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 Tristan Blake

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PostSubject: Tristan Blake   Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:39 am

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Fullbringer Encyclopedia


Birth Name: Tristan P. Blake
Character Aliases: Tristan, Blake, Perseus, Happy Feet, Percy
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birth Date: June 22nd
Rank Status: Semi-Elite/Commander

Xtinction Role: Progressive Achiever



Tristan's look is a unique but generic look for someone in his profession, WELL at least one of his professions. His hair is short and a gray actually it probably isn't even all that short when actually let down but he keeps it in spikes. His skin tone is fair but for the most part tanned due to work reasons. His eyes are pink like but hot pink not that normal pink that people of the male variety deem homosexual. His build is semi-muscular with a toned fit to it. He weights probably about 160 pounds and stands at 5"11 in terms of height. His penis is like 7 inches long and his rug matches the shades. His voice is a bit of an English accent to it.His attire and dressing style is entirely different. He normally walks around with his sponsors clothing on so you'll see him in a lot of fit leather jackets normally in bright colors with a monotone dark like shirt underneath with some dark pants on and some shoes, slippers and or boots. He regularly is in his uniform for high school which is a pair of gray slacks and a sky blue like shirt with a gray blazer over it. His suitcase normally keeps his drugs in it and his cellphone is normally in his pocket protector for work reasons.


Tristan is a rather nice individual. He seems to take kind to people easily but doesn't trust them just the same. He has grown into not being able to trust what he is told for various reasons through his life. At this very moment he doesn't trust many people. He is considered smart by most of his pairs like beyond his age smart. Mainly in technology tho. His book smarts aren't as great but they are decent. He seems to take kind to the world but knows of its harsh nature. He seems to know the laws of the land when it comes to society since he is a drug dealer he knows not everything is clear cut as it always appears giving him the perfect mentality to detach someone from his at a moments notice. Because of his selling of drugs he has grown rather fond to fighting since he has had to do it quite often since becoming said "Dealer". But he keeps that side hidden unless he does indeed do his drug runs. As for now he keeps his energetic side going since he is a male stripper and model working to pay his way to college since his uncle cannot afford it after he finishes High school. His friends see the both sides of him since Tristan is very blunt and has no problem saying what he needs to say if he needs to say it. He feels people shouldn't keep things bottled up because they will come out sooner or later but the matter is when. Because of this he has chosen to live life with a "0 Fucks Mentality" allowing him to not care about feelings when he is speaking his mind.

Once Upon A Time

Combat Style Overview

    Bringer Light
  • Level 2
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 0


Born in the nice home of Europe Tristan was born to the Tristan family of Hei Tristan and Leleia Tristan. His parents moved to Kagamino City soon after his birth. It was the only home he knew. He was slowly raised into a family of people who worked in law enforcement but not regular law enforcement. Something was special about their jobs but the young toddler knew not what. He always heard them say "Protecting those who can't see their attackers". He never understood what that meant but he wanted to know. He tried to adjust to their busy jobs but things didn't go as planned. One day around the time he was four there was an "attack" on Kagamino City and Tristan didn't know what was going on. His school was on lockdown and Kagamino was panicking. Large attacks throughout the city filled the skies as if the heavens had punished us for our sins. The end result was Kagamino losing his mother. She died on duty that day but she never had a funeral. Her body was never recovered.

Ever since Tristan has been living with his father and his younger sister and young brother. His younger sister and brother were both 2 years younger then him. They were twins. Their father ended up opening up a marketing company which he uses to support the company as Tristan is his eldest and normally out on business. While doing his usual shtick Tristan finds himself getting into new things. When he was about 14 he was "Discovered" and became a model around the same time. He has been modeling ever since. The modeling money isn't enough for him to keep up his lifestyle even with the money his father provides for him. Because of this he also works as a drug dealer on the side applying his advanced ability in science and chemistry to create drugs that the public enjoy while being a stripper he got the name "Happyfeet" because of his usual slick movements with his dancing on stage for his bandz. This is something he picked up when he was roughly 16 years old. Sooner or later he found a better stripping job at some club where he works for better pay and better benefits but he isn't advertised on posters for legal reasons. As of late Tristan has been experiencing some weird issues with his mind as of late. He keeps seeing things that aren't there. He keeps seeing creatures that he shouldn't be seeing. They are like black and have holes in their body and wear these mask. Normally white. Tristan doesn't really know what to make of any of this and is trying his hardest to let them slide. Whenever he tries to talk to his father about this he keeps getting shrugged off and told its nothing but truthfully Tristan doesn't believe it. Hopefully as time goes on he can finally address these demons he faces day to day literally. Maybe someone knows what is happening to him and they can help him.  

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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Blake   Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:54 am

All approved, good to have you, 100 SP remaining, remember to claim your 100 SP starting.
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Tristan Blake
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