission, while his mother stayed home and made dinner. Jin slept, and every time his father would come home and wake him up with something different. It was a tradition that his father seemed to keep up with, and this time was no different. Waking, Jin ran out of the room only to see his father sitting at the table with a rock, this huge grin spreading across his face. This rock was beautiful. It was a light blue, turquoise color. Soft shades of brown played across the bottom and seemed to just demonstrate what the Earth country had to offer. Zeek always had gotten jealous that Jin had gotten something, while he got pats on the back. They’re father always said ‘You’re an assassin now, you need to start working for yourself. It was a slowly building gauge that would soon overtake the older brother, and would make him become nothing but, well, a jerk. From that point, the gauge was full, and using his newly found element, Zeek was going to mess with his little brother until he broke from mental stress.

Jin was seven now, he was going to begin at the academy within the upcoming year and wanted his father to teach him so he could breeze through the years. However, his father was always busy. He asked his mother, and she was also too busy. She started her rain as an assassin once again, and had no time to help her youngest son. She always said, ask Zeek. But something told Jin he just couldn't, that his brother didn't like him. But, enough was enough, he wanted help and so he asked Zeek. His brother agreed, and used this time to begin his torture on the young child. He said stand by the edge of the house, conveniently away from the door and using this, he attacked his younger brother by snapping a whip at him. What Zeek didn't know was that this would soon end in a horrible accident, and his younger brother would be scarred by more than just the demoralizing actions from his older brother.

Chasing his brother inside, he now used his metal weapons. Shuriken, and kunai. But, he didn't hit Jin. What he hit was the new store of gun powder his father had received. He had used too much force and in a sudden burst, the gun powder exploded and the two young boys were blown against the wall. Zeek was burned harshly across his face, while Jin was only blown to the water, a few cuts and scars forming on his cheeks. The home that the two boys lived at all their lives so far was now on fire. The two were separated by a wall of flame, Jin cried out, he was scared, scared for his home, his brother, and himself. Tears were enough to hit the floor and simply sizzle away. Zeek, tired and out of breath fell to the floor. The smoke was getting to him, and the lack of air was becoming too much. The metal on the ceiling fell in chunks. Big and small. Crouched over, Jin still cried. His cries for his mother and father being drowned out by the roar of the flame, his hair was beginning to burn away from the heat. And then it happened. The metal from the ceiling was still falling, and somehow one of the pieces shifted ever so slightly and fell onto the boys neck. Shaped like a long bowl, it molded into the skin and made the boy cry even louder.

Luckily, the cries weren't wasted. Passing men from the village were out scouting some of the lower parts of the village, and they witnessed the fire. One ran to get more help while the other lept into action, saving the two boys from the fire. Jin fainted by this time. His mind was cut severely and his brother was injured badly. When his parents returned, the two were devastated. Neither could believe that this could have happened. What caused the fire. Zeek, feeling even more hatred for his brother lied and said that Jin was throwing kunai and shuriken in the house. Practicing he said, and it hit the powder. His parents, they didn't know what to think. Could this be real? Jin was in a coma for over a week. His mind needed time to cope, and during this time the doctors did the best that they could to remove the metal.

His parents, despite deceived by a lie, would not let the doctors take a chance to remove the metal. Because the metal was fused to Jin’s skin by that time, it could have killed him if they had removed it and tried to reconstruct the back of his neck. From that point, the two parents kept their eye’s on Jin, while keeping Zeek in their care while he recovered form the tragedy.

--- Time to settle in ---

It had been five years after that incident. Jin was now an assassin, and a highly skilled one with no help from his parents. Studying with himself, and the friends he made it within the academy, the newly made assassin would lead his life like his father and mother had. Respected and true to their cause. Even still, Jin did not hate his brother. Despite him being that almighty douche bag he was, he didn't hold ill feelings. In fact, he used this to further himself. Some sort of goal that he would have. Be better than his brother ever was. Even if he couldn't, there was always a dream.

As days passed, Jin was slowly creeping to yet another tragedy that would befall him and only further his mental collapse. Sure, the tragic day that passed exactly five years ago was gone, and all that scarred him still was the metal latched to his neck. But still, no matter how many days pass, nothing can replace the sadness, and helplessness that was distilled into the young boy. He was careless, maybe it was his fault. If he hadn’t run into the home, then it wouldn’t be gone. His brother wouldn’t have that scar, and Jin wouldn’t have the metal plate. Nah, Jin didn’t feel that way all the time. In fact, he shook that thought away every time it popped in.

Sadly, within the next few days, jin's older brother, Zeek would die in ironically the exact that saved him five years ago. Water. Being crowned by some crazy man, Zeek couldn't breath and guess who was there to witness it. Jin, Jin was to meet his brother at the spot, and in that time the man killed Zeek. Jin once again, feeling helpless and afraid, blanked. When he awoke, the man was dead and so was Zeek.

--- Leaving the home ---

It was five years after his brothers death. B This was it, he was free. But in the time when he was in the home, the village was left is disarray. The leader before, a wise and respected man was murdered brutally by another man seeking power. Taking his spot as the leader, he imprisoned all who opposed him. while he did rebuild, he also crushed all hopes and dreams. But not for Jin, oh no....He wasn't going down.

Only a couple months after the young man promised to rid his home land of that evil doer, He was struck down by disease. He was told he could live so long as he stayed in bed. Did he listen, hell no. He needed to get stronger, he needed to become what his father was. Strong, a true leader. Not like that coward! After a few days, the sickness became worse. This was it, he couldn't go on. With the last breaths, the last days, Jin died peacefully in his sleep. His soul carried over into the next.

--- Life as a soul ---

Jin was sent to soul society right away by a female Shinigami. He hadn't caught her name, but he had felt that they would once more lay eyes in the near distant future. He could hardly remember what she looked like before his spirit body was transferred to soul society. His eyes widened at the mere sight of the place, but he quickly fell into a deep sleep. His memory of his past life no longer in his mind, he lived then only to live as a soul and soon, train to become a shinigami.

It had been one hundred years since he was first transported to the soul society. His body matured, but only by two or three years it seemed. He was still young, and now, he would never truly grow 'Old'. His attention was sparked when he heard of the shinigami Academy held by many other shinigamis. He didn't know why, but he had the urge, the sensation to go and join. To no avail, it was the hardest thing he has ever done.

Jin lived on his own in soul society. His cold and heartless soul stayed in tact, and he was avoided by many in his days in the academy. He whizzed through the combat hand to hand practice, but when it came to Kidō, he was last in all the scores. Though, he wasn't bad in all forms of Kidō. He had a knack for binding, and yet, never wanted to learn it.

Jin's swordsmanship was outstanding, and his hand to hand ability was exceptional as well for recent graduates. His abilities never reached it's apex like he wanted, but he was still noticed by the many captains, but eventually joined the seventh division. His tenacity, and hellish courage to take on any challenge was enough for them to accept him into their ranks. However, soon after Jin received his nickname, "The Stray Dog". He could never stay in a group and would no sooner than entering the mission's area he could take off on his own. For a couple centuries this never really caused a problem.

It was a hot afternoon, Jin once again training to learn the name of his Zanpakuto, when he was interrupted by a beautiful shinigami girl. Her zanpakuto short, but wide. She had caught an interest in Jin, but Jin didn't know what to do. Ever since his past life, which he cannot recall, He had never spoken to anyone, much less a girl. Of course, he didn't leave her to feel awkward. He kept the answers short, wondering when she would think he was weird and leave.

Suddenly through the chit chat, a soft voice rang in his ear. 'You need to be more well spoken!' The voice called out. Jin was confused, and asked back. 'Who are you?' In a daze, he replied. Jin responded to it, but out loud, suddenly, his zanpakuto glowed brightly, becoming a long, red and black katana.

The girl looked dazed, Jin as well. Looking at her, He shrugged and told her that he had just awoken his Zanpkauto. She laughed and bowed respectively, leaving him to finish his training. Something about her made him want to smile, but he didn't. He kept his cool glaze looking forward and finished up the training. Nothing special happening so far...boy was it long over due though.

---Bankai History!---
--- Zetsumei’s History ---
Zetsumei has been there from day one. He was there when Jin had to save his friend, Zetsumei was there when he first called out to Jin during an intense training session and Jin couldn’t seem to talk to the female shinigami that came up to him. He was there to save his life, and he was there to push him to beat that horrid Hollow. Zetsumei is exactly like Jin in one simple respect, they both detest fighting. Zetsumei fulfills what Jin is missing and vice versa for Zetsumei with Jin. This is the story of one of their final trials to become one; the story of Jin obtaining Bankai.

See, unlike many of the other shinigami that Jin had come across said they had to fight their Zanpakuto. Jin didn’t want to, and neither did Zetsumei, he always said that he was above that needless violence, and so was Jin. So instead Zetsumei forced Jin into a battle of not brawn, but wits and true soul. Jin agreed, and the three tests began.

Test one – The fight for thy Soul
The test began with Zetsumei pitting Jin into a memory. This test would grant Jin the ability to call upon Bankai, but not too use his techniques. Jin looked around; he was no longer a shinigami, but a child. He wondered what had happened, turning his head, he saw Zetsumei staring intently forward, turning his head, he saw his older brother Zeek. Jin’s feet coupled underneath from him, he stumbled back and began running. Zetsumei’s voice rang clearly, but seemed to start fading. ’Do not run, stand strong. Fight this, face your fear of your brother. Show him the man you’ve becom…’ The moment Zetsumei’s voice left Jin, Jin understood what needed to be done.

It wasn’t easy, but he couldn’t allow this memory to taunt him. Jin turned, throwing his arm to his side, and in a flash of light he was no longer a child but a man. Facing his older brother, he pulled him into a hug. The memory blinked and struggled for a moment before Jin nodded. The memory stopped resisting and smiled, almost as if a soul had been put to rest. Jin let a tear drop trickle down his cheek before the deathly home of Zetsumei returned. Test one was finished. ’To confront thy fear head on, and to not show fear, or anger, but compassion, you accept that your soul not to be blamed. To control ones emotions is to control the tree of life and death.’ Zetsumei was preaching to the choir, Jin understood.

--- Test two – The fight for one’s heart ---
Now, you must face your fear…all of them. Can you prepare yourself in time Jin nodded and finished trembling from the moment before. Jin looked around when a blaze of flame roared from the bottom to the roof. His eyes lost their soul, and above him the flame began to take its toll on the metal framing. Jin couldn’t bear the sight of this tragedy. It was not only a memory, but his worst fear of all. Trapped in a flaming, thundering roar, Jin cried out before the voice of his mother and father came into fruition. ’Jin, it’ll be alright…your brother will be alright. He’s alright…Please son, come back to us…’ Jin couldn’t bare it. He grasped the firm cloth of his hilt, looked above, and swung fiercely just as a large piece of metal came crashing into the wooden floor. Cutting across the metal plate, Jin rubbed the back of his neck before stabbing the blade into the ground, disbursing the flame into a soft churring spark before Jin stomped it out. ’You have opened your heart to the fear of losing control. To embark thy self into the fear of death, you can now control the bearer of fruit.’ Zetsumei recited once more. The final test was about to bring itself on.

Test three – The test for one’s mind
The third and final test for Jin to take control over his own destiny and finally prove them all wrong. he test of intelligence; to best Zetsumei himself in a match of…’Chess…I’ve taken a like to the human came from watching through you.’ Jin didn’t know how to react, happy, or sad. He knew the game, but Zetsumei was a genius in his own respect, strategy was his key. Jin couldn’t give up now though, it was now or never.

Taking the board, Zetusmei turned himself into a more humanoid form while Jin readied the board. Setting the pieces, Zetsumei went first. Jin mimicked his moves, taking a piece here and there while Zetsumei took two and three. Jin was no slouch when it came to brains, but Zetsumei was in essence, Jin. A little slow to the start, it clicked for Jin. One and the same. It was not Jin who was mimicking Zetsumei, but Zetsumei who was mimicking Jin. He’d copy him by knowing where Jin would go, to fool Jin into making foolish mistakes. Laughing to himself, Jin began to make up moves sporadically. Never giving Zetsumei a chance to watch Jin formulate, while he was calculating moves, it was never after his turn, but during his turned. Zetsumei made his final move, and Jin moved his Queen. Castle to the front, Queen to the side. Knight on the corner. The game was over. Jin had won, and better yet, he best Zetsumei. ’Very good Jin. You have beaten my series of tests. You have my powers to use, and use them well or I’ll take them back and cut the connection.

--- Final arch - Shinigami life ---

Jin was now 450, he had been promoted to the tenth division captain position after a long, grueling three day test held by other captains. Despite being new to the whole taichou thing, Jin had a good sense of battle, pride, and knowledge. He knew when to pull out, which some guys didn't, and he knew when to get out of a fight when needed. The other captains saw this, and after the test, Jin had been accepted. He began his life as the new Taichou, and he lived his life to the fullest for every second, of every hour, of every day. Man, So long ago he was just an average boy living an average life. Now he was an average general esque, living a not so average life.

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Very Nice, my only complaint is you said threw instead of through when you mentioned the piercings, but that's not important at all xD
First part approved

You now have 3,500 SP to spend on your starting fighting styles (edit accordingly)
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Second part approved
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