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 Zorro Blanco WIP

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PostSubject: Zorro Blanco WIP   Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:19 am


Sealed Descrition:


Truco's hollow powers are sealed within a 39 inch long katana, the handle being 10 inches making the steel blade 29 inches. The blade is held in a pure white saya sheath that is wrapped in black lacquered rattan wrap on it's upper end. The hilt is enveloped in a black cotton ito wrapped with authentic rayskin. The tsuba is blackened copper and is made to resemble many tails swirling in unison.

Release Phase: "Snicker, Zorro Blanco"


Firstly his blade begins to glow white as he motions to pierce himself in the stomach. At that point,Truco's spiritual pressure explodes creating a crater in the ground around him, and consuming him in a twister of cyan that reaches up to the clouds. Afterwards, he is transformed, his arrancar attire is gone. Truco's hair grows longer and wilder reaching down to his lower back, his fangs increase in length. From his waist down becomes covered in white fur, and up to his arms and neck as well. His fingers and feet grow claw-like extensions. Truco's remnant hollow mask is completely gone, replaced with two large fox ears, and the #3 Espada tattoo is no longer visible on his back. Finally, the blade of his zanpakuto is visible in the spot where his tail bone is located, the blade continues to glow and splits into three which elongate and become bushy tails. The tails are six feet long in length, and are very durable as Truco uses them for attack and defense.

Resurrección Special Ability:

Increased Speed & Agility:
In his resurrección, his appearance as well as his muscles and skeletal structure has changed to be fox-like; claws, ears, tails. This allows him to not only move at faster speeds but perform animalistic agility like for example, he could run on all fours if he chose. This is considered to be an advantage in the heat of battle because in complicated situations where others are incapable of evading, he can through various twists, leaps, bends of his body that are impossible for those of a normal body structure.

Increased Strength:
Thanks to the boost from his new muscle structure his strikes pack enough power to create large craters in the area around him via collateral damage during a fight. This level of strength is rarely used with his fists or legs, preferring to simply utilize his tails in combat alone until a worthy opponent forces him to do otherwise.

Initially, Truco only possess three long fox tails to combat enemies with, however he only releases three because it matches his espada rank and also to allow his opponents to believe that there are only three, giving him the advantage of surprise. He can in fact double the number of tails he possesses to equal six, further complementing his fighting style of letting his tails do all of the work while he watches.

Ultimate Ability:

♠ Cola de Curación ♠
This ability is seldom used by Truco, as he doesn't feel obligated to do this for anyone. Though, he might incite this in certain situations where it is vital for himself, a goal, or simply to save someone. This ability, Cola de Curación or Tail healing, enables Truco to heal another being of any race by first piercing that person's body with one of his tails, then pumping his reiatsu into said body invigorating and speeding up the body's healing process. He is capable of healing a number of people at once equal to the number of tails he has as long as the healing begins at the same time for each person, also for each person the cooldown is increased by the same amount. As the wounds are healed the place where the tail pierced is automatically healed and the due to the healing process the tail is pushed out of the body. The rate of healing for this ability is harder than healing himself, thus takes one post longer to heal the wounds of another person than to heal himself. Minor wounds-4, major wounds-6. No matter what level of wound is healed, this ability undergoes a cooldown of seven posts afterward and whilst performing this as well as the cooldown Truco temporarily is incapable of healing himself.


#1 [Unreleased & Resurrección]
Name - Piel de el Zorro - Fur of the Fox
Class: Offense
Attributes: Attack, Spiritual, Instant
' Truco's hair glows faint white due to his condensing it with reiryoku to harden and sharpen each individual hair strand. Then on command, a torrent of three inch long hair needles are fired at the enemy at bala speeds, the hair is instantly replaced on firing. The needles are sharp enough to pierce through bone. '

Range: Long
Preparation: N/A
Post Durations: One
Cooldown: Three posts

#2 [Resurrección]
Name - Cola Desviar - Tail Deflect
Class: Defense
Attributes: Physical, Strategic, Spiritual
' Either all or one tail dawns a white aura in preparation to defend against an incoming attack. The tail moves swiftly to deflect or block an attack, while sometimes, in case of certain projectile attacks, send the force back at the enemy dealing roughly the same amount of damage it would have done to Truco. The tails are capable of deflecting/blocking up to level three cero and corresponding kidou. '

Range: Tails- Six feet
Preparation: One post
Post Durations: Two
Cooldown: Five posts

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Zorro Blanco WIP
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